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Get the updated info about how to buy tickets, refund, and reschedule below. Make sure to check the entry requirements before traveling, further info and terms & conditions from each's partner.




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Be sure to check the applicable document requirements and travel restriction info before making flight ticket purchase. Click here to see health protocols, criteria, and travel requirements for flights to domestic and international routes.



Besides cash, your refund might be in the form of a travel voucher/EMD voucher/travel credit/credit shell.  Travel voucher or depending on the term used by airlines is an amount equal to the value of your ticket that is redeemable for future purchases with the same airline.


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If you want to changes for your point of origin, your destination, and/or your transit city, you can request for reroute. Change fee and fare difference might apply depending on your airline. Please check the relevant airline to see the availability option of rerouting your flight schedule.



Open Ticket is the process of canceling a segment or schedule of tickets that are still active (not returned in the form of money/cash to the passenger). However, tickets can be reused as long as the ticket validity period is still active. Make sure whether the cost of a schedule change is free or price difference needs to be paid. Click here for more info about open ticket regulations.


You can also request for the open ticket by clicking the button below!