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Pagoda Buddhagaya Watugong
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Pagoda Buddhagaya Watugong

Address : Jalan Pandanaran No.126 Semarang


Pagoda Avalokitesvara in Vihara Buddhagaya Watugong  is the highest pagoda in Indonesia which has a height of 45 meters and went on the record the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) as the tallest pagoda. This pagoda was built seven levels with almost all of the construction of the building made of concrete wall, and many use red background and a few statues in each level of this pagoda. In addition, two large gazebos next to appear flanking each side, which is used as a place of drums and bells, which became one of the custom fittings pagoda. Pagoda Avalokitesvara is also known as the Metakaruna Pagoda or Pagoda of Love because its existence to honor the figure of love and affection, Sie Kwan Im Po Sat. This beautiful pagoda has a beautiful dragon relief in almost every corner. Here also there are four statues of the goddess Kwan Im facing the four directions of the compass on each floor. Splendor and its beauty is often used as an object image or prewedding photograph. Pagoda Avalokitesvara Buddhagaya Watugong  Temple is located at Jalan  Pandanaran No.126 Semarang.

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