How do I submit for a refund through the Smart Refund feature for flight ticket booking?

Submitting a refund through the Smart Refund feature can be done independently through the website and app.

If you use a domestic airline and want to apply for Smart Refund, you can check the steps on the following page Click here.

If you use an international airline then submitting a refund through Smart Refund can only be through the application. 


The steps of refund submission for international airlines are as follow:

  1. Check My Order
  2. Tap the order that you want to refund 
  3. Select Refund
  4. Select the flight you want to refund
  5. Select select the reason of your refund
  6. Read and agree to the refund terms and conditions 
  7. Select the passenger
  8. Enter data for a refund
  9. Wait for estimated refund information about one hour. If you are willing to accept any refunds without waiting for the estimated refund result, please select "Refund Now"
  10. If you choose to wait then the estimated refund is out and you agree with the nominal, select "Continue"


If the refund process is successful, you will get an e-mail notification that the refund has been transferred back to the bank account or credit card limit as you entered in the refund data. Check your e-mail regularly! 

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