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30 Best Places to Visit in Western Australia 2023

Various tourist destination locations in Western Australia are known for their natural beauty, especially beautiful islands and beaches. However, there are also a number of historical locations that you can visit here. Here are 30 of the best tourist destinations in Western Australia that we recommend!

1. Perth Mint Museum

This place is one of the many tourist attractions in Australia that are interesting to visit. At the Perth Mint Museum, you can witness the development of gold in Australia and the world, who will be accompanied by a guide. Not only that, but you can also see gold weighing 1 ton at the Perth Mint Museum, t-mates. Also, witness the process of making gold bullion here. Want to buy gold? Relax, this museum also provides a place to buy souvenirs and gold that tourists can buy.

2. Kings Park and Botanic Garden

If you need a fresh and relaxing place in the middle of Perth City, you can go straight to Kings Park and Botanic Garden. This 400-hectare site is decorated with 324 beautiful plant species and is home to 80 bird species. Apart from flora and fauna, this place also offers gorgeous views, namely panoramic views of the Swan River and Darling Range. You can take a walk and sit back and relax while enjoying a sunny day here with your loved ones.

3. Elizabeth Quay

For those of you who are coming to Perth for the first time, it is mandatory to visit Elizabeth Quay. Here, a park is complete with complete facilities, a playground for children with a fountain, and a line of cafes. As the center of Perth, Elizabeth Quay has the historic Bell Tower and is an Instagramable spot.

4. Yagan Square

Yagan Square is a public open space that connects Perth CBD with Northbridge. Yagan Square is located not far from the Horseshoe Bridge. This hits tourist spot is inspired by Western Australia's nature, which has integrated public spaces with beautiful gardens, markets selling local products, places to eat, bars and cafes, to an arena which is used for musical performances.

5. Twilight Hawkers Market

The more vibrant Perth afternoon. Twilight is the best time to come to the street food market, Twilight Hawkers Market. From 4 pm every Friday, this tourist spot at Forrest Place near Murray Street is a culinary destination for locals and travelers alike. Apart from being delicious and cheap, this market also provides halal culinary delights from Singapore and Malaysia, Morocco, to Turkey.

6. Hay Street & Murray Street

Hay Street and Murray Street are the perfect places for you to shop. Perth's tourist spot is crowded at night because it only opens at 05.00 PM and closes at 09.00 PM. However, not all shops are open until evening every day. The suburban shops are open late every Thursday, and downtown shops are open late every Friday.

7. Whiteman Park

For those of you who want to see and interact directly with typical Australian animals, such as kangaroos and koalas, you can go to Whiteman Park. Perth's tourist spot offers playing facilities, strolling through parks and strolling in miniature forests, and visiting transportation museums.

8. Whistler’s Chocolate Co

You must visit the oldest chocolate company in Australia called Whistler's Chocolate Co for those of you who like chocolate. This tourist spot in Perth has thousands of chocolates of various shapes. Although there is no entrance fee, if you want to buy chocolate, you have to be willing to pay for it. Don't forget to try Perth's best hot chocolate at one of the cafes near Whistler's Chocolate Co.

9. Cottesloe Beach

Having gone all the way to Perth, don't forget to stop by Cottesloe Beach. One of these famous beaches is the oldest beach in Western Australia. Here, you can enjoy the white sand and blue seawater. Cottesloe Beach is also the location for the Sculpture by The Sea exhibition, which is usually held in March. During the presentation, you can see many unique sculptures from local art exhibitions.

10. Pitstop Playground

Pitstop Playground is a unique playground that has a racing arena. The racetrack is made to look like real life with black and yellow tracks, lights, and traffic signs. This children's tourist spot is also equipped with dune slides, nets, barbecue benches, grassy roads, and much more.

11. Margaret River

The success of producing wine has made the region the center of world food and wine. Apart from wineries, there are many fine dining establishments, boutique breweries, and art galleries, and you can enjoy the fresh fruit produced by the local community. This must-visit south of Perth can also be a place to relax by the beach, surf, caves, whale watching, fish and bike, or take a local tour.

12. The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park

Satisfied with enjoying premium Australian wines, you can stop by Nambung National Park, which can be reached by land, about 2.5 hours from Perth City. Here, you can enjoy the beauty of ancient stone pillars called The Pinnacles. The posts were made of shells and formed when the sands were still under the sea. Not only that, at this hit tourist spot, you can also see kangaroos, sandboard, and taste Western Australian seafood.

13. Nature’s Window, Kalbarri National Park

Want a more fun coastal adventure? Let's explore the dramatic landscapes in Kalbarri. The famous area for its white-sand beaches has a beautiful springtime because wildflowers will bloom. To enjoy the beauty of instagramable flowers in this area, come from August to November. Not only that, but this tourist spot in the north of Perth City is also a great spot to take a cruise ship and down the Murchison River or rent a rowboat.

