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Desa Lekuk 50 Tumbi Lempur
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Desa Lekuk 50 Tumbi Lempur

Address : Kabupaten Kerinci, Jambi

Desa Lekuk 50 Tumbi Lempur is a village located in Kabupaten Kerinci that has the potential of nature tourism and cultural tourism is truly extraordinary. The village is surrounded by hills and mountains. In addition around this village there are five lakes with different characteristics. Each lake has a color and a different type of fish. Desa Lekuk 50 Tumbi Lempur at the foot of Mount  Betuah, where there are also indigenous forests by local people called Ulu Air Forest. This is a forest that is protected by the villagers. In Desa Lekuk 50 Tumbi Lempur you will find a variety of custom events that are very attractive and unique, featuring a variety of traditional dances and ceremonies to celebrate a particular event such as harvest or Depati removal. In the village of Dent 50Tumbi Lempur you will enjoy the richness of nature and culture are presented everyday. This diversity is very interesting for foreign tourists who visited Sumatra.

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