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Trains Ticketing Policy

How To Refund


How do I cancel/submit a refund for my train ticket?

You can cancel or submit a refund for your train ticket. However, according to the policy of PT KAI, order cancellation and refund submission must be done directly at the train station for verification purposes.

Here are some important things related to the train ticket refund process:

  1. Cancellations are served at special station counters no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the train.
  2. The passenger must show proof of the original identity according to the data listed on the Boarding Pass along with a copy (photocopy).
  3. The cancellation fee is 25% of the train rate.
  4. The refund will be transferred after 30 days or taken in cash at the designated station by submitting a cancellation form, which is filled out at the time of cancellation and validated, as well as showing a proof of the corresponding original identity.


Refund information for prospective passengers who do not pass the COVID-19 screening

Passengers who do not pass the COVID-19 screening and can not comply with the travel terms and conditions can cancel their tickets no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled departure listed on the ticket. Here are some of the points to note:

  1. Cancellations can be made via 121 WhatsApp Contact Center at 0811-1211-1121. Fill in the ticket cancellation form provided by the contact center. Include the booking code, identity, and the positive result of the rapid antigen or RT-PCR test.
  2. Cancellation can be made no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled departure listed on the ticket.
  3. 100% full cancellation (excluding messaging fees).
  4. Refunds will be sent via bank transfer within 1x24 hours from the cancellation date. Make sure the account number given matches one of the passengers' names listed on the ticket.


If there is a cancellation from KAI, you can apply for a refund at the station counter or KAI Contact Center service via WhatsApp KAI121 at 08111-2111-121.

For further information, please contact PT KAI by telephone at 021-121 (24 hours)

How To Reschedule


How is the process for train reschedule?

In accordance with PT KAI's policy, submissions for changes to the train schedule must be made directly at the train station for verification purposes.

Here are some important things related to the process of submitting changes to train ticket schedules:

  • Schedule changes can be made to the Train with the following conditions:
    • same train on a different departure day;
    • a different train with the same departure day;
    • a different train on a different departure day.
  • Schedule changes can be made if the seat is still available on the new (replacement) train.
  • Reschedule requested no later than 60 minutes before the scheduled departure of the train.
  • A cancellation fee of 25% of the train rate will be charged to the passenger.
  • If the new train ticket price is higher, the passenger must pay the fare difference.
  • If the new train ticket price is lower, then the fare difference will be returned. 

For more information, contact PT. KAI by telephone at 021-121 (24 hours)

Important Info

Referring to the Ministry of Transportation's Circular Letter No. 84 of 2022, effective on August 30, 2022, passengers of long-distance trains in Java and Sumatra must adhere to the following regulations:


Passengers aged 18 years old and above

  • Boosted travelers (received the 3rd dose of the vaccine): allowed to travel without showing a COVID-19 test result.
  • Recipients of the 2nd or 1st dose of the vaccine: not allowed to travel.
  • Foreigners coming from overseas travel: the second dose of vaccine and not required to do a COVID-19 test.
Passengers aged 6-17 years old
  • Fully vaccinated travelers (received the 2nd dose of the vaccine): allowed to travel without showing a COVID-19 test result.
  • Travelers who have only received the 1st dose of the vaccine: not allowed to travel.
  • Travelers who came from abroad and are unvaccinated: exempted from vaccination requirements and not required to do a COVID-19 test.

Children under 6 years old

  • Must be accompanied by a guardian or a parent.
  • Not required to bring a COVID-19 test result and vaccination certificate.

Special health conditions

  • Required to show a doctor's letter from a government hospital.
  • Not required to bring a COVID-19 test result and vaccination certificate.
Travelers on a routine trip within one urban agglomeration area

Exempted from the regulations above.



  • Bring a COVID-19 vaccination card/certificate (at least the first dose). You can download the COVID-19 certificate at the PeduliLindung app (Google Play Store or Apple App Store).

  • Passengers can temporarily add infant tickets (children under three years) at the KAI counter by filling out the form and still using the NIK (Population Identification Number) as identity. Additional tickets can be made at least one hour before departure.


In addition, passengers must also follow other health protocols as follows:

  • Body temperature no more than 37.3 degrees Celsius.
  • Passengers are required to wear a 3 (three) layer cloth mask or medical mask covering the nose, mouth, and chin during traveling by train and while at the train station or when in crowd conditions.
  • Required to replace masks regularly every four hours, and dispose of waste masks in the places provided.
  • Wash hands regularly using water and soap or hand sanitizer, especially after touching objects that other people have touched.
  • Maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other people and avoid crowds.
  • Must implement and comply with health protocols, namely wearing masks, washing hands with soap in running water, maintaining distance, staying away from crowds, reducing mobility and avoiding eating together, and using hand sanitizer (6m).
  • No one-way or two-way talk by telephone or in person while traveling.


