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Riads in Marrakech - Tensift - Al Haouz

Marrakech - Tensift - Al Haouz
Wed, 06 Mar 2024 - Thu, 07 Mar 2024 (1 night)
1 Guest

FAQ about Riads in Marrakech - Tensift - Al Haouz

What are the best Riads in Marrakech - Tensift - Al Haouz with swimming pools?

What are some cheap Riads that are popular in Marrakech - Tensift - Al Haouz?

What are some cool Riads that have many Instagrammable spots in Marrakech - Tensift - Al Haouz?

Where are the best areas to stay in Marrakech - Tensift - Al Haouz?

What are the top tourist destinations in Marrakech - Tensift - Al Haouz?

Which Riads have the best ratings in Marrakech - Tensift - Al Haouz?

Review about Riads in Marrakech - Tensift - Al Haouz

GoodFrom 187 reviews
5.0/526 Jan 2024
Angga Risnando • Family Trip
Very good hotel in the downtown. The staff are best
4.0/516 Sep 2023
Amalla Rainita Indra
4.0/515 Sep 2023
Amalla Rainita Indra
4.0/515 Sep 2023
Amalla Rainita Indra • Business Trip
4.6/514 Mei 2023
We will most certainly return and will undoubtedly be staying with you again! Much appreciated to Salma, Abdul, Youssef, Camili, Ali, and Ibrahim. At around midaugust this year, we just stayed in Marrakech for a few days just shy of two weeks. Our journey was filled with wonder and adventure. The old town neighborhood in which Villa Makassar is located was ideal for us because the hotels immediate surroundings are tranquil yet wellconnected, and the hotel is close to a variety of lively local shops, businesses, and squares. Luckily, we traveled at a relatively calmer time of year where there werent many tourists. The villa Makassar staff was exceptionally accommodating and demonstrated themselves to be exceptional hosts unlike any other. We received everything we required and stayed in the junior suite. Breakfasts were an absolute delight, and we still remember them to this day. The lunch and dinner services are also excellent. The spa treatments were soothing and helped us recharge before our day trips that the hotel assisted us with, we recommend going to the Atlas Mountains. We cant express how grateful we are to the entire villa Makassar crew, including the cooks, cleaners, reception workers, spa specialists, and finally, the administration.
4.4/528 Jan 2022
This place comes highly recommended. What a beautiful hotel, nicely decorated, very clean, and comfy. The bed and pillows were very comfortable. More important, all the staff looked after us, they could not do enough for us. Amelia was beautiful to us. We used the spa and had a great massage and hammer! The hotel is in a really great area, super safe.
4.4/519 Feb 2023
What a wonderful discovery! Such a gorgeous hotel decorated beautifully, very clean and comfortable. The bed and pillows were really comfy. More important, all the staff looked after us, they did everything for us. Amelia was gorgeous to us. We used the spa and had a great massage and hammer. The hotel is in a really great area and very safe. Highly recommended.
4.8/518 Jun 2022
In November, we spent five nights at Villa Makarsar, and we had the nicest time ever. A beautiful, lovely design, soothing scents, and fresh mint tea and cookies welcome you on arrival. The area around the hotel is beautiful and beautiful, and the artdeco art style creates a distinctive atmosphere. The personnel are outstanding and will go above and beyond to ensure a good stay. To make it extra special, they also assisted in planning excursions and delivered cake on my birthday. We enjoyed fantastic massages and the spa was really cozy and soothing. On the first night, we had a delicious 3-course dinner at the hotel. They served special dietary requests each morning and were happy to serve any time of day and served breakfast in the morning. I would certainly stay again the next time I was in Marrakech. I truly cannot speak highly enough of this hotel. We appreciate everyones help making our stay so pleasant!.
4.4/526 Apr 2023
We had a great time in November when we stayed at Villa Makassar for 5 nights. The Villa Makassar is a real gem. From the outside, you wouldnt even notice there is a hotel on the street because of a modest entrance. Then, you enter an oasis where youll be greeted by soothing music, gorgeous furnishings, calming aromas, and freshly made mint tea and cookies. The room was roomy, spotless, and cozy. They would clean the area every day, and light, fresh incense would make it smell wonderful. The area surrounding the hotel has an intriguing, gorgeous art deco vibe. The staff is terrific and will go above and beyond to ensure you have a great stay. They also helped plan excursions, and cake on my birthday was made special for her birthday. They helped us book trips, and they brought me cake to make it extra special. The spa was so pleasant and soothing, and we received outstanding massages. The first night, we had a delicious threecourse dinner at the hotel. They distributed a variety of treats every morning for breakfast, and were always happy to accommodate special requests. Sincerely, I cannot express how wonderful our stay was!. The next time we visited Marrakech, I would most certainly return. Thank you to the entire crew for making our stay so enjoyable!.
4.0/56 Jan 2022
The place is wonderful! This place is in a great area of town. They are very kind and supportive, even the staff will help you with anything you need, you will meet lots of other travellers and meet new ones, they are nice! This place is 15 out of 10. I would definitely stay here again!.
4.6/58 Apr 2022
The hostel is in an ideal position and provides a very secure atmosphere. The staff was incredibly warm and helpful. They gave us recommendations for restaurants, shops, and even time to get to the airport. They had three levels, one on the upper rooftop, and one on the lower level with food that we had every morning, lunch, and dinner. The only drawback was that the pool was freezing and that the hostel was a bit strict on am beds.
4.2/528 Mei 2023
I have very good experience during my stay here. The location is in the Medina, the room looks clean too. And then, the personnel was very helpful and kindly helped me.
4.2/59 Okt 2022
The hostel itself is a tranquil oasis in the chaos of the medina. The location is also great as you can be in the heart of the medina in a few minutes. I went with a very large group of 46 people. The hostel was very flexible and the people and the owner so friendly. They did everything they could to make our stay as pleasant as possible. They assisted me with dinner reservations with this large group and made sure we got breakfast every day.
