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Pahawang Island
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Pahawang Island

Address : Indonesia, Lampung, Pesawaran, Punduh Pidada (Pedada), Pulau Pahawang

The Lampung community and outside Lampung not many know the existence of this Pahawang Island. This island is across Klara Beach, we just need to take a motorized boat to cross, and will get stunning views. Around the Pahawang Island there is also Tangkil Island and several other small islands. As soon as we got closer to the island we will be colored view of the reefs are colorful as well as can be seen with the naked eye. The Pahawang island is famous with its mangrove forest that  is very broad, sustainability maintained thanks to the NGO partners and communities to work together to preserve the mangrove forest. Beautiful landscape makes us more excited to wade through the island of Pahawang.

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