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Find Cheap Hotels in Popular Destinations

Looking for promos before booking a hotel? Don't worry, has various hotel promos you can use. Check out the promos below. 

  • Payday Promo for staycation at domestic hotels with discount up to 50% discount + extra discount IDR 325.000

  • Enjoy Payday Discount for booking international hotels with discount up to 70% discount + extra discount IDR 325.000

  • Enjoy a discount of up to 40% for selected OYO hotels across Indonesia

  • Save up to IDR200,000 for New Users

  • Enjoy a discount of up to 30% + an extra discount of up to IDR 300,000 for many hotel options in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. (Additional 5% discount up to Rp300,000 with a minimum transaction of Rp500,000)

  • Get discount of up to IDR50,000 for payment method using OVO

  • Discount of up to IDR500,000 for payment method using Kredivo 

  • Booking hotel and pay with UOB Bank discount up to Rp500,000


There is also an Early Bird Promo for those of you who have the exact travel dates. Book your selected hotel early and enjoy the special prices from t-mates don't need to worry if you haven't booked a hotel for your impromptu holiday. Why? Because has a Last Minute promo for you! This hotel promo has no specific time limit. So, you will still have various hotel options even if you want to book a hotel for the same day or last minute at any time!

Grab big hotel promos during the Online Tiket Week for your annual vacation. Don't miss out on the special low prices at certain hours during the Jam Gledek. This promo can be used to book hotels and other’s products! Also, look out for special promo codes on Holiday Best Deals during's anniversary. Book your hotel at a more affordable price with these special discounts and’s Low Price Guarantee!


Types of Accommodations Available on

There are many similar lodgings, but each one still has its differences! Each type of accommodation has its own advantages and uniqueness. So, you should know what the differences are and which one best suits your needs before booking. Check out various types of accommodation from below!


  • Apartment

If you want affordable accommodation with a larger room, you can choose an apartment for your holiday accommodation. Most apartment room rental prices are more affordable than hotels, depending on the apartment you choose. You can rent an apartment on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. There are also various types of apartments, such as studio types, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom types, and some even have 4-bedroom.


  • Hotel

A hotel is a lodging that provides food, drinks, and various facilities such as swimming pools, bathtubs, spas, fitness centers, children's playgrounds, and many more. The facilities available depend on the star of the hotel you choose.


If you are looking for an upscale hotel with luxurious facilities, you can choose a 5-star hotel, such as The Langham in Jakarta. There are also 4-star hotels as attractive as 5-star hotels, but with more affordable prices, such as Ize Seminyak and Holiday Inn in Bali. If you just need a comfortable and clean hotel, you can choose a 3-star hotel like the Daun Residence in Bandung. Do you want to book a cheap hotel but still aesthetic and unique? Try a budget hotel like Liberta Malioboro in Jogja.


So, have you known what kind of hotel you want? You can search for the closest hotel to you or in your favorite cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, and Yogyakarta. You can also find hotels with unique and Instagramable low prices on


  • Villa and Resort

For those who want private and spacious lodging with more than 2 rooms, villa & resort are suitable to be your choice. Usually, villas & resorts have private pools overlooking natural views such as trees or the beach, depending on the location where you go on vacation. You can enjoy the swimming pool with friends or family freely without having to share with strangers. Isn't that great? You can also find many villas & resort choices at low prices on So, all you have to do is rent a villa or resort that suits your needs.


Some popular villas and resorts that you can try are ASTON Sentul Lake Resort & Conference Center, Amadea Resort and Villas Seminyak Bali, and a wide selection of villas in Ubud Bali to Puncak Bogor. And you can find and rent all these villas and resorts only at!


  • Guest House

What is a guest house? A guest house is generally a private house used as accommodation. They also provide simple facilities, such as free or paid breakfast, depending on the guest house of your choice. You can find various guest houses nearby or in favorite cities, such as Malang, Bandung, Yogyakarta, and Samarinda. Some guest houses that you can try are Premier Guest House Yogyakarta, Kertanegara Premium Guest House Malang, Naraya House Bandung, and many more!


