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Villas in South Cotabato

South Cotabato
Sun, 14 Apr 2024 - Mon, 15 Apr 2024 (1 night)
1 Guest

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Review about Villas in South Cotabato

GoodFrom 21 reviews
5.0/523 Okt 2023
Rakim Cacampo Antahari
4.2/524 Nov 2022
I believe the situation of this place is different from that in the real world. I stayed in this place before and the review there was fake. There is no service provided, and no one can write an evaluation about the hotel. Then, they kept my 1010 best review! This was the worst stay I've ever had. In order for them to not rate their service and fool visitors with a 1010 rating, they bought a promo code for it on application. The location is not near the mall, you have to ride a ride to get to the mall, no receptionist after 10 pm and a curfew. No closet for your clothes, towels, kettle, serviced water water heater, and be careful of sudden splashes of boiling water while showering. My chest felt a little burned! The worst thing is that you will be eaten by a swarm of ants all over you, and they have a furry dog on the property if you are allergic to pets. The only positive thing is to sell one of the staff again. She was friendly and helpful. I do not recommend trying this to anyone! Avoid this hotel.
5.0/57 Jun 2022
I do not recommend anyone try this! I was tripped up in application by false paid reviews and ratings. This rating is a paid service and nobody can write any reviews about the property. So, they keep 1010 best reviews! The worst stay I've ever had. They bought a discount code from booking so they could not rate their service and fool other people with 1010 ratings. They do not have any good things about their location being not close to the mall. You must ride to the mall, there is no front desk after 10 pm and they have a curfew. No wardrobe to put your cloth or towel, no kettle, no water heater, be careful of sudden splashing of boiling water while taking a shower. I got a slight burn to my chest! Worst part is that you will be eaten by swarms of ants all over you and bed check pictures if you are allergic to pets, there is a furry dog on the property. The only good thing is to resell one of the staff. She was simply helpful. Avoid doing this.
4.4/527 Agt 2023
Last week, we stayed at the Microbes Hotel in Ghc for a week, and I couldn't wait to share my impressions with you. Their greatest characteristic is customer service. All of the people we talked to, including the security guards, the regular staff at the front desk, and the senior management of the team, were excellent. I give this facility three stars, one for courteous service. Great hotel. Special thanks to sir john, mama prey, and mama estella hindus.
4.6/57 Feb 2023
I feel very satisfied while staying at this place. In the first place, the cleanliness is very good. But the rooms are not the best as you will find a place like this. The staff and hospitable, and the condition of the property are also good. They provide a clean room with comfortable beds. Also, they provide good service staff. I adored our stay here. I highly suggest it.
4.4/57 Okt 2022
Overall, the stay was pleasant but probably won't return. It's been 4 years since my last visit to microbes, and I'm a little disappointed this time. The space appeared to be old and in need of a renewal. The room was clean and tidy, with comfortable beds. Shower pressure fluctuates for a minute, with good pressure fading for another minute. Breakfast was also not that exciting. Staff was always polite and helpful. One plus is the location's proximity to several restaurants, including McDonald's, Chow king, and a 5-minute walk to so mall.
4.4/516 Apr 2022
I always choose microbes for my German business trip. Our executive assistant was given special instructions to book me a room at the microbes because the hotel happened to be one of our company's accredited hotels. I like microbes for the staffs attention, friendliness and helpfulness in the spacious, well-kept rooms. Value for the money is thought the accommodation is worth the price. I also stayed at Microbes German in July, bug, not, and December 2020. Overall, it's my home away from home when in Germany.
4.8/511 Feb 2022
Very comfortable, with comfortable beds and comforters to snuggle with. The price of the food in the restaurant is also affordable. The room is spacious. The bathroom is clean and has a hot shower and basic facilities.
4.4/53 Jan 2022
The staff members at the mint cafe are really kind and helpful. The staff at the mint cafe is very polite and helpful, particularly Gerald. They have a free shuttle to and from the airport. Pillows and blankets smell strongly of downy softener, making it difficult to sleep. Also, there are small ants all around. This is still the best hotel in Santos city.
4.2/517 Jun 2022
Hotel in Germany. It was one of the cleanest and safe hotels in the city. It was close to German mall. Also free airport pickup. The staff and staff were all friendly and accommodating. They give service immediately. We adore the atmosphere as if it were our second home whenever we were in town. The children really enjoyed the pool.
4.8/511 Jun 2022
Ive recently visited the Philippines for three weeks. I stayed at three hotels in general santos savior, greenleaf, and microbes, and one hotel in Manila Hilton close to the airport. I am posting individual reviews for each hotel, but at the bottom is also a ranking of how each hotel performed in each category from best to worst. As you can tell, hilton savior scored high and microbes were bad. First let me say we used this hotel for a wedding venue overall it was just an okay experience. Two significant drawbacks include the food they serve in small quantities. For example, the veggie dish we ordered actually gave us essentially two pieces of vegetables each a small broccoli and small cauliflower. totally ridiculous! 2. The tablecloths and tablecloths for the reception were stained. This is not a professional look for such a highpriced venue. So I subtract a star for these. Summary It undoubtedly has some advantages and is almost tied to savior for value. For this hotel, we got an executive room. The interior and exterior were equally clean and fancy, but the bed was huge, clean and comfy with a few pillows. There was only one weight machine, one bench, some freeweights, and two treadmills andellipticals. Nevertheless, there was nowhere to look at anything in the fitness
4.6/519 Mar 2023
The atmosphere here is very different from others that this place has. The quality is very bad, because the bathroom is stained, the room decor is very old and dirty, there are no washing machines, no AC, the wifi is slow, the air conditioning system is blowing cold wind and the air conditioning just average, there are many malls close by, and the receptionist was very helpful.
4.8/519 Sep 2022
I stayed there last October 2014. The place is good, the rooms are big, and the wifi connection is strong. Cheap coffee at night if you want one it's only put. 00 compared to others that they charge put. Friendly staff and free breakfast. The only drawback is the double lock on the room. Other than that, the place is really good.
4.6/521 Agt 2023
This property is suitable for you if you're only staying in general Santos for a while. The facilities here include a complimentary breakfast that they offer, although we couldn't make use of it as we had to leave early, as well as a roomy atmosphere. The toilet was filthy after I checked it. A bit far from the city center, but you can easily access the tricycle around. The AC in our room is broken and leaked. The personnel appear unaware that we will arrive, so we must wait for a check. When we entered the room, we found no towels and remote control. The restroom was filthy when I checked. However, we did not manage to report it because we had to depart early.
4.6/52 Feb 2022
Overall, good, but I wont likely book the same place again in the future. First and foremost, getting to this location can be a little difficult. It took me two trips to descend from the city center. The worst part is that most tricycles will refuse to take you there straight. Very stressful when you are a stranger in a new place. Youll also be unable to get a ride from their area to some areas of the city direct. When I attempted to call the down numbers, they were unresponsive. I had to call several times before someone picked up. Also, the online numbers are no longer accurate. The food options are another problem. Breakfast consists of two toast, eggs, and coffee. The area has few lunch and supper options. Go to the nearest 711 or go to the city center. Or call for food delivery. The staff is friendly and accommodating, which made up for a good stay. Otherwise, the room is basic, with a bed, a place to store your luggage, a desk, and a bathroom, where there is no place to hang anything, no hook. The booking for a motherhood was simple, but there was only one towel. There is plenty of parking if you need it, and the staff will book airport transfers for you if required.
3.0/52 Jan 2019
AG • Business Trip
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