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Villas in Natuna

Wed, 24 Jul 2024 - Thu, 25 Jul 2024 (1 night)
1 Guest

FAQ about Villas in Natuna

What are some cheap Villas that are popular in Natuna?

What are some cool Villas that have many Instagrammable spots in Natuna?

Where are the best areas to stay in Natuna?

What are the top tourist destinations in Natuna?

What are the best Villas in Natuna with swimming pools?

Which dates are the cheapest to stay in Natuna this month?

Review about Villas in Natuna

FantasticFrom 32 reviews
5.0/525 Mar 2024
MR ZHAO JIANBO • Business Trip
ter the best di Natuna
5.0/525 Des 2023
Tia Evriana
5.0/55 Des 2023
Tengku Wira Azmi
5.0/517 Nov 2023
Ahmad Irfan Rifai
5.0/510 Nov 2023
Azis Kasim Djou
4.0/55 Nov 2023
Endra Sulis Wiandi
4.0/55 Nov 2023
Endra Sulis Wiandi
4.0/55 Nov 2023
Endra Sulis Wiandi
4.0/55 Nov 2023
Endra Sulis Wiandi
5.0/530 Agt 2023
Zulfa Nadia
4.2/56 Jun 2022
Our experience and memories will be priceless if you are reading this review, which suggests you are considering the journey to the island. We were in a completely different universe the moment we ascended from the seaboat. The island is stunning, the personnel is excellent, and the activities and meals are plentiful. We were welcomed by the staff during our stay as our family. From snorkeling to diving to paddleboarding to kayaking, they kept us busy as we wanted to be. There was even trekking for those who were uninterested as well as any drink or cooking classes. Private island picnics to private dinners on the dock. The daily spa treatments were among the most soothing and wonderful massages weve ever had. Oh, and they even rented an inflatable screen by the pool for those who wanted to stay awake until 90 a.m., as I am fortunate to travel frequently to incredible locations throughout the world.
4.8/526 Apr 2022
This place has my very late review, I apologize! We stayed for 8 nights in February 2020 as part of our honeymoon. The report is beautiful, so well-suited to the surroundings and environment. I appreciated the low-key luxury. The resort deserves a big credit for the staff's friendliness and warmth. The food was delicious and fresh. Spa bliss, a lovely hostess, and a friendly staff. Although there are a few dive sites, all are fascinating and very simple to navigate. I had the boat to myself, and once more, all of the staff was superb. We will always cherish and remember our absence with great joy. Finally, our private lunch on coconut will always be the most memorable and truly spectacular time of our lives.
4.4/515 Mei 2023
I apologize for my delay in posting this review. On our honeymoon, in February 2020, we spent eight nights there. It is very appropriate for the setting and surroundings, as the report is so stunning. I appreciated the understated luxury. The resort's employees were really welcoming and delighted. The food was excellent and always fresh. An excellent gift from the resort, the staff was extremely friendly and accommodating. Divers sites are few, but everything is fascinating and diving is incredibly simple. I had the boat to myself, and all the staff was fantastic. We will always remember our absence with awe and joy. Our private lunch on coconut will undoubtedly be the most memorable, unimaginative time of our lives, and it will be truly spectacular!.
4.4/59 Apr 2022
The personnel was so hospitable and genuinely nice. And then, they gave us a tour of the ferry to the plane. After that, they did an amazing job helping us to discover more unique things in the area. After that, they provide a spa, an excellent service here, plus they let us go diving, tour the place, and tour the room. Subsequently, I appreciate them for giving such a great service, and they pay us excellent money. Then, the flight time from the ferry to the seaplane was amazing, and I had the pleasure of visiting many wonderful luxury residences across the globe.
4.0/58 Jul 2022
ahah had already shown that they are a unique and truly exceptional property before we boarded the seaplane. Their staff guided us through the transfer from Singapore to the ferry to the seaplane. We were treated like royalty throughout the process, and it was never a hassle. That royal treatment was only the beginning! Once we arrived after a lovely 75-minute flight, we went from royalty to the next level. What is that? Sultan? Deity? We've had the good fortune to stay in several higher-end boutique hotels all over the world. This structure is unique. It's about people, as in other industries and businesses. Yes, the rooms, beaches, cuisine, diving, and spa were exceptional experiences, which the staff took advantage of! We received a 5-star rating. The excellent employees are what distinguishes this property from others. I'm talking from maintenance staff to senior management. And everyone in between. Many of the teammates pampered us. Sincerely friendly and genuinely welcoming. I typically find one or three things that I'd like to say to my bride I wish they had done this differently or had that. On ahah, I wasn't hurt. Well done, and I just wish the trip was coming. Now, I'm going to tell instar how amazing it was worth every penny!.
5.0/517 Jul 2023
Neti Kurnia
5.0/512 Jun 2023
Tia Evriana
5.0/514 Mei 2023
Tiurma Tiurma
4.0/518 Apr 2023
Herdina Herdina
5.0/531 Mar 2023
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