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  • 8.2

    "Harap dapat dipertahankan service dan maintenance pesawatnya mengingat garuda sebagai maskapai yang membawa citra ketimuran bangsa indonesia"

  • 8.2

    "Overall garuda indonesia service is very good compare to other airline."

  • 8.2

    "Setiap naik garuda, serasa nyaman dan tidak was-was, hanya saja ada info dari rekan bahwa untuk makanan yg mensuplay tingkat kebersihan dapurnya buruk."

  • 6.6

    "But it's really expensive in comparison to other services in the market"

About Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia is the national airline of Indonesia. Garuda Indonesia has a mystical meaning, because the eagle is a symbol of Hindu and Buddhist mythology. According to the sacred texts of Hinduism and Hindu mythology, Garuda is the bird god ride by Vishnu, it also represents a symbol of Indonesia.

This Indonesia’s airline pride is centered at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, and the airline also has an office at Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali. The airline flies to a number of destinations in Southeast Asia, East Asia, Middle East, Europe and Australia. Garuda Indonesia also previously flew to several destinations in North America. In June 2007 to July 2009, along with all Indonesian airlines, banned from flying to the EU. However, this ban has been lifted since July 2009.

It was listed as a four star airline by Skytrax, and Skytrax admit the quality of these Airline. In May, the airline received an award as the best airline in the world by Skytrax in 2010 in Hamburg. Garuda Indonesia is owned by the Indonesian Government and employs 6285 employees (at March 2007). For service Garuda Indonesia has a standard procedure in serving customers or passengers, i.e. in 2009, the Garuda started trying to align itself with international airlines such world class KLM, Air France and Singapore Airlines, by introducing the latest AVOD entertainment system (Audio Video on Demand ) with televisions in every seat, especially in long-distance fleet and also introduced a business class seats that can be converted into a bed on long-haul flights.

In August 2009, Garuda Indonesia began to accept the delivery of 50 Boeing B737-800NG (Next Generation) to meet future demands in the travel industry which is continually changing. In 2011, the airline will take delivery of 10 Boeing B777-300 ER (Extended Range) first, which can fly 365 passengers (three types of seats) and traveling 14,685 miles without stopping.

Garuda Indonesia currently has 83 fleet in operation and 64 aircrafts on order consisting of

11 Airbus A330-240

7 Airbus A330-340, 18 on order

3 Boeing 737-300

5 Boeing 737-500

55 Boeing 737-800, 3 on order

2 Boeing 747-400

10 Boeing 777-300ER on order

6 Bombardier/Canadair CRJ1000 Regional Jet-1000ER NextGen.

Information of Garuda Indonesia

You can book flight ticket with us in a short, simple, and secure way. You will receive the E-Ticket directly in your email.

Cabin Baggage (7) KG
Check-In Baggage (20) KG
Check-In Closed (45) Minutes

Class Type of Garuda Indonesia

Economy class (economy melee): For low cost short-haul economy class seat pitch Garuda offers 30-32 inches, except on New Generation 737, which offers 31-32” seats. Sitting on both types is 17”. Blanket and extra pillows should be booked in advance.

Economy class: Width Economy class seating for remotely on a Garuda is 17 inches. On the Boeing 747, the seat width is 32-35 inches and the Airbus A330 seats are 33-34 inches wide. Two choices of hot food are served, but limited in-flight entertainment on the screen overhead. New Airbus A330-200 which will join the fleet until 2014 Garuda redesigned economy seats with a pitch 32-inch and 6-inch recline. All seats on this plane have a 9-inch touch-screen TV with remote control rear seat.

Executive Class (Business melee): Business class seats on short-haul aircraft to Garuda configured 2-2. On most aircraft, it offers a 42-44 inch pitch, but on the new Boeing 737-800’s, only 41 inches. All seats are 19 inches wide. On international flights, serve hot meals of Europe and Asia cuisine. Japanese food is also available in Japanese departure. The food in China is presented with a crystal glass. Red Wine / White Australia and France, Champagne, liquor, beer and soft drinks are also offered, including hot meals for domestic flights more than an hour.

