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Service7.7 / 10


Punctuality7.8 / 10


Comfortness7.7 / 10


Price8.1 / 10


Cleanliness7.9 / 10


Total Score of Tigerair
From 159 review(s)
7.8 / 10

Service7.5 / 10


Punctuality7.7 / 10


Comfortness7.5 / 10


Price8.0 / 10


Cleanliness7.8 / 10


Total Score of Tigerair
From 68 review(s)
7.7 / 10

Service7.9 / 10


Punctuality7.4 / 10


Comfortness7.7 / 10


Price8.1 / 10


Cleanliness7.9 / 10


Total Score of Tigerair
From 21 review(s)
7.8 / 10

Service8.7 / 10


Punctuality8.3 / 10


Comfortness8.3 / 10


Price8.6 / 10


Cleanliness8.4 / 10


Total Score of Tigerair
From 7 review(s)
8.5 / 10

Service7.9 / 10


Punctuality7.9 / 10


Comfortness7.8 / 10


Price8.1 / 10


Cleanliness8.0 / 10


Total Score of Tigerair
From 55 review(s)
7.9 / 10

Service7.6 / 10


Punctuality8.3 / 10


Comfortness7.6 / 10


Price8.4 / 10


Cleanliness8.0 / 10


Total Score of Tigerair
From 8 review(s)
8.0 / 10

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Customer Reviews of Tigerair at Tiket.com

"Pembelian tiket mudah,penerbangan sangat baik,pelayanan cukup memuaskan"


"Very good service, very good price, and very comfortable..."

"Tiger airways is a good airline, which frindly n helpfully staffs, I feel comfort to fly with Tiger. The price is cheap n service is very good"

top deh

"Penerbangan menggunakan tiger air sangat bs dinikmati dgn baik sekali. Pelayanan mulai dari check in di changi hingga boarding tdk mengalami kesulitan sama sekali. Saya merasa sangat puas sekali... ha ..."

About Tigerair

Tiger Airways Singapore Pte Ltd (SGX: J7X), operating as Tiger Airways Singapore, is a low-cost airline headquartered in Singapore. It operates services to regional destinations in Southeast Asia, Australia, China and India from its main base at Singapore Changi Airport. It has its head office in the Honeywell Building in Changi Business Park Central 1.Tiger Airways won the CAPA Low Cost Airline of the Year Award for 2006 and 2010.

Tiger Airways Singapore was incorporated on 12 December 2003 and began ticket sales on 31 August 2004. Services commenced on 15 September 2004 to Bangkok. It operates scheduled international services from Singapore Changi Airport and is a subsidiary of Tiger Airways Holdings, a Singaporean-based company.

The airline was the first to operate from the Budget Terminal in Changi Airport in order to achieve operating-cost savings and its cost structure is modeled after Ryanair. Despite regional competition, the airline has reiterated its current intention to remain focused on flying within a five-hour radius from its Singaporean base.

Tiger Airways Singapore and its two partners Tiger Mandala and SEAir will begin operating from Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 from 25 September 2012 due to the demolition of Budget Terminal for the future Terminal 4 in 2017.

Tiger Airways currently flies to destinations within an approximate five-hour radius from Singapore to 28 destinations in ten countries around the region. Thailand is its first market with four cities served (Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi and Hat Yai), taking advantage of the open skies agreement between Singapore and Thailand.

Aviation agreements have prevented the airline from flying to neighboring Malaysia except Kuala Lumpur which started in February 2008. In September 2006, further liberalization saw Tiger granted rights to fly to Kuching, Miri and Sibu in a bid to boost tourism in Sarawak.

In January 2011, Tiger launched flights to Taipei in Taiwan. The capital city of Taiwan is Tiger's sixth destination in Greater China, after Guangzhou, Haikou, Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen.

