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  • 8.0

    "On time pelayanan oke take off and landing oke dan kursi yang nyaman...."

  • 5.4

    "Karena penerbangan sebelumnya juga delayed, akhirnya ruang tunggu jadi penuh sekali. Boarding terlambat setengah jam, dan setelah boarding, masih menunggu 30 menit lagi untuk antri take off."

  • 8.4

    "Penerbangan air asia dari Jakarta menuju Yogyakarta berjalan dengan baik dan tepat waktu... Pramugarinya ramah serta kondisi pesawat yang terawat membuat suasana menjadi lebih nyaman..."

  • 8.2

    "Saya senang naik air asia, pramugara/i tanggap mengatur para penumpang dan tidak ribet dgn pakaian mereka. Sangat lincah dengan memakai jeans dan tetap keren."

About Air Asia

AirAsia Berhad (MYX: 5099) is a Malaysian-based low-cost airline. AirAsia is Asia's largest low-fare, no-frills airline and a pioneer of low-cost travel in Asia. AirAsia group operates scheduled domestic and international flights to over 400 destinations spanning 25 countries. Its main hub is the Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Its affiliate airlines Thai AirAsia, Indonesia AirAsia, AirAsia Philippines and AirAsia Japan have hubs in Suvarnabhumi Airport, Soekarno–Hatta International Airport, Clark International Airport and Narita International Airport respectively. AirAsia's registered office is in Petaling Jaya, Selangor while its head office is at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

In 2003, AirAsia opened a second hub at Senai International Airport in Johor Bahru near Singapore and launched its first international flight to Bangkok. AirAsia has since started a Thai subsidiary, added Singapore itself to the destination list, and started flights to Indonesia. Flights to Macau began in June 2004, and flights to mainland China (Xiamen) and the Philippines (Manila) in April 2005. Flights to Vietnam and Cambodia followed later in 2005 and to Brunei and Myanmar in 2006, the latter by Thai AirAsia.

On August 2006, AirAsia took over Malaysia Airlines's Rural Air Service routes in Sabah and Sarawak, operating under the FlyAsianXpress brand. The routes were subsequently returned to MASwings a year later, citing commercial reasons. AirAsia's CEO Tony Fernandes subsequently unveiled a five-year plan to further enhance its presence in Asia.[7] Under the plan, AirAsia proposes to strengthen and enhance its route network by connecting all the existing cities in the region and expanding further into Vietnam, Indonesia, Southern China (Kunming, Xiamen, Shenzhen) and India. The airline will focus on developing its hubs in Bangkok and Jakarta through its sister companies, Thai AirAsia and Indonesia AirAsia. With increase frequency and the addition of new routes, AirAsia expects passenger volume to reach 18 million by the end of 2007.

Information of Air Asia

You can book flight ticket with us in a short, simple, and secure way. You will receive the E-Ticket directly in your email.

Cabin Baggage (7) KG
Check-In Baggage (15) KG
Check-In Closed (60) Minutes

Class Type of Air Asia

Economy Class

There is no in seat entertainment offered onboard. A video player, headset included, may be rented. AirAsia offers more than 150 audio selections. AirAsia offers a selection of more than 5 movies and 25 television shows. All food and beverage is for purchase aboard Air Asia. Orders may be placed online prior to travel. Online orders receive a discount and a receipt is provided before boarding to be exchanged for a meal onboard. Menus vary slightly across the Air Asia fleet and depend on route. Economy Seats are available on all flights with 29.5” pitch and 18” width of seat.

Premium Class

The Premium Seats are available on long-haul flights.
The Premium flatbeds feature universal power sockets, adjustable headrests and built-in personal utilities such as tray table, drink holder, reading light and privacy screen. Premium seat guests also enjoy premium complimentary products and services including Pick A Seat, Priority Check-in, Priority Boarding, Priority Baggage, 25kg Baggage Allowance, Complimentary Meal and Pillow & Blanket. Flatbed seats, which have standard business class specifications of 20” width, 60” pitch and stretch out to 77” in full recline position.

For overseas flights, the identity of the passport validity period should be more than 6 months.

All passengers (except infants) are only allowed to carry one hand bag while in the plane as long as does not exceed the dimensions of 56cm x 36cm x 23cm and weighing no more than 7kg. The bag must fit under the seat in front of you or in enclosed storage compartment in the cabin. Items we carry weight if it has excessive size or offensive will not be allowed to enter the plane.

Baggage is allowed with a maximum dimension of 81cm x 119cm x 119cm. For security reasons each individual item must not exceed 30 kg, although you should know that the airline does not provide checked baggage free. Baggage must be determined and paid during the process of purchasing tickets. Allows to pay for your luggage at the airport, but thought the cost would be greater in the case.

Supersize Baggage is AirAsia baggage service. Passengers can choose from three levels of the allowance Baggage Supersize Regular, Medium, and Large. For prior booking fees Supersize Baggage gives you the option to purchase up to a maximum of at least 15kg 30kg at a discounted rate (50% discount), while the average airport only allows you to pay up to 15kg and after the next heavy baggage will be charged as a more appropriate rate applicable. Prices start from IDR 60,000 for bags weighing 15 kilos.

