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Monumen Tugu Muda
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Monumen Tugu Muda

Address : Simpang Lima, Semarang


Tugu Muda monument is a monument consists of parts of the ground, the body and head. On the foundation of the monument there is a relief. The entire monument is made of stone. To reinforce the impression, made ornamental ponds and gardens all around on the monument. In 1951, the Mayor of Semarang, Hadi Soebeno Sosro Wedoyo, forming a committee Tugu Muda, the development plan is no longer on the location of the square, but at the present location. The design was done by Salim monument, while the reliefs on the monument were done by artist Hendro. Until now, quite a lot of changes have been made around the monument, including the manufacture of parks and ponds.

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