How do I submit a refund for a hotel booking ticket through the Hotel Refund feature?

You can make a refund through the Hotel Refund feature independently through the apps (IOS or Android). 


For information, the submission of this refund can be done if your hotel order is refundable as listed in the Hotel Cancellation Policy which you can check on your booking details or hotel e-voucher.


You can follow the steps to submit a Hotel Refund below:

  1. Enter My Order then select the order you want to refund
  2. Select the ellipsis or option button on the corner of the order then select "Refund"
  3. Select the Refund reason
  4. Read the Refund Terms and Conditions
  5. Fill in the refund method then check your booking details again, if it is appropriate select "Continue"
  6. Enter the OTP sent by e-mail or telephone number that has been verified
  7. Your order status in My Order has changed to "Refunded"



If the refund process is successful, you will get an e-mail notification that the refund has been transferred back to the bank account or credit card limit as you entered in the refund data. Check your e-mail regularly!


Information regarding the terms and conditions of the Hotel Refund feature can be checked here.


This feature can only be done if the Hotel Cancellation Policy that you ordered is refundable. If your Hotel Cancellation Policy is eligible but you still cannot request a refund, you can contact our 24-hour Customer Care and we will be happy to help.

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