Golf equipment, dive gear, surf boards and bicycles are allowed with the subject of sports equipment will be charged sports equipment. Great sports equipment such as fishing rods, fencing equipment, surfboards and windsurfing equipment, water skis / snow, the kite, parachute not appropriate to be taken by the airline.
You are allowed to bring musical instruments (such as violin, guitar) as long as it does not exceed the weight limit of the dimensions of AirAsia hand luggage.

Our check-in counters open two (2) hours prior to scheduled flight departure time. Counters were closed forty-five (45) minutes prior to flight departure. Check-in deadlines may vary at different airports and for particular flights. It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with these deadlines, especially the more that will be available when you make a purchase. At any given moment, regardless of the low on the common stock of the other terms and conditions that make the right to refuse passengers, we reserve the right to not allow you to check-in without any form of accountability to you and without the need to return at your already paid expense:

  1. If you are still trying to check-in within forty (45) minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight;
  2. If you should fail to have identification or fail to identify yourself to our staff
  3. If you fail to have a document that is supposed, permits, visa, it is important to travel to a particular place or country;
  4. if you have not paid full fare or any charges or bill to be paid to us;
  5. if you are being rude to our staff or cause a commotion at the counter us or harass our staff whether physically or verbally;
  6. If the Government or other authorities prohibits your departure or entry to plane;
  7. If we think you are not fit to travel in connection with a drunk or a medical condition that looks bad, and / or
  8. If we think you are not medically fit to travel or medical conditions you have or may cause danger or threat to the health of other passengers.

* For AirAsia flights to and from Australia, our check-in counters will be open for 3 hours and closes 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

Important Notes :

  • For Domestic and International flights, please arrive at the terminal 2 hours before the departure time and please be at the boarding area 30 minutes before the boarding time.
  • Check-in counter will be closed 45 minutes before departure time.
  • For all departures terminal information can contact the concerned airline call center when an error information is not the responsibility
  • Passenger is allowed to bring a carry-on baggage with maximum weight of 7 kg and maximum size of 56cm x 36cm x 23cm.
    For overseas flights, the identity of the passport validity period should be more than 6 months.
  • Please refer to Air Asia Terms and Conditions for more information. Passenger/ Ticket holder is accountable (must follow) to the Terms and Conditions that are stated by Air Asia.

Refund Policy and Itinerary Changes Policy :

  • The mechanism of refund domestic flight tickets AirAsia Indonesia (18 January 2016). The process of refund for domestic flight tickets AirAsia Indonesia can only be done by the passengers concerned, through:
    1. Call center at number 0804 133 3333 / 021-2927 0999 (Indonesia)
    2. Form online (e-form) at AirAsia website
  • Cancellation and refund provisions by AirAsia :
    - Returns over 72 hours by the passenger before the scheduled departure time get a refund 75 percent of the base rate.
    - Returns under 72 hours to 48 hours by the passenger before the scheduled departure time get a refund of 50 percent of the base rate.
    - Returns under 48 hours to 24 hours by the passenger before the scheduled departure time get a refund of 40 percent of the base rate.
    - Returns under 24 hours to 12 hours by the passenger before the scheduled departure time get a refund of 30 percent of the basic rate.
    - Returns under 12 hours up to 4 hours by passengers before the scheduled departure time get a refund of 20 percent of the base rate.
    - Returns under 4 hours by passengers before the scheduled departure time get a refund of 10 percent of the base rate.
    - For the condition of force majeure get a refund of 90 percent of the base rate
    - Returns for airport taxes by 100%.
    - There is no refund for a fee Add On, IWJR, VAT, Processing Fee and BIG Point. While the return of Credit Shell dealt with separately.
  • International Airport can not refund.
  • Change of route is not allowed under any circumstances.
  • For Itinerary changes such as time schedule and passenger information, please contact Air Asia Call Center at (021) 29270999. Some administration fee will be charged by Air Asia in accordance to their terms and regulations.

Check-in, TImelimit and Conditions :

  • The check-in counter open three (3) hours before the departure time for International flight and two (2) hours before departure time for Domestic flight. The counter will be closed sixty (60) minutes before the departure time for International flights and fourty five (45) minutes before departure for Domestic flights. The minimum time required for each airports may vary. It is your resposibility to ensure that you comply to the minimum time, that will be provided upon purchasing the ticket. During certain times, without disregarding of the availibility and others general requirements and conditions becomes a right to refuse the passengers, we have the rights to not allowing you to Check-in without any forms of responsibility to you and without refunding the cost that has been paid.:
    If you check in within the 60 (sixty) minutes before departure for the International flights and 45 (fourty five) minutes before departure for the Domestic flights ;
    a. If you fail to show the required identification or failed to identified yourself to our staff;
    b. If you fail to show the required travel documents (a defective documents will not be acceptable as a proper documents) License, Visa, Important for the trip to certain places or country;
    c. If you have not paid in full the fees or bills or other bills that have to be paid to us;
    d. If you are behaving rude to our staff or cause a commontion in our Counter or if you despise our staff physically or verbally;
    e. If the goverment or other authorities restrict your departure or going into plane;
    f. If according to us you do not meet the required health to travel inconjunction with drunk states or bad medical states; and / or
    g. If according to us you do not meet the required health to travel or your medical conditions have or could cause danger or threats to the health of the other passengers.
    *For KLIA2 the counter check infor the International and Domestic flight will closed 60 (sixty) minutes before departure.

Routes of Air Asia