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Desa Wisata Kembang Arum
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Desa Wisata Kembang Arum

Address : Kembang Arum, Donokerto, Turi, Sleman, Yogyakarta

Kembangarum Tourism Village is a village that could be your alternative in your tour in Jogja. This beautiful village is situated in the countryside in the Lintas Merapi. From the city of Yogyakarta village Kembangarum can be taken approximately 45 minutes by motor vehicle. The village is an area that Kembangarum clean and neat, stone fences, arranged in such a way neat, look together with nature, natural and simple. A variety of ornamental plants grown along the alley. The combination between village design an the ornament of village Kembangarum is clearly distinguished from ordinary village. The atmosphere is calm, with the traditional housing and fresh air.  This village offers jack fruits/ salak agro tourism, is visible from the salak trees that lined in most resident’s yard. There are different kinds of salak varieties are offered, among other salak pondoh, salak gading with a yellowish skin and good flavor also cultivated here. Even salak gading has become one of the typical food on offer. In addition to the salak garden, Kembangarum village has also  Tempor River which also functioned as tourism object. For 1 hour trekking along the river, rice fields and rural areas favored by tourists. Being in the Village Kembangarum can be a very interesting adventure tours.

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