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Madiun Square
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Madiun Square

Address : Alun - alun kota Madiun, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

Every city in Indonesia has always had a central square. Usually each city has a different function, whether it's sometimes used for merchants to sell foods and things, or ceremonies, sports etc.. Trying to adventure in the Madiun town square itself, to find what they offer to visitors. Madiun square for now experiencing physical changes in because of the construction by the city government. Madiun Government put up at least 40 lamps with power 1,000 watts of each, the concept was adopted from a park in Guangzhou.

Madiun square used as a means cheap recreation for locals. In this place also many vendors who you can meet, selling a wide range of local specialties.

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Hotels near in Madiun Square