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Hotel di Benteng Meze, Ngada


Pertanyaan Tentang Hotel di Benteng Meze

  • What hotels in Benteng Meze offer great breakfasts?

    You can enjoy delicious breakfast every morning by staying at Riung Guesthouse.

  • Which hotels have the best ratings in Benteng Meze?

    Many guests who stay in Benteng Meze give high ratings for Riung Guesthouse.

  • What are some cheap hotels that are popular in Benteng Meze?

    People who are looking for cheap accommodations in Benteng Meze often pick Riung Guesthouse.

Review Hotel di Benteng Meze Berdasarkan 2 Review
Rata-rata 4.70

Mei Helena Bun
05 Jun 2022 - Trip with Friends Traveler
Suzanna Vivian Mokalu
14 Feb 2021 - Solo Trip Traveler
As I was the first local Indonesia guest visiting this B&B after Indonesia closed its border to foreigners - the owner of the property took 3 days off from his farming activities to clean the property...

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