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Ethiopian Airlines Flight Schedules & Price

Soekarno Hatta (CGK) to London Heathrow Apt (LHR)EconomyIDR 6.335.600Tuesday, 10 November 2020
Soekarno Hatta (CGK) to London Heathrow Apt (LHR)EconomyIDR 6.481.000Monday, 09 November 2020
Soekarno Hatta (CGK) to London Heathrow Apt (LHR)EconomyIDR 6.335.600Saturday, 07 November 2020
Soekarno Hatta (CGK) to London Heathrow Apt (LHR)EconomyIDR 6.536.600Thursday, 05 November 2020
Soekarno Hatta (CGK) to London Heathrow Apt (LHR)EconomyIDR 6.335.600Tuesday, 03 November 2020

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Ethiopian Airlines Features

Cabin Baggage 7 kg - ETHIOPIAN AIRLINESCabin Baggage 7 kg
Check-in Baggage 7 kg - ETHIOPIAN AIRLINESCheck-in Baggage 7 kg
Check-in close at 7 minutes - ETHIOPIAN AIRLINESCheck-in close at 7 minutes
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Ethiopian Airlines is Ethiopia's national flight and is the largest in Africa. The airline also won the title as the 4th largest airline in the world. That is because Ethiopian Airlines serves around 125 destinations in the world, with 20 domestic routes and 44 cargo routes. Ethiopian Airlines has a primary base or hub at Bole International Airport, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and secondary hubs in Togo and Malawi.

Commercial flights in Ethiopia first operated in the 1920s serving postal flights. However, when Italy entered and colonized Ethiopia, this postal flight service also served flights to Rome, Italy. Until the end of World War 2, after the liberation of Ethiopia, Emperor Haile Selassie I, who was an important figure in the history of Ethiopia and Africa, asked for help from the United States, Britain, and France to build airlines as efforts to modernize and eliminate poverty in Ethiopia.

Thanks to Emperor Haile Selassie I's request, in 1945, the Ethiopian government began negotiations with Transcontinental Air Transport and Western Air Express (later merged into TWA), which resulted in the establishment of commercial flights in Ethiopia. Precisely in December 1945, the airline officially operated under the name Ethiopian Airlines with an initial investment of 2.5 million ETB and used 6 Douglas DC-3 fleets. The airline is funded by the Ethiopian government but is managed by TWA. Ethiopian Airlines served international flight routes to Aden, Asmara, Djibouti & Cairo, and Khartoum from Addis Ababa in April 1946 and domestic service began in 1951 with destinations to Addis, Dire Dawa, Gondar & Jimma.

This airline serves the furthest route with the Douglas DC-3 fleet in 1947, which is an 11-hour flight to Mumbai, India. This aircraft was also involved in a joint operation BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation) in providing flights from Addis Ababa to Nairobi, Kenya.

The fleet renewal continued by Ethiopian Airlines until the early 2000s with the merger of Boeing 737-700 and Boeing 767-300ER. The airline also bought Boeing 787 Dreamliners, Airbus A350-900, and Boeing 777-200LRs. In late September 2010, Ethiopian Airlines was officially invited to join Star Alliance under the guidance of Lufthansa and officially joined in December 2011. Ethiopian Airlines is the third African-based airline after EgyptAir and South African Airways, which joined the Star Alliance.

Ethiopian Airlines Flight Class

Ethiopian Airlines is part of one of the best airline alliances in the world, Star Alliance. It has grown and served more than 120 destinations worldwide with 115 ultra-modern fleets, With the pride tagline "The New Spirit of Africa," the airline is committed to providing the best service for passengers.

The airline was awarded as the "Best Airline in Africa" ​​from the Skytrax 2019 World Airlines Awards for three years in a row. Also, Ethiopia has won the "Best Business Class in Africa" ​​and "Best Economy Class in Africa" ​​categories. Ethiopian Airlines offers 2 (two) classes of flight equipped with various features. See the explanation below for complete information:

Economy Class

Comfort in the Economy Class is not inferior to other classes. Ethiopian Airlines is very concerned with comfort on all flights. The chair in Economy Class is quite comfortable with a width of 18 inches and a pitch of 32 inches. Available pillows and blankets, electric socket, and USB.