14. Geraldton

Are you not satisfied enjoying the beach? Let's go to the beach town in Geraldton. This tourist spot in Perth is famous for its adrenaline-pumping beaches. Here, you can surf, dive, snorkel, and fish. Besides, Geraldton is also rich in historical heritage, you know!

15. Albany

This tourist spot on the rugged south coast of Western Australia is only a 4.5-hour drive from Perth. Albany is the right city for those of you who want to escape the city's hustle and bustle. You see, the town is surrounded by green oceans, tall forests, and national parks. You can also fish, dive, and watch whales from a reasonably close distance.

16. Denmark

Denmark is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Western Australia, which offers spectacular natural scenery. High forests combined with clean white sandy beaches can make you feel the sensation of a vacation abroad that is second to none. At this hits tourist spot, you can enjoy cool climate wines and chat with the owner. Come to the region for another hit attraction, such as the Greens Pool, or enjoy local Western Australian cuisine at the iconic restaurant, Estate 807.

17. Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is a famous tourist destination in Perth. Too bad if the opportunity to vacation in Perth is not used to visit these hits. This unique and modern architectural building is located in the Elizabeth Quay area or directly overlooking the Swan River. At the top of the tower, 18 old bells were made before the 14th century. These bells are rung to mark the time in the city of Perth. From the top of the tower, you can see the stretch of beauty from the Instagramable Swan River.

18. DNA Tower Climb

Perth's next tourist destination will take you to see the Indian Ocean from above and an exact height. Especially if the weather is sunny. Its name is DNA Tower Climb, which is the highest point in the Kings Park area. This 15-meter tall circular staircase building with 101 steps has been built since 1966. Being in an open space, visiting DNA Tower Climb, you can do it at any time without charge.

19. Fremantle

This tourist attraction in Perth is a metropolitan area, but the atmosphere is quiet. Here, there is a prison that is used as a tourist destination. This prison is the oldest in Australia and is included in the World Heritage list. The city's atmosphere, which is full of old buildings from the 18th century here, is a unique attraction. Are you sure you don't want to take photos in front of an instagramable Victorian-style old building?

20. Scarborough Beach

Are you intrigued by the beauty of the beaches in Perth? If so, you can stop by Scarborough Beach, which was located not far from the city.

21. Swan River

Enjoying the beauty of Perth, of course, is not only visiting Kings Park but also visiting the Swan River. Some of the activities you can do, namely cycling, kayaking, swimming, and fishing. Besides, you can also enjoy a river cruise down the Swan River while tasting local culinary delights.

22. Art Gallery of Western Australia

Visiting Perth is incomplete if you don't see the Art Gallery of Western Australia. This attraction at the James Street Mall has a collection of art from Western Australia to international dating from 1829 to modern-day readers.

23. Aviation Heritage Museum

This museum is suitable for those of you who like the world of planes and aviation. There are more than 30 types of aircraft and thousands of historical objects here.

24. Caversham Wildlife Park

Not only koalas and kangaroos, but Perth can also meet quokkas, endemic to Western Australia. This marsupial animal is called the world's happiest animal because its face seems to be smiling.

25. The Ellenbrook Water Playground

The temperature and weather in Perth are hot. If you're hot, it's best to invite your family to play water, one of which is at The Ellenbrook Water Playground. You can play water here for free, you know. Several shelter spots can be used as family tours. There are also 15 water playgrounds suitable for children's terms, such as water showers, bubble machines, and water guns.

26. St. George Cathedral

Located in the heart of Perth City, this cathedral is a place of worship dedicated in 1888. Of the small number of cathedrals built of handmade bricks, Sts Cathedral George is one of them.

27. Monkey Mia

Families and children will love this vacation spot in Perth, namely Monkey Mia. Here, you can interact with wild dolphins. If you want to add insight into how dolphins behave, don't hesitate to come to the dolphin information center at Monkey Mia.

28. Perth Zoo

Another fun tourist spot for families to visit is the Perth Zoo. This zoo is also a place for research and conservation to prevent rare species from being saved and reproducing. Compared to other zoos, you can find more native Australian species at Perth Zoo, such as Asian elephants, sun bears, Sumatran orangutans, small penguins, and crocodiles.

29. Wave Rock

The city of Perth has a granite wave that is believed to have existed 27 years ago. This wave is 14 meters high and about 110 meters long. If you look closely, you will find vertical lines with a mixture of gray, yellow, and red shades.

30. Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is an island near Perth that is 25 minutes away by boat. This island has 63 beaches and 20 bays that must be visited. This island's beauty lies in the 135 species of fish and 25 species of coral, which are also great locations for snorkeling and diving.