Want to try a different type of accommodation? Relax, there are many other types of accommodations on that you can try directly. Check out various other types of accommodations from below!


  • Homestay

Another type of accommodation that you can book on is a homestay. A homestay is suitable for travelers who want to stay in affordable accommodations. Find a variety of cheap homestays to rest comfortably while on vacation only at! You can search for the nearest homestay by typing the city name in the search column on the app or website.


Find hundreds of homestay options in favorite tourist spots such as homestays in Jogja, homestays in Dieng, homestays in Malang, homestays near Malioboro, homestays in Batu, to homestays with special types such as sharia homestays. Some popular homestays that you can choose for your holiday are Snooze Hostel Yogyakarta, Tani Jiwo Hostel Dieng, INNI Homestay Malang, Dasinem Family Homestay, and many more. You can find all of these homestays with many interesting promos on!


  • Capsule Hotel

Do you often do solo traveling? Capsule hotels can be the right choice for you! This type of accommodation provides capsule-like rooms. The room prices in the capsule hotel also tend to be more affordable because it targets solo travelers who are looking for a place to rest during their vacation. Even so, there are many capsule hotels that are as comfortable as starred hotels nowadays!


You can find many capsule hotels in touristy cities, such as capsule hotels in Bandung with TEMMU Co-Living, capsule hotels in Jogja with The Capsule Malioboro, capsule hotels in Jakarta with KINI Luxury Capsule, capsule hotels in Surabaya with Tab Capsule Hotel Kayoon. This type of accommodation is also usually sought after by tourists in transit. So, you can look for capsule hotels near the airport, such as capsule hotels near Soekarno Hatta Airport or airports in other big cities. One of the famous capsule hotels in Indonesia is Bobobox, which you can find in many cities such as Bobobox Juanda Jakarta or Bobobox Malioboro Jogja.


  • Glamping

Glamping is a combination of two words: "glamorous and camping", which means that this type of accommodation offers a camping experience with luxurious facilities, like the one you find in five-star hotels. Glamping is currently increasingly in demand because it provides a different staycation experience than the usual camping. Oftentimes, glamping also offers beautiful views, so the glamping location is mostly in a tourist location that is famous for its scenery.


You can find glamping in Ciwidey, Legok Kondang glamping, Lakeside Rancabali glamping, glamping in Bogor, glamping in Bandung, glamping in Bali, glamping in Jogja, and looking for glamping overlooking the beach. You can choose the glamping you want according to your budget and book your favorite glamping on!


Some popular glamping that is Instagrammable and you can choose while on vacation are Booba Glamping Bogor, Glamping at Sevillege Puncak Natural Tourism Park, D Paseban Glamping, Bali Beach Glamping, and many more glamping options at!


  • Cabin

This type of accommodation is also famous for travelers. Staycation becomes even more fun and unforgettable by staying at a cabin! Similar to glamping, cabins also offer natural views. The difference is that glamping is an adaptation to the concept of camping, while cabins are special buildings, such as small houses that are specially designed and located in the midst of nature.


Usually, cabins have more complete facilities than glamping. You can check cabins in various popular tourist areas such as the Jogja cabin, Jakarta cabin, Sunter cabin, or Bobobox Cabin Bandung which are popular and are suitable for those who want to enjoy the peace and charm that nature offers. Enjoy an unforgettable staycation experience in the midst of nature with a wide selection of favorite cabins on! also provides many other types of accommodations such as hostels, motels, aparthotels, bungalows, bed & breakfasts, lodges, cottages, inns, and many more! You can book everything you want through the app or website. You only need to decide the area you want to stay in and find various types of interesting accommodations. Choose one according to your needs and budget, and enjoy a great vacation!

Types of Accommodations Available on

Find The Nearest Comfortable Accommodation

For those who are on vacation and exploring the available tourist attractions, also provides several hotels closest to tourist attractions in your city, such as Bandung, Jakarta, Jogja, Bali, Surabaya, and hotels in Puncak. also provides several accommodations closest to the airports, so you don't have to worry about being late because you can book a hotel closest to your location right now!


