What is tiket CLEAN?

Hi, t-mates! Now for those of you who want to travel, stay at a hotel, or enjoy fun attractions with To Dos, you can feel safer and more comfortable with the standardization of health and hygiene protocols from tiket CLEAN!


tiket CLEAN invites hotel partners, events, attractions, and travel service providers such as airlines and car rental partners to ensure passengers or visitors get facilities that are in accordance with adequate health and hygiene protocols. With the latest facilities from tiket.com, you can choose hotel partners, flights, or other products that have received tiket CLEAN labels to maintain health during vacation.


tiket CLEAN is abbreviations of the 5 (five) important principles that are applied to maintain the health and cleanliness of t-mates while on vacation, wherever and whenever!

How to Find tiket CLEAN at tiket.com?



To Dos

1. Find your flight

After getting the flight search results, you will find tiket CLEAN labels on several available flight routes.



2. Use tiket CLEAN filter menu

You can also use the filter menu, select tiket CLEAN and click "Apply" to find all flights with tiket CLEAN labels.



3. Check your flight details

Don't forget to double-check flight facilities before finalizing your booking. tiket CLEAN label can be found on flight details. You can also click "See all facilities" to see a full list of facilities you will get for your flight and information about tiket CLEAN.



4. Read more information about tiket CLEAN

After you click on the previous step to see a complete list of facilities for your flight, you can read full information about tiket CLEAN. Click "Read more" to get further info and details.


Terms and Conditions


  1. TiketCLEAN is a feature provided by tiket.com for the fulfilment of health and hygiene standardization protocol based on confirmation as given by each of travel service, hotel or tourist attraction partner(s).

  2. Partner who claim to meet TiketCLEAN requirements are deemed to agree to continue implementing the health and hygiene protocol as agreed with tiket.com until the TiketCLEAN label is removed within a certain period of time from the partner's related business area.

  3. During this period, partner guarantees that they will carry out the recommended protocol according to TiketCLEAN standardization. Therefore, customer is encouraged to periodically visit and view the status of each product to be aware if there any changes.

  4. The fulfilment of health and hygiene protocol standardization features by each travel service partner, hotel or tourist attraction is each partner sole responsibility.

  5.  Customer hereby understand and aware that TiketCLEAN does not guarantees each of travel service, hotel or tourist attraction partner(s) that carry out health and hygiene protocols according to TiketCLEAN standardization are completely free from all forms and types of bacteria or viruses.

  6.  Customer are expected to be responsible for customer own health and hygiene. Therefore, tiket.com cannot provide guarantees to any customer who book tickets and hotels with TiketCLEAN  that show symptoms of certain illnesses during or after a period of travel, tour, or stay because each individual health can be affected by many factor. โ€‹

  7. Specifically for tiket CLEAN Hotels, to maintain the cleanliness of the hotel and its facilities solely for the sake of its customers, hotels may apply specific policies around the availability of its public facilities, such as its restaurants, gym and swimming pools. Customers are encouraged to obtain direct confirmation from the respective the hotel in this regard. tiket.com does not have any control over the actions or policies carried out by our hotel partners which may impact the enjoyment of your stay.