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Benefits of Ordering Bus & Travel Tickets Online at tiket.com

As a trusted online bus ticket & travel agent, tiket.com provides bus & travel tickets without the need to go to the nearest bus agent. So you don't need to bother buying bus tickets online & travel. With just one application, you can easily order bus & travel tickets online. tiket.com also collaborates with various official bus & travel ticket agents who are ready to facilitate the needs of online bus ticket ordering and travel booking. There are lots of benefits you get from buying bus & travel tickets via tiket.com, right? It doesn't stop there! You can also enjoy other benefits by ordering online bus tickets & travel, such as:

Book Bus & Travel Tickets Anywhere and Anytime

With the official page or tiket.com application, you can easily buy bus tickets online & travel without having to go to the nearest bus agent to my location. The ordering process is fast, without having to queue, and you can order at any time. You can even buy impromptu bus & travel tickets or just check bus & travel schedules, today's bus ticket prices, and travel prices that suit your needs.

Complete choice of bus routes and partners

tiket.com has collaborated with many agents or bus operators spread throughout Indonesia. So, ticket friends don't need to worry if they want to order bus tickets online & travel because tiket.com always provides a complete choice of routes from trusted bus partners. Examples of trusted bus partners who have collaborated with tiket.com include Rosalia Indah, Sinar Jaya, Nusantara, Damri, Joglosemar, PO Haryanto, Gunung Harta, Efisiensi, Pahala Kencana, Agra Mas, Primajasa, ALS, Lorena, Budiman, Sempati Star, Big Bird, Eka Bus, Mira Bus, Bejeu, Kramat Djati. Don't forget, tiket.com also collaborates with travel services such as Cititrans, Xtrans, Baraya Travel, and Daytrans which serve trips in big cities. Such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Solo, Denpasar, Makassar, Medan, Malang, and many more.

Affordable Bus & Travel Ticket Prices

By presenting the Cheapest Price Guarantee, Mudik Lebaran Bus and various other bus & travel promos, you can find a variety of bus ticket prices, the cheapest bus ticket prices & cheap travel prices. Make your trip economical and comfortable with tiket.com. Also check supporting information when buying bus & travel tickets. Such as bus & travel schedules, today's bus ticket prices, travel prices, drop off points, departure points, bus & travel facilities, and bus classes. For bus facilities, there are sleeper buses, full AC, recliner seats, toilets, snacks and mineral water. Meanwhile, there are Executive, Suite, President and VIP classes.

Various Payment Methods for Bus & Travel Tickets

When ordering bus & travel tickets, tiket.com also provides convenience and security in transactions. You can use ATM, e-wallet, bank transfer, Paylater/cardless installments, credit card/debit card, instant payment, and many more. So you can easily book bus and travel tickets as well as make payment transactions.

Supported by 24 Hour Customer Service

Do you encounter difficulties when ordering bus & travel tickets? Or do you want to request a schedule change or reschedule? Calm! tiket.com provides 24-hour customer service that is ready to help answer questions about ordering bus & travel tickets online. You can contact WhatsApp number 0858 1150 0888, via e-mail cs@tiket.com, or the special Indonesian call center at +62804 1500 878.

How to Order Bus Tickets Online & Travel at tiket.com

Enjoy the convenience of ordering bus and travel tickets for holidays, business trips or going home at tiket.com. Just by entering the departure location, destination and travel date, ordering bus & travel tickets becomes as easy as online shopping. To understand better, see how to order online bus tickets & travel below!

Before Ordering Bus & Travel Tickets

Plan trip details such as departure city, destination city, departure date and number of passengers. To buy bus & travel tickets, it is better to make purchases well in advance to avoid running out of online bus & travel tickets.

If your plans are ready, you can go to the tiket.com application or website. Then enter trip details such as departure city, destination city, departure date and number of passengers. Then click 'Search for Bus & Travel'.

Then the system will display bus agent recommendations, bus & travel schedules, and bus ticket & travel ticket prices. You can also enter the departure point and drop-off point to get the exact departure and drop-off location.

You can also use the 'filter' feature to organize the bus & travel tickets you want. Starting from the price of bus & travel tickets, departure time, arrival time, bus class, facilities, to the type of vehicle for travel. Next, select bus & travel tickets and select the desired seat. After that, fill in the payment form and complete the transaction.

After Buying Bus Tickets & Travel Tickets

After the e-ticket is issued, pay attention to the detailed information on the e-ticket. Pay attention to important information such as booking code, passenger name, departure date, departure and drop-off points.

