What is Full Trip Protection?

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Full Trip Protection is the product of BCAinsurance designed specifically for tiket.com users. This insurance provides protection from unforeseen events such as accidents or inconveniences that occur during your trip.


By choosing the Full Trip Protection category of Multi Insurance, you will become entitled to compensation due to accident, trip delays or cancellations, baggage delays, baggage loss and damages, trip delays by the passenger, and missed flights or connections.

Full Trip Protection Benefits

Here are the details of Full Trip Protection coverage and compensation. The value stated is the maximum compensation for the insurance.

Benefits Domestic International
Personal accident - death and disablement Max. IDR 500,000,000 Max. IDR 500,000,000
Travel delay IDR 350,000 every 2 consecutive hours of delay, max. IDR 4,500,000 IDR 350,000 every 2 consecutive hours of delay, max. IDR 4,500,000
Baggage delay IDR 500,000 every 4 consecutive hours of delay, max. IDR 3,000,000 IDR 500,000 every 4 consecutive hours of delay, max. IDR 3,000,000
Travel cancellation Max. ticket price Max. ticket price
Travel delay (by the passenger) One way: max. IDR 1,000,000
Round trip: max. IDR 2,000,000
One way: max. IDR 2,000,000
Round trip: max. IDR 3,000,000
Loss of or damage to the baggage Max. IDR 5,000,000 Max. IDR 10,000,000
Travel misconnection Max. IDR 5,000,000 Max. IDR 5,000,000

Terms & Conditions

Insurance Benefit

Claim Info


  1. This Travel Insurance is an insurance product from PT. Asuransi Umum BCA (BCAinsurance).
  2. Travel Insurance only can be purchased through www.tiket.com, m.tiket.com, and tiket.com Mobile Apps (IOS & Android).
  3. Travel Insurance is only applicable for a trip with airplane with One Way Trip or Round Trip for either Domestic route or International route.
  4. For Round Trip, this Insurance covers from the origin place of departure (Indonesia) to the destination place and return to origin place of departure in 1 (one) booking code.
  5. This Insurance does not apply if only taking 1 (one) route from abroad to Indonesia or Round Trip commencing with departure from abroad.
  6. This Travel Insurance is applicable for Indonesia Citizens (WNI) and Foreign Citizens (WNA) with the age of at least of 3 months and/or at the most of 65 years at the time of departure date.
  7. Round Trip must be under 1 (one) booking code and the maximum gap between departing flights and return flights is 365 days.
  8. For children under the age 18 years, they must be accompanied by family or people who have the authority to accompany the child while traveling.
  9. This Insurance covers the losses incurred to the Insured while on the airplane and/or airport area maximum 6 (six) hours from the arrival or departure time. This Insurance shall not be applicable during the period of staying at the airport hotel.
  10. The insurance premium is non-refundable.
  11. tiket.com does not manage the premium and only acts as an intermediary between the User and Cermati Protect and BCAinsurance through website or mobile apps.
  12. tiket.com does not have any obligation and/or responsibility to anything related to the purchase of insurance product by the User.
  13. tiket.com has the right, without prior notice, to take actions upon fraudulent action by the Users.
  14. By having this Travel Insurance product, Users will get some insurance benefits that can be found in Table of Benefits.
  15. Insurance Policy will be sent via email to User.
  16. Call hotline AAI at 021-2927 9680 or email at ops-jakarta@aa-international.co.id for claim. Claim can also be reported through web portal at www.cermati.com/pusatklaim-travel.
  17. Claim submission can be filed within 30 (thirty) working days upon completion of the trip along with the supporting documents or evidence to expedite the verification process. Any costs incurred in obtaining such documents or evidence are under the Users’ responsibility.
  18. By purchasing this Travel Insurance, the Users agree to the terms and conditions established by BCAinsurance, including but not limited to BCAinsurance decisions.
  19. Users are strongly advised to carefully read the entire explanations regarding insurance coverage and exclusions contained under the BCAinsurance Policy.
  20. Users/Insured allows BCAinsurance to use and/or provides insured information that’s available, obtained, or stored by BCAinsurance (as stated in the policy submission, e-policy, or other document related to the coverage) in term of policy issuance process, e-policy delivery process, claim process, as well as claim payment for this product coverage. Users/Insured also understand that the User/Insured has the right to make corrections or addition to the information of the insured by contacting BCAinsurance.
  21. User/Insured authorizes BCAinsurance to use and/or provide information to other parties such as reinsurance (in terms of risk assessment) and/or regulations and/or institutions that have a cooperative relationship with BCAinsurance (if any) in association with policy coverage. The data provided limited to the data for this product issuance and is only for the purpose of insurance coverage.