Term of Service Tiket.com

  1. Preface

    1. Thank you for visiting our Website, www.tiket.com. We hope your visit can be useful and provide convenience in accessing and using the services available on our website. We continuously strives to improve our services and would appreciate any criticism, suggestion and feedback from you
      Please submit your criticism, suggestion or feedback through cs@tiket.com or phone +62 21 2963 3600.
    2. This website is owned, operated and organized by PT. Global Tiket Network ( "We" or "Tiket.Com"), a limited liability company established on the basis of the law of the Republic of Indonesia and Indonesia business tourism permit numbers 2532 / 2011 dated 09 November 2011. The website and our services are available online through the website: www.tiket.com or mobile: m.tiket.com or other platforms which will be available in the future.
  2. General Condition

    1. By accessing and using our website and services, you have declared to read, understand and agree to the subject of this terms and conditions.
    2. This terms and conditions is compased of (i) the conditions and general provisions that hold for every access and services available on the website, (ii) and terms and conditions special further conditions governing the use of certain products and services. In respect to find any difference or contrariety, we apply terms and conditions special further conditions
    3. Terms and conditions can be change, modify, add, remove ( "Amendment") at any time and any changes that occurred since the time we stated, or at other times determined by us, we recommend you to visit our website periodically to be aware of any such changes
  3. Do or Don't

    1. The website and the services available therein may be used by you solely for personal and non-commercial basis and at any time subject to applicable terms and conditions
    2. The website and the product, technology and processes contained in website, is owned by us or third parties that provide right to us. Except for the use of which is expressly authorized and permitted in the terms and conditions, tiket.com did not provide any rights to you on this website, here, with all the data, information and content therein
    3. By using this website or the services available therein, and you agree not to download, show or transmit it any way, or make any content available to the public which is inconsistent with the use of which is permitted in this terms and conditions
    4. Within this website there may be links to website that are managed by third parties ("external sites"). External sites are provided solely to reference and convenience only. Tiket.com not operate, control or endorse any form of external website concerned or contents. You are fully responsible for the use of the external sites and are encouraged to read the terms and conditions from the external sites carefully
    5. Services provided in this Website generally used the re-marketing system and cookies system that allows third-party (including but not limited to Google) to access and use the visit data in the website Cookies system to display and resume each ad Tiket.com through the internet.
    6. You are prohibited from creating a link, screen capture or data crawling to the website without any consent formerly of tiket.com. Things are considered as a breach of intellectual property rights of tiket.com
  4. Our Services

    1. Tiket.com provides and organizes system and integrated online booking facility ("Service"), reservation / booking: accommodation (hotel, hostel, apartment), transportation (air-sea-land), event (cinema, shows, leisure) ("Product") that allow you to search for information on product you want, as well as booking and purchase, simultaneously conducts online and secure payment system through various facilities
    2. Our service simply will be available online for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, except in the case of maintenance on our website
    3. Product supplied, provided and hosted by third party ("Partners") which held cooperation and made a bond, either directly or indirectly, with us. You understand and acknowledge that :
      1. Reservations and purchase through tiket.com are a legal and contract binding between you and our partners. In this case, tiket.com act as an agent to facilitate your transactions
      2. Data and information related to a specific product that we list on the website is data and information which we receive from our partners, and publish the data and information as in good faith according to data and information we received
      3. We have no control over the data and information provided by our partners, and we do not guarantee that the data and information presented is accurate, complete, correct and free from errors
    4. You are not allowed to re-sell our products, use, copy, monitor, display, download or reproduce the content or any information, software, or any services available on our website for any commercial purpose or activity without the prior written consent from us
    5. You can use our website and service to make reservation. You are not allowed to make reservation for the purpose of speculation, improper or unlawful. If we discovered that the order make is not legitimate, and so we set aside the right to nullify reservation
    6. You also ensure that the data and information you give it to us both with respect to reservations is accurate, recent and complete information. For provisions use of data and information please refer to usage policy data
  5. Reservation/Purchase

    1. Reservation or Purchase of the product is considered successful in or done after you do the payment and tiket.com publish and send to you, a letter confirmation reservation or purchase. A dispute or problems, if there is any data contained in tiket.com will become a reference main and legitimate or valid
    2. To complete reservation or purchase, then you considered agreed to accept (i) email, which we will deliver not long before the data of the service by which you ordered, give you this information about the product that you can buy, and providing certain information and supply (including the offer from third party for you to choose) associated with reservation and your goal, and (ii) email, which we will deliver not long after the date of service to invite you to complete the form reviews of our product. Aside our confirmation email that include your reservation, we will not send you any confirmation (rather want it or not), email, further correspondency, except by your request
    3. For international flight, Customer shall have Passport with the minimum validity at least 6 (six) months, at the time of departure and/or arrival date
  6. Price

    1. We always trying to provide you the best prices on product. The price may have condition or particular provision, so you have to examine themselves and understand the condition and particular provision that applies to a certain price or fare before you do a reservation. You also need to examine and understand the provision regarding the cancellation and refund specifically apply to product and / or a specified price
    2. Price does not yet include tax, listed the charges, fees and other cost that we stated at the website or letter confirmation of us. Sometimes the price we get from our partners in the currency of another country, and we try to covert the price into rupiah currency with the best conversion that we could get
    3. For certain products, we guarantee the best price for you. Please be advise to our policy over our product oricing guarantee, if you found lower prices on other online services, please inform us through cs@tiket.com and we will work to equalize the price
    4. Tiket.com entitled to change the price of the product any time without prior notice, except for the product you have been purchased and received confirmation letter from us
  7. Payment