  • Amenities
  • Comfortable seats with 3-3-3 configurations
  • Seat width 18 inches
  • Seat pitch 32 inches
  • Seat recline 13.8 degrees
  • In-Flight Entertainment is the latest with a 10.6-inch screen

  • In-flight Meal
  • A variety of free drinks, such as juice, beer, and a selection of the best red and white wines
  • The food is fresh and varied with the best quality made by experienced chefs
  • Healthy menu for your little one
  • Ethiopian national dish

  • Economy Class Fleet
  • Airbus A350-900 (350)
  • Boeing 767-300ER (763)
  • Boeing 777-200LR (77L)
  • Boeing 777-300ER (77W)
  • Boeing 787-8 (788)
  • Boeing 737-700 (737)
  • Boeing 737-800 (738)
  • Bombardier Q400 (DH4)

Business Class/Cloud Nine

Business Class on Ethiopian Airlines is commonly called Cloud Nine (C9). In this class, the facilities provided are very luxurious and comfortable. There is an additional baggage allowance, exclusive C9 lounge access, and priority boarding. Two types of facilities are divided based on flight duration, namely Medium and Long-haul flights and Short-hauls flights. Here is complete information for facilities in the Ethiopian Airlines Business Class:

  • Amenities
  • A wider and more comfortable seat size
  • In-seat power (stop)
  • USB
  • Footstool
  • Folding table
  • Inflight Entertainment
  • Additional baggage allowance\
  • Exclusive C9 Lounge (Addis Ababa Airport Terminal)

  • In-flight Meal
  • A variety of quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Fine wines served with Ethiopian "Kolo"
  • Ethiopian national food
  • Various fruit, cheese, and dessert
  • Ethiopian coffee
  • "Piece" of Ethiopia in the cabin (Medium and Long-haul flights).
  • National meals such as Wot, which is a mixture of meat, vegetables, spices, and sauces, are served with a flatbread called Injera.

  • Business Class Fleet
  • Airbus A350-900 (350)
  • Boeing 767-300ER (763)
  • Boeing 777-200LR (77L)
  • Boeing 777-300ER (77W)
  • Boeing 787-8 (788)
  • Boeing 737-700 (737)
  • Boeing 737-800 (738)
  • Bombardier Q400 (DH4)

Ethiopian Airlines Loyalty Program

  • ShebaMiles

ShebaMiles is a loyalty program owned by Ethiopian Airlines. The name ShebaMiles is inspired by the Queen of Sheba, an Ethiopian mythological figure who has a generous nature. This loyalty program is one of the most innovative things of Ethiopian Airlines that creates extraordinary memories and experiences for loyal customers. The Frequent Flyer program allows members to collect miles, which will provide many benefits such as tickets, upgrade awards, and many other benefits. The more miles you have, the more benefits you will get. There are 4 (four) types of membership for ShebaMiles, namely:

  • ShebaMiles Blue
  • ShebaMiles Silver
  • ShebaMiles Gold
  • ShebaMiles Platinum

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Ethiopian Airlines Customer Service

If you need further information, you can contact the Ethiopian Airlines service center below:

  • Jakarta
    Office address:
    Mezzanine Floor, Block 1. Tower of Empire
    Jl. Hr. Rasuna Said Kav 1 Jakarta - Selatan 12980, Indonesia.
    No. telephone: +62 21 835 6214/15/16/17
    Fax: (+62 21) 8353937
    Email: and

Ethiopian Airlines Airline Codes



Dialing code: ETHIOPIAN

  • There are some examples of items that are prohibited to be carried inside your carry-on baggage include lighter fluid, oxygen bottles, fireworks, paints, and tear gas. Personal items are allowed only in limited quantities such as hairspray, deodorant, fragrance, and medicines. For check-in baggage, it is prohibited to carry potential harmful and dangerous things (e.g., explosive, compressed gases, oxidizers, corrosives, flammable liquids and solids, firearms, radioactive materials, poisons, and any other hazardous materials).

  • Cabin baggage allowance is a maximum of 7 kg, while check-in baggage allowance is a maximum of 20 kg.

