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Waduk Wadaslintang
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Waduk Wadaslintang

Address : Wonosobo, Wadaslintang, Sumbersari


Wadaslintang Reservoir, is a tourist attraction that is quite unique, because of its location on the border of Kebumen and Wonosobo regency, Central Java. Tube cool regions, the natural scenery of the surrounding mountains are so natural, making it suitable as a place of recreation for young people and families. On Sundays and holidays, confirmed by the presence of solid domestic tourists.

Wadaslintang Reservoir built about 7 years. Its area is in a valley which is quite steep but fascinating scenery. Land needed for the reservoir area has reached 2626 ha. So at the beginning of its construction had to move about 7,000 people on the border Kebumen ex-Wonosobo in Kedu residency. Stagnant water is covering nine villages in the two districts.

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