How do I reschedule my hotel booking?

To find out whether your order can be revised or not, please check the conditions first on the e-voucher that we send. 


If you want to make changes to the check in and check out dates, you can apply independently through the Hotel Reschedule feature. 


For your information, the submission of this reschedule feature can be done if your hotel order is refundable as listed in the Hotel Cancellation PolicyIn addition, this feature can be used for tickets booked with all payment methods except Pay at Hotel.


For submitting your hotel reschedule through this feature, here is how:

  1. Login to your account. Click the "My Order" menu and select the hotel booking you want to change the reservation date for.

  2. Look for the “Reschedule” menu at the bottom, then click on it.

  3. Select your preferred new check-in and check-out date, then click “Check Availability”.

  4. Select the new room that you want to stay. At this stage, you can choose a different room than the one you booked previously.

  5. Make sure all data is filled in completely and correctly, including if you have special requests. Pay attention to the total payment column before you apply for a reschedule. If there is a price difference, then you have to pay the price difference. Click "Request Reschedule" to continue.

  6. Your reschedule request has been completed! Check your booking status and hotel details for a reservation that you've changed. Make sure that the status shown as "Rescheduled".

  7. The reschedule process is done, a new e-voucher will be sent to the registered email. You can also check the reschedule status and other confirmed bookings on the "My Order" page.


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