What is Multi-Insurance?

Multi-insurance is travel insurance offered by tiket.com in 3 insurance categories. Enjoy a safer, more comfortable, and protected trip by purchasing insurance together with your flight tickets through tiket.com app, website, or mobile web.


tiket.com's Multi-Insurance includes Full Trip Protection, Baggage Protection, and COVID-19 Insurance. You can choose which insurance you want to choose according to your travel needs freely!

How to Purchase Multi-Insurance?

1. Open tiket.com app on your smartphone. then click Flights icon on the homepage.

2. Input your origin and destination, departure date, number of passengers, and cabin class. Then click "Search Flights" to see the available flights.

3. You will see a list of available flights on the dates you have selected. Click to choose the flight and continue your booking process.

4. Next, you need to fill in the Booking Form. Make sure to provide contact details and passenger details correctly.

5. Scroll down to find "Extra Protection" menu. You will see 3 categories of Multi-Insurance that you can purchase through tiket.com.


Choose extra protection based on your needs and preferences: Full Trip Protection, Baggage Protection, and COVID-19 Insurance. Tick on each insurance option that you want to buy.

6. You will see the total price of flight ticket and insurance you have to pay. Click "Continue to Payment" to finalize your booking.

7. Choose your preferred payment method and follow the steps to make payment. Make sure to pay the total amount correctly.

8. Your booking has been confirmed! E-voucher will be sent to the registered email upon booking or you can also access it through My Order menu by clicking on "Go to My Order" button.

Terms & Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Insurance products are not tiket.com products that tiket.com is not responsible for any and all claims and risks arising from the management of this product.
  2. By purchasing insurance products, tiket.com users agree to the terms and conditions set by the Insurance Service Provider, including but not limited to the decision of the Insurance Service Provider.
  3. tiket.com does not manage premiums and only acts as an intermediary between tiket.com users and PT Fokus Solusi Proteksi (Cermati Protect) as an insurance broker and insurance company through a website or application.
  4. tiket.com is not responsible for the confirmation of coverage to be issued by the insurance service provider.
  5. tiket.com has no obligations and/or responsibilities related to the purchase of insurance products by tiket.com users.
  6. Insurance premiums are non-refundable for any reason.
  7. Coverage confirmation will be sent in electronic form via email.
  8. The insured is advised to read carefully all the explanations about warranties and exceptions contained in the Insurance Service Provider's Confirmation.
  9. tiket.com has the right, without prior notice, to take the necessary actions if cheating is found by tiket.com users.
  10. PT Fokus Solusi Proteksi and the Insurance Service Providers have been registered with and overseen by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).