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Makam Putri Dewi Sekardadu

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Makam Putri Dewi Sekardadu

Address : Indonesia , 61252, Jawa Timur, Sidoarjo, Buduran, Sawohan


To reach this area can be quite tricky; you can take a fishing boat. From fishing village in the South Bluru is about a half hour. In this village is the mother of Sunan Giri Sekardadu interred. His tomb is quite magnificent as some years ago restoration efforts have been made by the Government of Sidoarjo.

Putri Ayu Dewi Sekardadu died and was buried in Kepetingan village, Sawahan, subdistrict Buduran. Society always visits his grave site for pilgrimage and prayer, especially on Nyadran ceremony, which was held every month Ruwah, the week before Ramadan.

Nyadran ceremony is a happy day for the fishermen who live in the village of Balong Dowo, sub-temple, because time is the time to look for Kupang, seafood of oyster kind.

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Hotels near in Makam Putri Dewi Sekardadu