    1. Payment is required to purchase our product. We accept payment with credit card (VISA, Master Card and BCA Card) which listed on the website
      1. protect your credit card information, we use technology "Secure Socket Layer (SSL)"
      2. In condition of credit card fraud or misuse of the payment system by any third party, then the condition must immediately reported to us and issuing Bank, to get further treatment in accordance with the applicable rules and procedures
    2. For every successful transaction, we will send you confirmation letter via email contains product descriptions and ordering that you create as well as confirmation payment. You are responsible for printing and keep the information contained in the Letter of Confirmation that we send. The confirmation letter is very important document and you must bring printout of this confirmation letter when you are going to use or take the product. We or our partners reserve the right to refuse to provide product or services, if you can not prove that you have legally place an order and settlement, and waive Tiket.com of all responsibilities and your loss in any form
  8. Cancellation and Modification

    1. Except as implicitly stated in this terms and conditions, all purchase in Tiket.com product can not be changed, canceled, refunded money, exchangeable or transferable to persons / parties
    2. By doing reservation or purchase the product of tiket.com, considered that you have understand, receive and agree the provision of the cancellation, and all condition and additional stipulation imposed by the partner. We will mention policy and the provision of the cancellation in every letter of confirmation. Please note that rate or offer certain not qualified to revocation or transformation. You responsible to understand the policy and provision of the cancellation before that
    3. If you want to view, change or cancel your order, please refer to the confirmation letter and follow the instruction in it. Please note that you may be charge an additional fee upon cancellation in accordance with the policy and condition of cancellation
    4. Although there is a very small possibility of cancellation or change the confirmed booking or reservation that we have send the letter of confirmation, but if it happens, we will notify you as soon as possible
      1. We will be responsible over changes that significantly affect the condition of the product and service that we have to confirm before, namely :
        1. cancellation reservation
        2. change the date; or the product
      2. In case we make a significant changes, then you have choice to :
        1. Accept change that we are offer to other date or product
        2. Receive a refund in the form of credit that you can use to purchase our product in the future, to do so you must notify us within 7 (seven) days of calendar about you choice (option a or b), if we have not got a confirmation from you we assume you chose the option (a).
    5. We are not responsible for or indemnify you in case we can not deliver the product or provide the services to you, as result of things that happened due to circumstances beyond reasonable force or authority of us or our partner to handle, such us, but not limited to: war, riot, terrorist, industrial dispute, government action, natural disaster, fire or flood, extreme weather and other
  9. Security

    1. By the time you make a reservation or access your account information, you will use a secure server access layer (SSL) to encrypt the information you send through this website
    2. Although tiket.com will use best effort to ensure security, tiket.com can not guarantee how strong or effective encryption and tiket.com will not responsible for any problem that occur due to accessing without permission from the information you provide
  10. Data User Policy

    1. We regard your privacy as important
    2. By the time you make reservation at Tiket.com, we will record and store your personal information and data. In principle, we will use your data to supply product and provide service to you. We will store any data you provide, from time to time, or that we collect from the use of our product and service. Your personal data may be used by us for the purpose of accounting, billing, auditing, credit verification or payment, as well as the purpose of security, administrative and legal, reward point, testing, maintenance and development , customer relation, promotion , and help us in the future in giving service to you. In connection with that, we may disclose your data to group companies where we incorporated therein, the product provider partner, other companies that are partner of tiket.com, the company's data processing contract with us, travel agent
  11. Dismissal

    1. All data, information or content in any form that is available on this website is provided as-is and without any warranties
    2. You acknowledge and agree to obligated by the risk of any use of the website and service. Further, you acknowledge and agree that tiket.com, including any director, officer, employee, partner and other party working with tiket.com are not responsible and makes no warranty against:
      1. All matter that relating to this website, including but not limited to the operation or accuracy of the data, eligibility, completeness of the data
      2. Either express or implied, including any implied warranty of purchase or the propriety of a particular purpose or merchantability
      3. Loss or damage, whether direct, indirect, special, or consequential damages that are including loss of profit, reputation, damage/loss of data, damage to connection that can not be repaired due to the use of the website either by law or other thing even when we informed about such possibilities
      4. Your access to the website, following the damage which may arise as a result of your access to the website or external site is your own responsibility to make sure that you are free from virus or anything else that may interfere with or damage your computer system
    3. As far as legally possible, the responsibility and the losses can be incurred by tiket.com, good for one event or series of connected event, which arise directly from the loss suffered by you as a result of our offens is limited up to total amount you have paid principle as stated in the confirmation letter
  12. Others

    1. Indonesian language version of these terms and condtions is possible to be translated into other language. Translated version were made only to provide convenience only, and can not be considered as an official translation. If you find any differences between the Indonesian language and any other language version of these tems and conditions shall prevail and the binding is Indonesian language version
    2. This website is created and controlled by tiket.com in Indonesia and thus subject to and governed on the basis of the law of Indonesia. Concerning this terms and conditions and all the consequences, we choose common legal domicile and remain in West Jakarta district court
    3. When there is a specific part of this the terms and conditions be invalid or could not happen, then the particular provision is deemed deleted and the remaining provision remain in force and binding