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Dayu Alam Asri
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Dayu Alam Asri

Address : dayu,sragen,sragen


Dayu Alam Asri is located in the village of Dayu, Sragen district about 20 KM from the city of Solo; Dayu Alam Asri save a million potential that is ready to be enjoyed by tourists of all ages. In addition to its stunning natural beauty of the countryside lined with teak tree that shaded area of nearly 5 hectares, supporting facilities have been provided for the convenience of the tourists who visit this place. Among others: a mini zoo, a lazy play and dexterity, agro-tourism, resort, meeting hall, gazebo, swimming pool complete with slide arena, restaurants, and so on.

A mini zoo be one of the interesting spots of attraction. Collection of live animals and well preserved in the mini zoo, among others, deer, kangaroos, porcupines, snakes, peacocks, eagles, various types of rare fish such as African catfish, arapaima fish, and alligator fish. Aside from being a mini zoo, this place also serves as a breeding some kind of animal on top.

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