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Customer Reviews of Sriwijaya Air at Tiket.com
  • 7.6

    "Tidak ada kendala..dan penerbangan yg tidak buruk dgn harga yang terjangkau..sering ada promo untuk penerbangannya yaa..good job..i like it.."

  • 8.2

    "Pelayanan untuk sriwijaya air cukup memuaskan. Ketepatan waktunya juga bauk. Nyaman.Harga juga cukup bersaing. Dari segi kebersihan juga baik."

  • 8.0

    "overall is all good except for the flight delay of 2 hours which made everyone in my family all tired and sick :("

  • 7.4

    "perjalanan yang menyenangkan walupun ada keterlambatan namun masih dalam batas wajar karena kesibukan/kepadatan jadwal penerbangan di air port."

About Sriwijaya Air

Sriwijaya Air is an Indonesia airline, established with an aim to unite the whole archipelago. In the beginning of its services, this airline operates 13 Boeing 737-200. In accordance with the passage of the development of technology and the need for better public services, they add and expand of its flight range from the West to the East, and add 10 aircraft with the latest series; Boeing 737-400 and 737-800NG aircraft and 20 Embraer 175 and Embraer 195 .

Sriwijaya Air concentrates on passenger and freight services, with national and regional coverage.

Since inception on 10 November 2003, Sriwijaya Air reached the targets that are packed in the mission and vision, such as: promoting service quality, become an airline that can compete nationally and regionally, ready to expand business at the world level, adopting the latest technologies in management and effective and efficient company, inviting domestic and international tourists to various destinations, as well as business profit.

Sriwijaya Air is based in Jakarta, managed to survive and come out of the 2008 global crisis without significant losses. Even continue to expand into eastern Indonesia with new fleets.

Sriwiijaya Air has a fleet of 44 ready to serve the needs of your fly. The specifications of the owned fleet is as follows:

14 Boeing 737-200 Advanced

12 Boeing 737-300

7 Boeing 737-400

8 Boeing 737-500

3 Boeing 737-800

Information of Sriwijaya Air

You can book flight ticket with us in a short, simple, and secure way. You will receive the E-Ticket directly in your email.

Cabin Baggage (7) KG
Check-In Baggage (20) KG
Check-In Closed (45) Minutes

Class Type of Sriwijaya Air

Business Class: Business class offers many amenities such as an executive lounge, a separate check service, free of charge reservation cancellation; baggage delivery maximum of 15 minutes, as well as special vehicles drove from the lounge to the aircraft.

Economy Class: For economy class, there are 20kg baggage for free, 30” seat pitch of 30 inches and a box of snack and drink. 

- Penumpang memiliki nomor kursi masing-masing dan diharuskan duduk sesuai nomor.

- Penumpang wajib mematikan telepon seluler selama berada dalam pesawat Sriwijaya air. Pemakaian telepon seluler dapat mengganggu navigasi pesawat dan berakibat fatal bagi keselamatan bersama.

- Pemakaian laptop dan alat elektonik lainnya hanya diperbolehkan setelah proses take off selesai dan sebelum proses landing dimulai.

- Seluruh penerbangan Sriwijaya Air melarang penumpang untuk merokok di dalam pesawat

- Sriwijaya Air menyediakan makanan kecil dan makanan berat (untuk penerbangan jarak jauh) dan minuman.

- Untuk penerbangan ke luar negeri, masa berlaku identitas pasport wajib diatas 6 bulan.

Hand luggage (cabin) should not be larger than 55cm x 35cm x 25 cm. Passengers can also bring baggage to a total weight of 20 kg, free of charge. Except for the flight route Jakarta - Tanjung Pinang, have limits below 15 kilograms. For items that exceed your baggage allowance will be charged.

Penumpang diwajibkan check in 1 jam 45 menit sebelum jadwal penerbangan untuk mencegah keterlambatan. Check in dapat dilakukan di counter Sriwijaya Air di tiap bandara.

Setelah proses check in, penumpang dapat duduk di ruang tunggu dan segera boarding ke pesawat. Masing-masing pemegang tiket sudah mempunyai nomor kursi, sehingga penumpang dapat boarding dengan nyaman dan tenang.

Important Notes :

  • Please arrive at the terminal at least 90 minutes before departure time for domestic flight or 2 hours for international flight.
  • Check-in counter will be closed 45 minutes before departure time.
  • Please arrive at the boarding area at least 30 minutes before boarding time.
  • Passenger is allowed to check-in a baggage with maximum weight of 20 kg and bring a carry-on baggage with maximum weight of 7 kg.
  • For more information, please refer to Sriwijaya Air terms and conditions. Passenger/ticket holder is accountable (must follow) to terms and conditions that are stated by Sriwijaya Air.

Refund Policy and Itinerary Changes Policy :

  • For cancellation, customer can call Tiket.com customer service at 021-2963 3600 or email to cs@tiket.com. Customer can also contact Sriwijaya Air Call Center at 021-292 79777.
  • If customer is cancelling from Sriwijaya Call Center, customer has to reconfirm the cancellation details to Tiket.com customer service by stating:
    - Passenger name.
    - Order ID/Booking Code.
    - Refund percentage that is received by Sriwijaya Air.
    - Bank account information to be refunded and the name of the bank account holder.
    - For credit card transaction, please state the last 4 digits of the card number and the credit card type (VISA / MASTERCARD).
  • Refund process will take approximately 1-2 months, starting when the cancellation application is received by Tiket.com customer service.
  • Terms and condition for cancellation and refund policy of Sriwijaya Air:
    - Cancellation for a refund that is applied more than 48 hours before departure will be charged a refund fee of 50% from basic fare publish/pax.
    - Cancellation for a refund that is applied 40 minutes before departure will be charged a refund dan Y class.
    - Cancellation for a refund that is applied 40 minutes before departure time or no show will be charged a refund fee of 90% from basic fare publish/pax for V, U, X, E, G, and V class.
    - Infant cancellation will be charged a refund fee of Rp. 20.000.
  • To make changes on the itinerary or passenger information, customer can directly contact Sriwijaya Air Call Center Center at 021-292 79777 and will be charged an administration fee stated by Sriwijaya Air.