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Taman Balekambang
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Taman Balekambang

Address : JalanAhmad Yani, Surakarta


Taman Balekambang is a heritage park from Mangkunegoro VII. Back then; this park was built for his daughters Partini and Partinah in 1921. The Mangkunegaran adopted European park style, and you will see it when you here and find the beauty and the architecture. In the center of the park, there is a beautiful princess sculpture above the pond. Here in Taman Balekambang you can enjoy the fresh air that produce by various plants and big old trees and hear bird singing all the time. Moreover, you can also enjoy many art shows in its indoor Building.

There is also Taman Reptil in this park area that you can visit. Taman Balekambang also famous with various not in cage animals. The most famous animal is the deer that naturally growth in this park area. This beautiful park is the proud of Solo society and has to be visited so you can feel and see the beauty of historical park. 

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