Recent network expansion has focused on the Indian subcontinent and the Philippines. Flights to Bangalore were reintroduced along with the addition of Kochi in India, Cebu and Davao in the Philippines, Dhaka in Bangladesh and Colombo in Sri Lanka. Tiger Airways also consider to fly from Visakhapatnam in India, but due to the local airport time restrictions, it shifted to Hyderabad. It has been announced in early July 2012 that Tiger airways would be flying five days a week to Hyderabad, India starting 28 September 2012.

Tiger Airways started flying to Manila, Cebu and Davao in 2011 but the Davao route was suspended in 2012. Tiger Airways with its Philippines partner airline, SEAir also flies to Clark International Airport. Flights to Kalibo from Clark are also sold from Tiger Airways website.

With the addition of an Indonesian partner airline, Tiger's footprint is set to grow as a new route from Medan to Singapore was launched, operated by Mandala Airlines. Subject to government approval, Mandala would also be able to operate flights from more Indonesian cities like Bali to Singapore and Jakarta to South East Asia.

Tiger Airways Singapore Pte Ltd (SGX: J7X), beroperasi sebagai Tiger Airways Singapore, merupakan sebuah maskapai penerbangan biaya rendah yang berkantor pusat di Singapura. Maskapai ini mengoperasikan layanan ke tujuan regional di Asia Tenggara, Australia, China dan India dari basis utamanya di Bandara Changi Singapura. Maskapai ni memiliki kantor pusat di Gedung Honeywell di Changi Business Park Central 1. Tiger Airways memenangkan CAPA Low Cost Airline of the Year Award untuk tahun 2006 dan 2010.

Information of Tigerair

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  • Cabin Baggage

    Cabin Baggage (10) KG

  • Check-In Closed

    Check-In Closed (45) Minutes

Class Type

Tiger Airways is a single class airline.

Baggage Allowance of Tigerair

Passengers are allowed 2 pieces of carry-on luggage provided that each item does not exceed the dimensions of 54 cm x 38 cm x 23 cm, with a combined weight of 10kg.

Passengers are offered the choice to save if they choose to travel with hand luggage only. Passengers who need to check baggage in have the option of selecting a Luggage Upsize™ option to suit their needs at the time of making their reservation. A corresponding fee will be charged per passenger per one way flight. This excludes, but is not limited to items such as sporting equipment.

Any sporting equipment, including but not limited to golf clubs, skis, surfboards, bicycles and musical instruments will be accepted for travel on a space available basis and is charged at a rate of S$35 or A$60 (or local currency equivalent) per item, per flight. Such items are accepted for carriage by Tiger Airways entirely at the passenger's own risk.

Bicycles - the bicycle must be packed in a bicycle box or bag, only one cycle per box or bag will be permitted, the tires must be deflated, the handlebars must be flush with the frame and the pedals removed or flush with the frame.

Firearms and ammunition are not accepted for carriage.

Instruments to be carried as cabin baggage must not exceed the dimensions of 30 x 117 x 38 cm. Instruments within this category include but is not limited to bugle, clarinet, flute, piccolo, guitars in soft cases, trumpet, violin or viola and will form part of your free cabin baggage allowance. Such items are accepted for carriage by Tiger Airways entirely at the passenger's own risk.

Any instrument exceeding the above dimensions must be checked into the hold.

The carriage of live animals, including pets, insects, reptiles or any other form of livestock, both in the aircraft hold and cabin is strictly forbidden under any circumstances. 

Check-In Policies of Tigerair

Passengers are required to show their booking confirmation, valid passport (for international flights) or photo ID (for domestic flights), with any necessary visas at check-in. Please note that failure to produce any of the above documents may result to immigration authorities refusing travel.

Check -in 2 (two) hours prior to scheduled departure.

Check-in counters strictly close 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. For all flights departing Colombo, Dhaka and India only, check-in opens 3 hours prior to departure and closes 1 hour before departure.

Any passenger not having completed check-in formalities and be in receipt of a boarding card within the above timeline will forfeit their seat and no compensation will be given.

Passengers with special requirements (e.g. bicycle to check-in) or have special needs are advised to check-in 2 (two) hours prior to departure and make themselves known at the designated check-in counters.