What is COVID-19 Insurance?

In the midst of the pandemic, you certainly need more protection for your health and safety. COVID-19 Insurance is here to give you that extra protection from COVID-19 with benefit compensation of up to IDR 45 million.


Now you don't have to worry about having to fly during the pandemic. With insurance from tiket.com, you'll be able to enjoy a safer and protected journey

COVID-19 Insurance Benefits

Here are the details of COVID-19 coverage and compensation. The value stated is the maximum compensation for the insurance.




Policy Period

Inpatient cash benefit due to COVID-19 

IDR 200,000/day

(Max. IDR 2,800,000/coverage period)

1 month
Swab/PCR test benefit for COVID-19 Max. IDR 1,000,000/coverage period
Income loss protection due to COVID-19 IDR 1,250,000/coverage period
Death due to COVID-19 IDR 15,000,000
Funeral expense benefit for death due to COVID-19 IDR 5,000,000
Death due to accident IDR 20,000,000

Terms & Conditions


Insurance Benefit

Claim Document

Assistance & Claim

  1. COVID-19 Insurance is an insurance product owned by PT Lippo General Insurance Tbk (LippoInsurance) and already obtained permission and under the authorization of Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan).

  2. This insurance can only be purchased through www.tiket.com, m.tiket.com and tiket.com application (IOS & Android).

  3. This insurance covers users who buy a ticket in all regions of Indonesia, however this product excludes users who live in Aceh and North Sumatra province areas. Claim shall be rejected if the Insured is domiciled in Aceh and/or North Sumatra province.

  4. This insurance is applicable for Indonesia Citizen (WNI) who are domiciled in Indonesia between 15 days and 55 years old. Claim shall be rejected If the Insured age is more than 55 years old during the Policy Period.

  5. The insured who can be insured is the name stated on the Insurance Policy as well as on the flight ticket, train ticket, booking proof of a hotel room, or other product categories. 

  6. This insurance gives inpatient cash benefit due to covid-19, Swab/PCR test for COVID-19, income loss protection due to COVID-19 infection, death due to COVID-19, funeral expense benefits for death due to COVID-19, death due to accident.

  7. For inpatient cash benefit due to COVID-19, period of inpatient stays minimum 2 (two) nights consecutively and must be done at a hospital that has an inpatient permit.

  8. Inpatient covered shall be medically necessary as final diagnosis since treatment can’t be done through outpatient. The policy does not pay Inpatient cash benefits of isolation purpose either in hospitals or self-isolation.

  9. For Income Protection Loss due to COVID-19, period of inpatient stays minimum 14 (fourteen) nights consecutively and must be done in hospitals that have an inpatient permit, according to the coverage limit selected, on the condition that participants are also entitled to daily cash compensation payments according to this policy. Reimbursement is only paid if the Swab/PCR test results are positive and the Insured gets a referral to the Hospital for hospitalization.

  10. Swap/PCR test benefit for COVID-19 are paid on the condition that the examination is carried out in the policy period and the Swab/PCR test results are positive and the participants are referred for hospitalization.

  11. Death due to Accident benefit is given if the participant dies due to an accident in the policy period, according to the coverage limit chosen.

  12. This insurance does not guarantee inpatient care for the purpose of isolation, either isolation performed in the hospital or self-isolation.

  13. The name covered must be the same as the name stated on the ticket purchased in conjunction with this Insurance.

  14. Product purchases must be made for all participants who purchase tickets.

  15. The policy coverage period is 1 (one) month, the effective date of the policy will start from 14 (fourteen) days after the date of departure.

  16. This insurance is valid for 1 (one) claim during the policy coverage period. 

  17. If the Insured has more than one active policy, then the claim can only be made on 1 (one) policy and for 1 (one) treatment only.

  18. The Insurance premium is non-refundable for any reason.

  19. The insurance policy will be sent in an electronic form through email.

  20. Claim report can be done through the claim portal at www.cermati.com/pusatklaim/tiketcovidlife/flight for flight ticket or www.cermati.com/pusatklaim/tiketcovidlife/train for train ticket.

  21. Claim submission shall be done maximum 30 (thirty) calendar days after Insured has completed treatment or as soon as possible after incident, along with claim documents and/or other evidence required by Lippoinsurance. Any costs incurred to obtain such documents or evidence are the responsibility of the Insured. For claim of death due to COVID-19 and funeral expense benefits for death due to COVID-19, can be made maximum 90 (ninety) calendar days since the Insured died. 

  22. Where necessary, LippoInsurance reserves the right to request a hard copy of the claim document and send it to:
    Document Management System
    PT Lippo General Insurance

    Karawaci Office Park Blok M No. 18, Lippo Village Tangerang 15139, Indonesia Tbk
    U.P: Document Management System


    Payment of claims will be made a maximum of 7 (seven) working days since the claim is approved by LippoInsurance. For Death due to COVID-19 and funeral expense benefit for death due to COVID-19: 

    • LippoInsurance will provide confirmation of acceptance or rejection of the claim to the Insured, a maximum of 7 (seven) working days since the complete claim document is received by the Insurer.

    • LippoInsurance will make a claim payment to the Insured, a maximum of 7 (seven) working days from the confirmation of claim acceptance by the Insurer.

  24. tiket.com does not manage the premium and only acts as an intermediary between the user and PT Fokus Solusi Proteksi (Cermati Protect) as an insurance broker and LippoInsurance as an insurance company through the website or application.

  25. tiket.com does not have any obligation and/or responsibility to anything related to the purchase of insurance products by the user of tiket.com.

  26. tiket.com has a right, without prior notice, to take actions upon fraudulent action by the user of tiket.com.

  27. By purchasing this Insurance product, the Users agree to the terms and conditions established by LippoInsurance, including but not limited to LippoInsurance decisions. 

  28. The Insured is strongly advised to read carefully the entire explanation regarding the coverage and exclusions contained in COVID-19 Insurance Policy. 

  29. COVID-19 Insurance is not a product from tiket.com and tiket.com is not liable for any responsibility and claim and any risks that arise from this product. Tiket.com does not have a responsibility against Insurance Policy that is issued by LippoInsurance through Cermati Protect.