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Tomb Of Syekh Burhanuddin
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Tomb Of Syekh Burhanuddin

Address : Padang Pariaman, Ulakan Tapakih / Tapakis,


The tomb has a 1 x 2 meters, surrounded by iron bars like a prison. Between the cemetery and the bars have a spacing of 0.5 meters, above the tomb there are two large frame containing the paper, on paper there are denuded Arabic letters (no punctuation). This tomb is where the main followers doing syattariyyah congregation. On certain months such as syafar month, the month of Rabi (the Prophet's birthday) or the followers of the month ramadan syattariyyah congregations, often religious activities such as berjanzi, mandate, and prayed around this tomb. Location of the tomb of Sheikh Burhanuddin is in tapak ulakan, Ulakan, Pariaman District. To reach the location of the tomb of the tourists can use public transport from the desert city at a cost of 5000 rupiah, per person. In addition to public transport the tourists can also use the services of travel, rental cars or private cars. For tickets go to the cemetery is free, but in the grave there is a box of money for tourists who want to contribute.

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