Hotels Near Airport

Of course, you don't want to rush to the airport after vacation, especially if you have to transit. It's better to choose a hotel close to the airport so you don't miss your flight. You can search for the closest hotel in the search column, such as hotels near Jakarta airport, hotels near Jogja airport, hotels near Bali airport, hotels near Surabaya airport, or hotels near Bandung airport.


Hotels Near Tourist Attractions

Are you excited about your holiday? Coming to a new place to have fun is definitely an unforgettable experience. In order to enjoy your vacation to the fullest, provides a feature to find the nearest cheap accommodations, the nearest guest house, to hotels near popular tourist attractions in various areas. Access to tourist attractions also becomes easier by staying at the nearest hotels.


At, you don't need to worry about looking for cheap hotels located near certain tourist attractions, because everything is already available in one app! Find hotels near Malioboro, hotels near Dufan, hotels near Bogor Safari Park, or hotels near Lembang Bandung tourism. Not only that, there are various choices of accommodations near other tourist attractions that you can book via You can also order travel tickets to tourist attractions via the app and get various promos and discounts.


Find Other Cheap Hotel Alternatives on

To fulfill all your holiday needs, has a variety of accommodations and hotel options for you to choose from! Find many cheap and comfortable accommodations and hotel alternatives nearby only on There are various types of cheap accommodations and hotels that you can order with promos and discounts from, ranging from 5-star hotels to budget hotels, homestays, guest houses, capsule hotels, and many more. You just need to find accommodations nearby to your location, use hotel promos or discounts, and you can enjoy your vacation. This is very suitable for those who want to go on a vacation with a limited budget! Book cheap hotels on and enjoy various benefits.


Book Best Accommodations Options for Family

Having a vacation with family certainly requires more careful and detailed planning. app comes as your favorite app to find all your holiday needs on one hand. You can find accommodations that are suitable for families, such as apartments and villas with various promos and discounts from And, not only that, but also now has a long stay promo for those of you who want to stay for a longer period!


Save more budget for your long-term vacation with long-stay promos from You can rent accommodation on a weekly or monthly basis with There is a weekly discount for t-mates who stay for 7 days and a monthly discount for t-mates who stay for 28 days. Isn't that a great deal? So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy a cheap vacation with hotel promos and discounts from!


Find Cheap Hotels in Popular Destinations

Confused about where to stay while on vacation or staycation? T-mates, you can book cheap hotel by looking for the nearest inn when you arrive at your destination. Find the closest hotel to my location and check the cheapest prices below!

  • Cheap Hotels in Jakarta starting from Rp68.000 

  • Cheap Hotels in Aceh starting from Rp82.000

  • Cheap Hotels in Batam starting from Rp52.000

  • Cheap Hotels in Yogyakarta starting from Rp94.000

  • Cheap Hotels in Bogor starting from Rp66.000

  • Cheap Hotels in Solo starting from Rp68.000

  • Cheap Hotels in Bali starting from Rp86.000

  • Cheap Hotels in Lombok starting from 60.000

  • Cheap Hotels in Labuan Bajo starting from Rp93.000

  • Cheap Hotels in Surabaya starting from Rp77.000

  • Cheap Hotels in Malang starting from Rp66.000

  • Cheap Hotels in Makassar starting from Rp61.000


List of Cheap Hotels for Holidays Abroad

  • Cheap Hotels in Singapore starting from Rp553.000

  • Cheap Hotels in Orchard starting from Rp1.707.000

  • Cheap Hotels in Bugis starting from Rp863.000

  • Cheap Hotels in Hong Kong starting from Rp442.000

  • Cheap Hotels in Kuala Lumpur starting from Rp219.000

  • Cheap Hotels in Penang starting from Rp233.000

  • Cheap Hotels in Johor Bahru starting from RpRp182.000

  • Cheap Hotels in Manila starting from Rp139.000

  • Cheap Hotels in Bangkok starting from RpRp200.000

  • Cheap Hotels in Ho Chi Minh City starting from Rp132.000

  • Cheap Hotels in Pattaya starting from Rp250.000

  • Cheap Hotels in Tokyo starting from Rp602.000

Exciting Staycation at the Following Hotels