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Pantai Muara Gembong
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Pantai Muara Gembong

Address : Bekasi, Muara Gembong, Pantai Sederhana


Muara Gembong Beach is located in Pantai Sederhana village of Muara Gembong District. Muara Gembong Beach has beautiful charms to be attractive beach attractions in Bekasi.

There is a type of mangrove forests mangrove forest / mangrove vegetation are common in the northern coast of Muara Gembong, but his condition has suffered damage caused by logging and fragmented by the creation of the pond so that the mangrove vegetation staying 386.21 hectares or 3.4 % of the region based on data from the analysis of the Centre for Marine Studies in 2002. In order to maintain and preserve the existing mangroves on the coast of northern Muara Gembong, Tarumajaya, and Babelan conducted the following business enabled the utilization of mangroves for sustainable productivity / management, and maintaining ecological systems needs to improve biodiversity, particularly mangrove communities to preserve their habitat.
Conditions were calm waters on the northern coast of Bekasi is a potential for the development of marine culture for different types of fish and seaweed. These conditions allow for the cultivation of milkfish in Muara Gembong, Tarumajaya, and Babelan, while seaweed produced in the Village Hurip Jaya Coast (District Babelan) has the best sewed quality in the archipelago.

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