What is Group Booking?

Group Booking is a ticket booking service for a minimum of 10 people with the same route and travel dates. You can use this feature to book all your group's travel needs, including flight tickets, hotels, trains, car rentals, car transfers, as well as events and attractions.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, tiket.com Group Booking service is still available. Also, passengers or guests can still travel and use the purchased products as long as they follow the applicable health protocols.

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How to Make a Group Booking?


Submit a booking request

Please make sure you complete the details for all passengers or guests correctly.


Wait for our confirmation

We will to contact our partners to make your booking and keep you updated.


Review the pricing details

You will receive the pricing information along with all applicable Terms & Conditions.


Complete payment

Before you make a payment, please make sure all of the booking details are correct.


Yay! You're all done

Once our partners have confirmed your booking, we will send e-tickets to your registered email.

Ready For a Group Vacation?

Let's fill in the details below and book tickets for your group trip.

  • Group Booking can be processed with a minimum of 10 passengers or rooms. All passengers should have the same routes, departure dates, and reservations by sending these following data:

    • Flights:Route, Date, Time, Airlines, and Number of Passengers,
    • Hotels:Hotel name, area/location, stay period, room type, and bed type (single/double),
    • To Dos:Event/attraction name, location, date, number of visitors,
    • Trains:Route, date, train name, time, and number of passengers,
    • Car Rentals:Location, date, total unit or passengers, car/bus type,
    • Car Transfer:Route, Date, Time, Airlines, and Number of Passengers.
  • Information of group price will be delivered via email by groupbooking.cc@tiket.com.

  • Group reservation payment can be made through Bank Transfer to the bank account of PT. Global Tiket Network.

  • Any change of reservation (reschedule) refers to the applicable conditions of each product.

  • Name changes can be processed 14 days before departure (not valid for train tickets and event tickets & attractions).

  • Group bookings are regulated by certain terms and conditions that may change from time to time.

Who Can Request for Group Booking Service?

Those of you who want to book tickets for 10 people or more, you can use Group Booking service for business trips, family vacations, social gatherings, outings, reunions, and other events.

Why Book via tiket.com Group Booking?

More baggage allowance (with pooling baggage system), easy and flexible booking process, 1 (one) time reservation for all passengers in one group, use payment tenure (down payment & full payment).

What Can This Service Be Used for?

This service is available for all products at tiket.com, from flight, hotel, train, car rental/bus, to event and attraction tickets.

What is the Procedure for Submitting a Group Booking?

Send a request for group booking to email groupbooking.cc@tiket.com, WhatsApp 0855 1500 878, or call 0804 1500 878.