  • Register your baggage in advance at the check-in counter before your flight.

  • Every passenger must occupy the seat which is determined during check-in.

  • Carry-on baggage must be put in luggage compartment or below the passenger’s seat.

  • Cellphones and any electrical devices must be switched off or alter to flight mode, especially during take off and landing.

  • Please tighten your seatbelt, fold the table, put your seat upright, and open the window during take off and landing.

  • It is against the law and strictly prohibited to smoke anywhere in the aircraft during the flight.

Important notes:

  • Please arrive at the departure terminal at least 90 minutes before take-off for domestic flights and at least 2 hours for international flights.

  • Check-in counter would be closed 45 minutes before take-off.

  • .Please arrive at the boarding gate 30 minutes before your flight departs.

  • All boarding information will be available after check-in. You may also ask [airlines] officers at the airport for further assistance.

  • All passengers must abide [airlines] baggage allowance rules.

  • Bring all the valid documents include flight ticket, ID card, and passport (if you travel internationally) during your travel.

How to Cancel Your Flight at

  • Logged in to your account

  • Go to “My Order”.

  • Pick the flight you wish to cancel and then click “Refund”.

  • Choose the reason behind your decision to do a refund.

  • Read the terms & conditions carefully, then continue.

  • Pick the passenger doing the cancellation.

  • Check the estimate refund you would get and fill in the bank account information needed for refund process.

  • Final check all the details and validity of information you provide. If everything is correct, click “Submit Refund”.


The terms and conditions informed on this page are fluctuative and are subject to change without prior notice.

The applicable policy will still follow the airline regulations when the request is submitted.


Refunds for Ethiopian Airlines are available in two ways, namely in cash but following normal regulations (including non-refundable tickets) and in the form of EMD / Travel Vouchers. The conditions for submitting an EMD / Travel Vouchers refund are as follows:


Ticket Purchase Date                  : On/Before 31 August 2020
Early Flying Period                    : 1 March - 30 September 2020
Flight Routes                              : All Routes
Term of EMD / Travel Voucher : One year from the voucher issuance

Other Conditions:

* Submissions must be done before 31 December 2020
* Travel vouchers are issued in the name of the passenger and are non-transferable

Based on the information we received, the refund process will take longer than usual. Therefore, we recommend you to submit an Open Ticket or EMD / Travel Voucher in accordance with the conditions for the ticket issuance date and the applicable flight date.


How to Apply for an EMD Issuance / Travel Voucher:

If you want to cancel the ticket and issue an EMD / Travel Voucher, contact with a statement like the example below:


I agree to cancel and change to EMD / travel voucher with the following details:

Booking code        :

Passenger name   :

Flight route          :


If the cancellation and issuance of the EMD / Travel Voucher has been submitted to, then you have agreed with all information contained on this page. will immediately cancel your active flight schedule and will confirm this to you. The authority to use the ticket is entirely the responsibility of the passenger.


Open Ticket

The conditions for submitting an Open Ticket are as follows:


Ticket Purchase Date  : On/Before 30 September 2020
Flight Period                 : 1 March - 30 September 2020
Routes                           : All Routes.
Ticket Validity Period  : December  31, 2021.


Other Conditions:
* Submission must be done before 31 December 2020


How to do an Open Ticket:

If you want to submit an Open Ticket, please contact with a statement such as an example below:


I agree to do an Open Ticket with the following details:

Booking code :

Passenger name :

Flight route :


If the Open Ticket has been submitted to the, then you have agreed with all the information contained on this page. will immediately cancel your active flight schedule and will confirm this to you. The authority to use the ticket is entirely the responsibility of the passenger.



  • Reschedule fee will be waived for one time only
  • Reschedule request in form of submission
  • Submission must be done before 31 December 2020
  • Fare differences and other additional charges (e.g. applicable taxes) will apply



  • Submitting a re-route can be done while using the same airline
  • Submissions are made at the related airlines
  • If the reroute ticket price is greater than the EMD / Travel Voucher value given, the price difference will be paid by the passenger. If the ticket price is lower than the EMD / Travel Voucher given, then the price difference will not be given to the passenger.