Bring necessary items. For example, identity cards, tiket.com e-tickets, medicines, snacks, mineral water, thick jackets or clothes, cellphones, cellphone chargers or power banks, wallets and socks.

On the day of departure, try to arrive at the departure point 30 minutes - 1 hour before the scheduled departure to avoid delays. Moreover, there is a check-in or identity verification process on bus and travel tickets which takes time. So don't be late, okay?

Cheap Bus Ticket & Travel Ticket Prices with Bus & Travel Ticket Promos at tiket.com

Enjoy the cheapest bus ticket prices and travel tickets through the Cheapest Price Guarantee. Also check information on today's bus ticket prices and travel tickets. Apart from that, you can also order bus & travel tickets at affordable prices through various attractive promotions. Come on, take a look at a series of interesting promos that can make ordering online bus tickets & travel cheaper:


  • Land route discount for road trips using buses & travel up to IDR 500 thousand. Enjoy discounts on bus & travel tickets so you can get the cheapest bus ticket prices at 11.00-13.00 WIB & 18.00-20.00 WIB.



  • Every day discounts for ordering bus & travel tickets up to IDR 10 thousand


  • Bus & Travel discounts for holidays, order bus & travel tickets up to IDR 120 thousand + free hotel gift vouchers.

What are you waiting for? Come on, immediately order bus tickets online & travel and don't forget to use the tiket.com promo!

Get to know more about bus classes before ordering bus tickets

Before buying bus tickets online at tiket.com, there's no harm in finding out more about the bus class. So that later you won't be confused when deciding what bus ticket class you want to order. Take a peek at the list!

Economy Bus
Economy buses have cheaper bus ticket prices compared to other class buses. Economy buses are usually divided into two, namely AC Economy Buses and Non-AC Economy Buses. The economy bus seating configuration consists of 3-2


VIP buses are priority buses that offer exclusive facilities. If you take the VIP bus, you will get facilities such as pillows, blankets, recliner chairs, CCTV, USB plugs, entertainment, toilets, recliner chairs, footrests, reading lights, and 2-2 seat configuration. VIP Buses generally have shorter travel times.

Executive Bus
Executive buses can be an option for those of you who have a bigger budget and want classy facilities. The facilities available on the Executive Bus include full AC, recliner chairs, toilets, entertainment, blankets, reading lights, pillows, even USB plugs. The seating configuration on Executive Buses is usually 2-2. In some cases, Executive Buses tend to have longer travel times than VIP Buses.

Super Executive Bus
Super Executive Buses have faster travel distances compared to Executive Buses. Even so, the facilities obtained from the Super Executive Bus are almost the same as the Executive Bus.

Bus Suite Class
The Suite Class bus is the right option for those of you who want to experience the experience of riding a sleeper bus. Yup, Suite Class buses have seats that can be reclined (sleeper) with 1-1 seat arrangements.

Let's get to know more closely the types of buses in Indonesia

Nowadays, buses are often chosen as people's favorite transportation. Apart from fairly affordable bus ticket prices, this mode of transportation offers comfort when traveling which is easily accessible in all areas. Now talking about bus transportation modes, it turns out that there are various types of buses operating in Indonesia. Each bus ticket offers different facilities and services, you know. What do you think? The following are the types of bus ticket classes you need to know:

1. Normal Deck Bus

Normal deck buses are the first type of bus in Indonesia, t-mates. The distinctive characteristics of normal deck buses include that they are often used to transport economy class passengers, the position of the driver and passenger seats are parallel, and there is a long box near the driver's seat. When you order bus tickets online and travel using this type of bus, you will find a normal deck bus with a height of around 3 meters.

2. High Deck Bus (HD)

Being a type of bus with a high deck size, the High Deck Bus has a height of around 3.5 meters and usually operates for long trips between cities or between provinces. Another characteristic of the High Deck bus type is that the driver's seat is lower than the passenger seat. Apart from that, the High Deck Bus has a capacity of 50-60 passengers with a 2-2 and 2-2 configuration.

3. Double Deck Bus (DD)

Often referred to as a double-decker bus, the Double Deck Bus is around 4.15 meters high with two levels of decks connected directly by stairs. The facilities offered by the Double Deck Bus are also exclusive and comfortable, such as sleeper buses (reclining seats). Usually Double Deck Buses serve tourist trips or inter-city inter-provincial (AKAP) trips.

4. Super High Deck Bus (SHD)

Super High Deck buses are buses with a height of around 3.9 meters. The main uniqueness of the Super High Deck Bus is that it offers a modern and luxurious interior and luggage space that is large enough to fit a lot of luggage. Apart from that, there is double glass with a divider.