4.6/53 Agt 2023
I went with a sizable group of 46 people. The hostel was very flexible, and both the staff and the proprietor were extremely welcoming. They went above and beyond to ensure that our stay was as pleasant as possible. They assisted me in making reservations for dinner with this large group and made sure we had breakfast every day. The hostel itself is a calm retreat in the chaos of the medina. You must stay here if you are visiting Marrakech because of how lovely and calming it is! As you enter the medina in a few minutes, the location is also ideal.
4.4/529 Apr 2023
The hotel or guesthouse is something special because it is not at all close to the medina, so regular taxis are required. On the other hand, it provides incredible peace and harmony at a reasonable price. When you enter the bird, you can hear soft lounge jazz playing, and you will be greeted by the friendly owner or his fantastic staff. You may also likely meet the hotel mascot, a birdie, a white retriever, and the nicest dog I've ever met. You will probably also meet the hotel's mascot, birdie, and the friendliest dog I've ever met. You will marvel at the pool area in the hotel yard and hear palm trees' singing. You will enjoy the lovely, roomy rooms with amazing terraces overlooking the Atlas Mountains. You may order dinner only on request or ask the front desk to call the driver so you can eat downtown instead. The next morning, you'll have breakfast outside by the pool.. he's good for you!.
4.4/531 Jan 2023
After all the other places we stayed at during our two-week visit to Morocco, this is a lovely spot to stay and a stunning find. In addition to the fast wifi, there is a nice heater, a huge comfortable bed, and a big private erase and jacuzzi. A large garden and swimming pool are both outside. Although the poolside bar is convenient to order food, it takes time to prepare it. Breakfast is the same as in the majority of the locations we stayed in, including bread, crumpets, pancakes, and jam. There is apparently a hammer downstairs, but it didn't appear to be in use, so I didn't conduct further investigation. The bird is close to Marrakech, so your far from the city's noise is away. Morning prayer is all that your only faintly aware of. It is simple to take a taxi organized by the hotel to and from town. If you intend to visit Marrakech, we heartily recommend this location. The first location resembled the advertisements' photographs.
4.8/523 Mei 2022
I made the best of the bird for our overnight drive through the Atlas Mountains the next morning because it was on the east side of Marrakech. Initial entry was missed by our driver, as the guesthouse is connected by the sign le sardine of hermitage and at the road's end on the right. While the teenagers played table tennis, the accommodation was ideal for our overnight visitor.
4.0/510 Jan 2023
The personnel's professionalism--they speak loudly about issues that customers shouldn't hear--would have led to a serious complaint if I was so offended. A short thirty-minute notice from the taxi company that is available for dropping you in and out of the city and arranging a suitable location for the delivery would get you ready to go and have an excellent meal the hotel dog, plus the tranquility that you wouldn't encounter anywhere in Marrakechs center is beneficial. If you had any doubt, one phone conversation I overheard would have left me with an unfinished filler on the wall after a toilet roll holder was gone, the toilet roll holder was gone yet hadn't been replaced, and the final touches in our room had been missing. Marrakech city wasn't as overwhelmingly crowded as I had anticipated, and there weren't any fear. If you want to consume alcohol, be prepared to spend the money. The food is delicious and reasonably priced. If you choose to drink it, the accommodation is excellent and reasonably priced.
4.4/56 Jul 2023
Overall, not awful, but I'm not sure i'd remain again because I've stayed in just as nice, albeit different hotels in Marrakech that have access to more. The grounds themselves are lovely enclosed in a fort-style structure, a lovely garden in the center, a pool, and plenty of accommodations. Overall, it's very tranquil. To be honest, I had expected the grounds to be a little larger and possibly more peaceful. There isn't much outside of the walled compound, nor is there much greenery outside the central yard. Perhaps I didn't take the application very closely, but I had imagined reasonably expansive grounds, which was not the case. The staff was okay with a significant language barrier for me, a reasonable level of English speakers, which is understandable but not excellent for a mid- or upper-level hotel when you're spending money properly. Like various other activities in Marrakech, I also found the hotel to be more than happy to overcharge, in this case, by arranging for a private taxi from what I could gather his friend far over the market rate. Also, if leaving Marrakech, it's advisable to take a taxi on the street as I've also been overcharged for that travel. I believe I just expected more, again, in hopes that a midupper
4.6/524 Jan 2022
I can only say, wow.. From the moment my husband arrived, we were treated like royal families. Our room was very clean and very spacious. When we arrived, we received a tray with dried fruits, nuts, mint tea, and beautiful cookies. The grounds are superb and are regularly mopped. The pool area is spotless, but keep in mind that even under 35 degrees sun, the water is freezing, some calls it refreshing. I spoke fluent French, so it wasn't a problem for me, 95 of guests are French, but the staff will try to speak to you in English, my husband is just fluent in English. The meal portions are huge, so be prepared because we are vegetarians they went above and beyond to accommodate us. Actually, we never had lunch during our nine-day trip to Marrakech, but breakfast was filling and we had our evening meal. The food at Read Sogtani is one of the greatest we've had while in Morocco, and the price per person is worth it. Fruit juices, wines, wine, and alcohol are extra but low. Breakfast was full of many breads, spreads, yogurt, fruit, cheese, cakes, coffee or tea, and fresh orange juice. On our final day, we had a delicious meal, and it was delicious. 8 cats and kittens were on the grounds, who constantly beg you for food at mealtime
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