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Kantor Telkom - Pekanbaru
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Kantor Telkom - Pekanbaru

Address : Jl. Sudirman 117, Pekanbaru, 28141, Riau, Indonesia


Broadband technology-based advances  narrow the distance between users. Broadband technology provides a wide choice for the end user to establish communication with their counterparts in other regions or countries with highly effective and very cost efficient compared to regular contact via telecommunication services. PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk. (Telkom) take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen broadband-based infrastructure to support innovative services and products to the Information, Media and Edutainment ("IME"). Not only open up new sources of revenue for the company, Telkom focus on the implementation of the IME is also owed to Telkom in the nation's economic progress and intelligence.

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