What is Flight Delay Plus?

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Delayed flights can be annoying most of the time. However, with tiket.com Flight Delay Plus, enjoy compensation for delayed flights of more than 90 minutes! For a safer and more comfortable trip, add extra benefit by purchasing Flight Delay Plus from tiket.com.

Flight Delay Plus Benefits

Here are the details of Flight Delay Plus coverage and compensation. The value stated is the maximum compensation for the benefit.



Limit of Benefits



Flight Delay – departure 90 minutes

IDR 600,000 for each Delay

IDR 600,000 for each Delay


Terms & Conditions


Benefits Redemption

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Flight Delay Plus can only be purchased through www.tiket.com, m.tiket.com, and Tiket.com Apps (IOS & Android).
  2. This benefit covers domestic or international trip. For the international trip, the countries under sanction will be prohibited (Afghanistan, Republic Democratic of Congo, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and Crimea Region of Ukraine). 
  3. This benefit is applicable for a trip with airplane with One-way Trip or Round-trip for either Domestic route or International route, where the trip is carried out from the origin place of departure (Indonesia) to the destination place and return to origin place of departure (Indonesia) in 1 (one) booking code.
  4. This benefit does not apply if only taking 1 (one) route from abroad to Indonesia or Round-trip commencing with departure from abroad.
  5. This benefit is applicable for Indonesia Citizens (WNI) and Foreign Citizens (WNA) with the age of at least of 2 (two) years up to 84 (eighty-four) years at the time of departure date. Foreign Citizens (WNA) that can be covered is a person who has passport or KITAS/KITAP (Kartu Ijin Tinggal Terbatas/Tetap).
  6. Round-trip must be in 1 (one) booking code and the maximum duration for single trip is 183 (a hundred and eighty-three) days. 
  7. This benefit gives Flight Delay Plus Benefit if your flight is delayed for at least 90 (ninety) minutes caused by natural disaster and extreme weather conditions; or less severe but delay as an impact of weather conditions; or major industrial or covered transport accident; or civil unrest, riot or commotion resulting in the delay of scheduled covered transport services; or strike resulting in delay of scheduled covered transport services; or  any unexpected event leading to the airport closure; or mechanical breakdown, equipment failure or structural defect of the covered transport; or due to any reasons that leads/cause the flight scheduled to be delayed. 
  8. Delays will be calculated from the schedule boarding time on the boarding pass to the actual boarding time, where proof of departure time can be seen through the printed document on the itinerary issued to You (boarding pass) or stated in other formal documents given or issued by the covered transport provider.
  9. This benefit does not cover flight cancellation or flight reschedule by the Airlines.
  10. However, Participants can submit changes to the membership period stated in the Facility Summary Document by contacting Tiket.com if there is a rescheduling from the Airline before the scheduled departure occurs, so that the benefits of benefit can still apply to the rescheduled flight.
  11. This benefit is only applicable If the flight is delayed for the consecutive 90 (ninety) minutes and not an accumulation from the previous flight delay.
  12. Redeem compensation benefit can only be done 1 (one) time for One-way Trip.
  13. For Round-trip itinerary, maximum redemption that can be submitted by the Participants is 1 (one) time for departing flight and 1 (one) time for returning flight.
  14. Any fee paid to purchase this benefit is non-refundable for any reasons. Please read carefully the terms and condition of this benefit before making any purchase.
  15. Tiket.com has the right, without prior notice, to take actions upon fraudulent action by the Participants. 
  16. The Facility Summary Document will be sent in an electronic form through email.
  17. Redeem compensation benefit can be reported through Portal at https://www.cermati.com/pusatklaim/tiketdelay/flight. 
  18. Redeem compensation benefit submission must be submitted within 30 (thirty) days after the date of the accident or as soon as possible after the accident by the Participants along with the supporting documents or evidence to expedite the verification process. Any costs incurred in obtaining such documents or evidence are under the Participants responsibility.
  19. Payment of compensation benefit redemption will be processed no later than 14 (fourteen) working days from the date of approval, where the approved redeem nominal will be disbursed to the Participants's account after deducting an administration fee of IDR 5,000 per redemption.
  20. By purchasing this benefit, the Participants agree to the terms and conditions applied.
  21. Participants are strongly advised to read carefully the entire explanations regarding benefits and exclusions contained under the Facility Summary Document.