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Bungalows in Temerloh

Tue, 16 Jul 2024 - Wed, 17 Jul 2024 (1 night)
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Review about Bungalows in Temerloh

OkayFrom 24 reviews
4.4/512 Mar 2023
I came here for a business trip and found the room to be comfortable and clean, but the space is not large. The water in the bathroom is not cold. Should have a trash can in the toilet. So far I am satisfied but this is my last time and will pick a bigger room. Will recommend it to friends and coworkers.
4.8/56 Jun 2022
Very friendly staff. The room was very clean and so was the bathroom. The water pressure and heater were good. A quick check-out. Modern design. Close to mentakab. Definitely will return.
4.6/518 Sep 2022
The hotel is spotless. It was difficult to get to the kettle and the window due to the small room and the desk along the wall. The mattresses are cozy. Although the restroom had no shower curtain, it was clean. There are ironing boards outside the rooms. Outside of the rooms is a water cooler. There are only 31 coffee grounds in the room, so bring your own brew or escape. There isn't a fridge or safe in the room. If Zumba classes are taking place in a store, the hotel is located in a residential area. It is peaceful after 9.30 a. M. There are eleven and a few Chinese eateries opening in the evening. Throughout the day, an Indian curry restaurant is open. Although it takes about five minutes by car to get to the town, food can be problematic. Each night, a downtown night market is open. This hotel is ideal for stops because there are no nearby tourist attractions.
4.4/515 Jun 2022
The room is very clean, the bed is comfortable but the partition for the room is made of wood I guess? You can hear clearly what they are saying next door. Got shocked and woke up at 5 a.m. when the next door was back talking and laughing loudly. No lift at this hotel. Besides that, everything is good, including the reception service. Will continue to visit there if the hotel improves the soundproofing system.
4.4/524 Okt 2022
This place is very old, but in a very good location. The service here is very typical. It's convenient to be close to supermarkets, shops, and restaurants. The room also felt very comfortable, and the design has an outdated look.
4.6/51 Agt 2022
I spent a night at this hotel in December 2018. It's a nice place to stay. The room was clean and comfortable, and the quality of sleep was excellent. Most of the staff was friendly and helpful. I want to thank Sherry for taking my call reservation, though Suzan who handled checkout could have been more friendly. Her attitude was somewhat clipped and apathetic. It is a comfortable place to stay. I'm glad I awarded it a 7 out of 10.
4.4/59 Jan 2023
I stayed for one night and I found the hotel to be quite peaceful and relaxing. The parking space is spacious and close to restaurants and shops. In the room, the cleanliness is good, and the bathroom is also clean. Affordable budget hotel because it is located in the city. The location is also the same. And then, they serve breakfast every day. After that, the room cleanliness is great. Subsequently, the location in the town was good because of the location in the middle of the city.
4.4/52 Feb 2023
In the family room, they claimed that it was a queen bed, however the bed is small, not really a queen size bed, it only fits 2 adults and 1 child. No breakfast, other facilities are okay. The largest hotel in town.
4.6/513 Agt 2022
Hotel jelai temerloh ini punya beberapa kekurangan, diantaranya adalah suasananya yang bising banget pas malam sama hari. Udah gitu, atmosfernya juga bising dan bising dimalam hari sama tidak ada tempat parkir buat mobil. Abis itu, kebersihan kamarnya buruk dengan bau lumut begitupun sama tekanan airnya yang rendah. Terus, buat fasilitasnya sendiri sudah kuno layak televisi tua sama sinyalnya yang jelek. Seudah itu, kasurnya pun tidak bersih dan ada noda kuning di dinding berikut noda kekuningan di seprai kasur. Selepas itu, tidak ada hiasan tutul ditembok soalnya tidak ada bau aneh dibantal dan seprai ranjangnya. Selain itu, sarapannya cuma nasi lemak sama roti dengan margarin sama selai.
4.6/524 Agt 2022
Secara keseluruhan menurut saya standarnya sudah cukup bagus untuk harganya. Kamarnya bersih, harapannya prasmanan sederhana. Resepsionisnya ramah. Rekomendasi untuk wisatawan yang ingin berhemat.
4.6/55 Nov 2022
Regrettably, the Relax Hotel is placed in the center of the town. Favorites like Go Ian Pain Temporal, Go Ian Koi Temporal, Ideas Kitchen, and other places can all be found nearby. You may find a few nighttime stalls down the street. The hotel room is clean and the staff is courteous and eager to assist you.
4.6/511 Feb 2023
I booked at 3 different hotels in the same area and we ask for the same room. First it was I hotel that offered me room 118. When I went to another nearby green park hotel, I was given room 125. I believe we won't get a lower than 100 fee so I just tried and had a good time in the hotel relax. The hotel seems to be a little more expensive given the outside decor, but the price they offered is 98 for a luxurious one-double bed one single bedroom. Curious, while checking me in, I asked the guy at the counter if walk in is cheaper, or that you can pay cheaper online. He gave me a refund for the room I chose, as the internet will cost 125. It completely changed my perception of cheap hotels. Anyhow, we thought it's a very good stay. The location is in the heart of temerloh, with easy access to the food at night. The toilet was clean, I love the shower. Air conditioning was not ideal, but it did its job. The staff is friendly. They served free breakfast, but I advise you to skip it and go get your breakfast at a better media koi. Overall 45.
5.0/52 Apr 2022
This place is not recommended if you are travelling with family because the room size is small. But, the room is clean and the breakfast is simple, the room is also small and the staff can help you on your tour. They do not provide parking spaces. And then, the room was so small. Afterward, the location of the room was very good, it just fit for one person.
4.8/530 Jan 2022
The room here is not very suitable for a family. The cleanliness of this place is very good. The food is served with a very simple menu. I would not recommend this place. But the worst thing is, the room is also clean and the breakfast is also very good. But, I'm still disappointed with the services provided.
4.4/519 Des 2022
Budget hotel in a hut designed for the travelling salesman and visiting extended family, but pretty decent by small town standards. Formerly the Miramar Hotel mentakab, it has been criticised and integrated into the hotel relax budget chain. The rooms are surprisingly large, with complimentary wifi, air conditioning, bottled water, a hot shower, and a free newspaper in the language of your choice A very simple breakfast the next morning, it has everything you need for a comfortable nights stay and at rm 68 per night for a double room, it's good value for your money. The restaurants across the street also offer cheap grub beer. A few minor drawbacks like an interruption to water supply that seems to be common, like ants in the bathroom. Also, don't forget that it's a walk-up hotel stairs only with off-road parking, but I doubt other hotels in the area offer much more.
4.6/52 Sep 2022
Budget hotel in a store lot designed to cater for traveling salesmen and visiting extended family but pretty decent by smaller town standards. Formerly the Miramar Hotel Mingakab, it has been put on a nitpick and adopted into the hotel relax budget chain. Rooms are surprising spacious, complete with free wifi, air conditioning, bottled water, hot water shower, and free newspaper in your language of choice. A very basic breakfast the next morning has everything you need for a comfortable nights stay and at rm 68 a night for a double room, good value for money. rm 68 is a good value for money. We also sell cheap grub beer at restaurants across the street. ants in the bathroom, a few minor complaints from the water supply which seems to be not uncommon. Also, keep in mind that it's only a walk up hotel stairs with just offroad parking, but I doubt other hotels in the area offer much more.
5.0/53 Apr 2023
Dicky Anugerah Harahap • Business Trip
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