Executive Class (Business): Garuda business class is being planned using the Airbus A330-200 which is scheduled for completion in 2014. Airbus A330-200 has a Flat-Bed new seats with 74 "pitch and can recline up to 180 degrees. Seats with 11-inch LCD touch screen with AVOD at every seat, seat laptop power supply, and personal reading light. At 747, backrest seats are 46-48 inches and a width of 19 inches, with a lie angle. On A330-300, is 58 inches wide and 21 inches wide and lay a little better. Entertainment both planes is via overhead screens.

The new products are designed to make airline Garuda is far from the backpacker image. The beds lie smooth and flat, modern atmosphere throughout the cabin. Have a 74-inch seat pitch, laptop power, personal reading lights and 11-inch touch screen. AVOD entertainment system with a choice of 25 films. The new cabins will initially be used on routes to Australia and Tokyo.

Food and drink

As part of the Plus-Plus service Economy Class, drinks and snacks are served on all departures and hot food available when flights exceeding 60 minutes, at no additional cost. If you have special food requirements (such as diabetic or vegetarian meals, kids meals, etc..) Please contact our Call Centre and inform staff Garuda.

Special meals on flights

Directly confirmed at time of booking is confirmed: Muslim Food, Vegetarian Food, Non-Food and Food salt diabetes. On the basis of on-demand are: Kosher Food, Food Hindu, Oriental Foods and other specialty food.

In Flight Entertainment / In-flight entertainment

In-flight entertainment available on selected aircraft. In the cabin there are features of the Boeing 747-400 Airshow, a moving map system to allow passengers to track the progress of their flight, as well as a collection of feature films and short films.

Airbus A330-200 and Airbus A330-300 offer a new in-flight entertainment in all classes. LCD touch screen with 9-inch LCD in Economy Class and 11-inch touch screen in Executive Class, where the economy class is located behind the back seat and in Executive Class is located in the armrest. All PTVs are equipped with Audio & Video on Demand system (AVOD). AVOD system offers a selection of movies, TV programs, music albums, and interactive video games.

Special assistance

If needed special assistance (wheelchair, oxygen bottles, etc..) Please contact our Call Center and inform staff Garuda.

Delaying or canceling flights

If the flight is delayed or canceled seriously, Garuda Indonesia will transfer passengers to the next available flight, providing drink while or in extreme cases, passengers will be transferred to another airline.

For overseas flights, the identity of the passport validity period should be more than 6 months.

Passengers are allowed to carry only one bag / suitcase with a maximum size of 56cm x 36cm x 23cm (dimensions include wheels, handles, side pockets). In addition you can carry small items such as handbags or laptop. Please note that in accordance with the policy of luggage, the total weight of all hand luggage cabins should be 7 kilograms maximum.

Domestic Services (Free Baggage Allowance Policy): Baby & Adult Class Freq Flyer Garuda Economics 20 kg (including children pay 75% of the economy). Charge 10% of the fare to weigh more than 10kg. Storage is free for cardholders: Silver (5kg), Gold and EC Plus (15kg), Platinum and Co-Brand (20kg), Executive30 kg (children pay 75% of the fare)

All passenger sports equipment, including the Golfing, Surf boards, bikes and skiing equipment are included in the Free Baggage Allowance / FBA are paid according to the actual rate. Excess baggage from sports equipment to 15 kilograms  will be free. When the original luggage (not including sports equipment) exceeds the maximum weight of passenger baggage, excess baggage charged according to the weight difference between the maximum of the normal baggage.

Passengers are advised to check in at the airport at least 1 hour before departure time for domestic flights, but better arrive at the airport early. Upon arrival at the airport, show your passport or identity card at the check-in counter and went to the waiting room. Check-in opens 2 hours before scheduled departure and closes 30 minutes before departure time.

