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The terms and conditions of travels informed on this page are fluctuative and are subject to change without prior notice.



Starting 18 May 2022 until further notice, intercity train passengers in Java and Sumatra must adhere to the following regulations:

  • Passengers with the second dose and the third dose of Covid-19 vaccination are not required to show negative results from the RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen Test.
  • Passengers with the first dose of Covid-19 vaccination are required to bring a certificate of negative Rapid Test Antigen results a maximum of 1x24 hours or RT-PCR 3x24 hours before the scheduled departure
  • Passengers who are not/have not been vaccinated for medical reasons, in addition to carrying a certificate of negative Rapid Test Antigen results a maximum of 1x24 hours or RT-PCR 3x24 hours before the scheduled departure, also bring proof of health conditions with a certificate from a government hospital.
  • Passengers under the age of 6 are not required to undergo a COVID-19 test but must be accompanied by a companion who meets travel requirements.
  • Passengers in good health do not suffer from flu, cold, cough, loss of smell, diarrhea and fever;
  • Body temperature is not more than 37.3 degrees Celsius;
  • Passengers are required to wear a 3 (three) layer cloth mask or a medical mask covering the nose and mouth;
  • Obligation to implement and comply with health protocols, namely wearing masks, maintaining distance and washing hands (3M);
  • Not allowed to speak one way or two ways by telephone or in person during the trip;
  • Not allowed to eat and drink during the trip which is less than 2 (two) hours, except for individuals who are obliged to take medicines for treatment which if not done can endanger the safety and health of the person.


Refund information for passengers who do not pass the COVID-19 screening can cancel their tickets no later than D+45 from the departure date listed on the ticket. Here are some of the points to note:

  1. Cancellations can be made via 121 WhatsApp Contact Center at 0811-1211-1121. Fill in the ticket cancellation form provided by the contact center. Include the booking code, identity, and the positive result of the rapid antigen or RT-PCR test.
  2. Cancellation can be made no later than D+45 from the departure date on the ticket.
  3. 100% full cancellation (excluding messaging fees).
  4. Refunds will be sent via bank transfer within 1x24 hours from the cancellation date. Make sure the account number given matches one of the passengers' names listed on the ticket.


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