International Airlines Flight Open Ticket


Open Ticket is the process of canceling a segment or schedule of tickets that are still active (not returned in the form of money/cash to the passenger). However, tickets can be reused as long as the ticket validity period is still active.



Open Ticket Airline Regulations:

Here are the details of airlines that provide Open Ticket regulations by not charging the cost of schedule changes to the passenger, but if there is a price difference between the old ticket and the new ticket, then the price difference is borne entirely by the passenger.



Open Ticket Regulations:

  1. Open Ticket submissions must be made a maximum of 48 hours before the flight date. After the Open Ticket is submitted, the process cannot be canceled.

  2. After the Open Ticket is processed, the passenger can make changes to the schedule in the future with the conditions stated in the "Airline Regulations" section.

  3. The latest flight dates must be informed to before your ticket expires.

  4. Following airline policy regarding COVID-19, the schedule change fee will not be charged to passengers, but the price difference between the new ticket and the old ticket will still be charged to the passenger (if any). Exemption from the schedule change fee only applies if your ticket meets the conditions specified by the airline regarding COVID-19 (referring to each airline's policy).

  5. will inform the difference between the price of new tickets and old tickets if you have determined and provide the latest date to the party, this is due to the availability of seats that are fluctuating, and the price difference provided only has a maximum payment deadline of 1 hour.



How to do an Open Ticket:

If you want to submit an Open Ticket, please contact with a statement such as an example below:


I agree to do an Open Ticket with the following details:

Booking code :

Passenger name :

Flight route :


If the Open Ticket has been submitted to the, then you have agreed with all the information contained on this page. will immediately cancel your active flight schedule and will confirm this to you. The authority to use the ticket is entirely the responsibility of the passenger.

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