Online check-in effect between 24 and 4 hours prior to departure time at www.garuda-indonesia.com. You must have an e-ticket information is available - ticket number, and the Passenger Name Record Booking Code. Passengers are encouraged but not required to print a receipt check-in which will be exchanged for a boarding pass at the airport check-in counter. Passengers were asked to report travel documents at check-in counter at least 45 minutes before departure time for verification and check-in baggage.

Group check-in is available at a special counter at the airport for people traveling on the same itinerary.

Boarding pass for your next flight can be processed at the departure station that connects you with Garuda Indonesia. Your luggage will be transferred on the same flight.

Important Notes :

  • Please arrive at the terminal at least 90 minutes before departure time for domestic flight or 2 hours for international flight.
  • Check-in counter will be closed 45 minutes before departure time.
  • Please arrive at the boarding area at least 30 minutes before boarding time.
  • Passenger is allowed to bring a check-in baggage with maximum weight of 15 Kg for domestic flight.
  • Passenger is allowed to bring a carry-on baggage with maximum weight of 7 Kg and maximum size of 56cm x 36 cm x 23 cm.
  • Carriage and other services provided by the carrier are subject to the conditions of carriage which are hereby dangerous goods.
    For safety reason dangerous articles such as compressed gases /flammable/non flammable /poisonous /corrosives /acids /alkalis and wet cell batteries/etilogic agents /bacteria /viruses etc /explosives munitions/fireworks /flares /radio active /oxidizing materials or other dangerous goods article must not be carried in passengers baggage.
  • For more information, please refer to Garuda terms and conditions. Passenger/ticket holder is accountable (must follow) to terms and conditions that are stated by Garuda.

Refund Policy and Itinerary Changes Policy :

  • For cancellation, customer can contact Tiket.com customer service at 021-2963 3600 or email to cs@tiket.com. Customer can also contact Garuda Call Center at 0804 1 807 807.
  • If cancellation from Garuda occurred, passenger can contact Garuda Call Center at 0804 1 807 807. Passenger can also contact Tiket.com customer service at 021-2963 3600 or email to cs@tiket.com for a refund by stating:
    - Passenger name.
    - Order ID/Booking Code.
    - Refund percentage that is received from Garuda (If cancellation has been done by contacting Garuda Call Center).
    - Bank account information to be refunded and the name of the bank account holder.
    - For credit card transaction, please state the last 4 digits of the card number and the credit card type (VISA / MASTERCARD).
  • Refund process will take approximately 1 month, starting when the cancellation application is received by Tiket.com customer service.
  • In the event of cancellation of the customer following percentages refund details to be obtained from each sub-class eagle:
    Provisions refund for the class Y:
    - Less than 48 hours prior to departure = 10% penalty fee of the basic fare.
    - 48 hours before departure = 35% penalty fee of the basic fare.
    - No show = charged a penalty fee of 35% of the basic fare.
    Provisions refund for the class B, M, K, N, D and I
    - Less than 48 hours prior to departure = 15% penalty fee of the basic fare.
    - 48 hours before departure = 40% penalty fee of the basic fare.
    - No show = charged a penalty fee of 80% of the basic fare.
    Provisions refund for the class Q, T, V, and S
    - Less than 48 hours prior to departure = 75% penalty fee of the basic fare.
    - 48 hours before departure = 95% penalty fee of the basic fare.
    - No show = charged a penalty fee of 95% of the basic fare.
    Provisions refund for classes H and L
    - Less than 48 hours prior to departure = 90% penalty fee of the basic fare.
    - 48 hours before departure = 95% penalty fee of the basic fare.
    - No show = charged a penalty fee of 95% of the basic fare.
  • To make changes on the itinerary or passenger information, customer can only visit the nearest Garuda office or directly contact Garuda Call Center. Customer will be charged an administration fee stated by Garuda.

Routes of Garuda Indonesia