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Istana Malige
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Istana Malige

Address : Indonesia , 93727, Sulawesi Tenggara, Bau-Bau, Murhum, Melai

Malige palace is located in the Melai Village, BetoambarDistrict i, Bau-Bau. The building is very unique structure that houses a three tiered wooden platform. Build this palace did not use nails, only linked to each other and advance the field of architecture is an ancestor of the Indonesian nation.

The palace was used by Sultan Malige La Ode Hamidi as a center of government and residence of his family. This place is now used as museum to store objects of the Sultanate of Buton such as historic relics, ancient cannons and other heritage objects. It is said that every king ascended the throne made a similar palace there is a total of about 38 similar palaces. 

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