Covid-19 Vaccination Service at the station

Starting 17 July 2022, free Covid-19 vaccination services are available at various stations as well as Mediska Clinic facilities (KAI's health facility located in the station area).

The service is currently available at the following cities and stations:

  1. Manggarai
  2. Mediska Clinic Cirebon
  3. Purwokerto Station
  4. Mediska Clinic Kroya
  5. Mediska Clinic Kutoarjo
  6. Mediska Clinic Yogyakarta
  7. Mediska Clinic Solo Balapan
  8. Mediska Clinic Madiun
  9. Mediska Clinic Surabaya Gubeng
  10. Mediska Clinic Jember
  11. Mediska Clinic Padang
  12. Mediska Clinic Palembang
  13. Kertapati Station
  14. Mediska Clinic Tanjungkarang
  15. Baturaja Station

Rapid Antigen Test Service

Starting on 24 September 2021, the price for a rapid test antigen is IDR 35,000⁣. The rapid antigen test service is available at 84 stations in Java and Sumatra.⁣


List of Stations Serving Rapid Antigen Test

Daerah Operasi 1

Stasiun Gambir

Stasiun Cikampek

Stasiun Pasar Senen

Stasiun Cikarang

Stasiun Bekasi

Stasiun Karawang

Daerah Operasi 2

Stasiun Bandung

Stasiun Banjar

Stasiun Kiaracondong

Stasiun Cimahi

Stasiun Tasikmalaya

Stasiun Purwakarta

Stasiun Cipeundeuy

Stasiun Cibatu

Daerah Operasi 3

Stasiun Cirebon

Stasiun Jatibarang

Stasiun Cirebon Prujakan

Stasiun Brebes

Stasiun Babakan

Stasiun Pegadenbaru

Stasiun Haurgeulis


Daerah Operasi 4

Stasiun Semarang Tawang

Stasiun Cepu

Stasiun Semarang Poncol

Stasiun Pekalongan

Stasiun Tegal

Stasiun Ngrombo

Stasiun Premalang


Daerah Operasi 5

Stasiun Purwokerto

Stasiun Kebumen

Stasiun Kroya

Stasiun Sidareja

Stasiun Kutoarjo

Stasiun Gombong

Stasiun Cilacap

Stasiun Maos

Daerah Operasi 6

Stasiun Yogyakarta

Stasiun Klaten

Stasiun Lempuyangan

Stasiun Purwosari

Stasiun Solo Balapan

Stasiun Wates

Stasiun Sragen

Stasiun Solo Jebres

Daerah Operasi 7

Stasiun Madiun

Stasiun Kertosono

Stasiun Blitar

Stasiun Tulungagung

Stasiun Jombang

Stasiun Nganjuk

Stasiun Kediri


Daerah Operasi 8

Stasiun Surabaya Gubeng

Stasiun Sidoarjo

Stasiun Surabaya Pasarturi

Stasiun Bojonegoro

Stasiun Malang

Stasiun Lamongan

Stasiun Mojokerto

Stasiun Babat

Stasiun Kpanjen

Stasiun Wonokromo

Stasiun Wlingi


Daerah Operasi 9

Stasiun Jember

Stasiun Rogojampi

Stasiun Ketapang

Stasiun Probolinggo

Stasiun Banyuwangi

Stasiun Kalisetail

Divre I Sumatera UTARA:


Tanjung Balai*


Tebing Tinggi









Muara Enim

Lubuk Linggau

Tebing Tinggi







PCR Test Service

PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) provides a PCR test service for IDR 195,000 at 17 stations during the Christmas and New Year 2022 period, starting December 23, 2021.

List of Stations Serving PCR Test

  1. Gambir
  2. Pasar Senen
  3. Bandung
  4. Kiaracondong
  5. Cirebon
  6. Cirebon Prujakan
  7. Jatibarang
  8. Babakan
  9. Semarang Tawang
  10. Yogyakarta
  11. Solo Balapan
  12. Surabaya Pasar Turi
  13. Purwokerto
  14. Surabaya Gubeng
  15. Malang
  16. Madiun
  17. Jember


Passengers who wish to use the PCR and rapid antigen test service at the station are encouraged to do so one or two days before the scheduled trip to avoid delays if it is done on the day of departure.


Only passengers with a long-distance train ticket booking code are allowed to undergo a rapid antigen test at the station.


For more info on the COVID-19 test service at the station, you can contact the KAI Contact Center by phone at 021-121, email, social media KAI 121, and 


Long-distance Train Schedule

To see the list of long-distance train schedules that are still in operation and the ones canceled, check our info for train trips page.