5. High Deck Double Glass (HDD) Bus

Double Glass High Deck Buses have similar features to Super High Deck Buses in that both have double glass with partitions. It's just that the Double Glass High Deck Bus has a lower height, namely around 3.7 meters. Meanwhile, at the top (roof) it has a single wiper.

6. Ultra High Deck (UHD) Bus

Ultra High Deck Buses have a combination of Super High Deck Buses (SHD) and Double Deck Buses (DD) with a height of around 4 meters. Generally, the lower deck area functions specifically for bus crew, drivers and baggage. Meanwhile, the upper deck is used for the passenger area.

7. Minibus and Elf

Minibuses and Elf are generally used for relatively short trips. For example, Bandung - Jakarta travel, Bogor - Bandung travel, Jakarta - Semarang travel, Jogja - Semarang travel. Usually minibuses have a capacity of around 25 - 27 passengers. Meanwhile, Elf Long has a capacity for 16-19 people and Elf Short can accommodate around 13-15 passengers.

List of the Most Popular Bus Terminals in Indonesia

After getting to know the types of buses in Indonesia, you also need to know the most popular bus terminals spread across various regions. These bus terminals tend to be spacious and have excellent facilities & services. The following is a list of the most popular bus terminals in Indonesia:

1. Kampung Rambutan Terminal, Jakarta

Kampung Rambutan Terminal is a type A bus terminal and is one of the mainstay terminals for residents who want to travel to various cities in the province and in the Jabodetabek area.

2. Pulo Gebang Terminal, Jakarta

Pulo Gebang Terminal is a type A bus terminal and is currently the largest bus terminal in Southeast Asia. Pulo Gebang Terminal has a modern terminal concept and is equipped with supporting facilities. Pulo Gebang Terminal is even equipped with an electronic system for purchasing online bus tickets, information systems and boarding passes to make it easier for prospective passengers.

3. Tirtonadi Solo Terminal

Tirtonadi Terminal is a type A bus terminal and is the largest terminal in Solo. Tirtonadi Terminal serves AKAP (Inter-City Inter-Provincial) and AKDP (Inter-City Inter-Provincial Transport) buses. Tirtonadi Terminal also has a pedestrian bridge connected to Balapan Solo Station to facilitate passenger mobility.

4. Leuwipanjang Terminal Bandung

Leuwipanjang Terminal is a terminal in Bandung which is said to have airport-like facilities. A type A bus terminal, Leuwipanjang Terminal is the main terminal located in the eastern area of Bandung city. Leuwipanjang Terminal serves city transportation, city buses, inter-city transportation within the province (AKDP) as well as inter-city transportation between provinces (AKAP).

5. Purabaya Terminal Surabaya

Purabaya Terminal or commonly known as Bungurasih Terminal is a type A bus terminal that serves bus trips to Greater Surabaya and its surroundings. Every day there are more than 1,000 buses carrying passengers, making Purabaya Terminal one of the busiest bus terminals in Southeast Asia.

Types of Travel Cars

Now that you know the types of buses, now is the time to get to know the types of shuttle or travel cars that are usually used for shorter trips. Come on, check out the following types of shuttle cars at tiket.com:


1. Shuttle Car

Shuttle cars usually have a passenger capacity of 8-14 seats. The facilities you get when riding a shuttle car include full AC, mineral water, recliner chairs, reading lights and USB plugs. The seating configuration depends on each type of shuttle car, there are 1-1, 1-2, or 2-3.


2. Toyota Hiace shuttle

The Toyota Hiace shuttle has a passenger capacity of around 8-15 seats. When you board the Toyota Hiace Shuttle you will get facilities such as full AC, USB plug, recliner chair and reading light. Some travel agents even provide dining facilities and mineral water.

Tips for Traveling with a Travel Car

Shuttle or travel cars are often chosen as a mode of transportation for people who want to travel, go home or even go to work. Well, tiket.com has a series of useful travel tips for those of you who want to take a travel car. Check out travel tips with the following travel cars:

Specify the departure date, departure point, and drop-off point

Determine the type of travel car. There are types of shuttles such as Daytrans or Toyota Hiace shuttles.

Order travel tickets online via tiket.com

Choose a comfortable chair. Buy travel tickets at tiket.com, you can choose a comfortable and desired seat.

Bring necessary items. Such as ID cards, e-tickets, medicines, cellphones, chargers, snacks and mineral water.

Arrive at the pick-up point 1 hour or 30 minutes before departure to avoid being late.