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Istana Mangkunegaran
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Istana Mangkunegaran

Address : Jalan Ronggo Warsito, Solo


Mangkunegaran palace is beautiful and well-maintained palace that is located in the city of Solo, between Jalan Ronggo Warsito, Jalan Kartini, Jalan Siswa and Jalan Teuku Umar. Mangkunegaran palace is a repository of art and other cultures than others. Royal lands were filled with priceless treasures and exquisite collection, mostly derived from Majapahit (1293 - 1478) and Mataram (1586 - 1755), classical mask dance, human puppet (dance drama), clothing, leather puppets and wooden puppets, religious statues, jewelry and antiques and heirlooms that have incalculable value. This palace consists of two main parts, namely the Hall (Hall of the Palace, a place to receive guests) and Dalem (Main Hall), which is surrounded by the residence of the royal family. The eastern part, called Bale Peni, is used for prince’s residence. The western part is called Bale Warni, is used as princes’ residences. Inside the palace there are also very beautiful Reksopustoko library, where the rare manuscripts, religious and philosophical writings are written in Java.

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