What is tiket FLEXI?

Enjoy a hotel stay without having to pick the dates immediately! tiket FLEXI gives maximum flexibility for your hotel bookings without any hassle.


tiket FLEXI for Hotels is a new feature from tiket.com which allows you to book hotel rooms on any flexible date that suits you better. You’ll be able to decide when you want to stay at your favorite hotel, with a redemption date up to one year later!


To find tiket FLEXI feature, update your tiket.com app to the latest version on your smartphone!

How to Find tiket FLEXI for Hotels at tiket.com?

1. Open tiket.com app and choose "Hotels" icon on the homepage. Input your destination and slide tiket FLEXI toggle. Click "Search Hotels" to find the list of available hotels with tiket FLEXI feature.

2. You will be redirected to a page where you can see a complete list of hotels supported by tiket FLEXI. Choose the hotel you want to continue your booking process.

3. Every property or accommodation with tiket FLEXI offers several different packages. Click "See Packages" to see the details of the available. packages.

4.  Hotels with tiket FLEXI offer different packages that suit your needs. On the tiket FLEXI category, there are two packages of hotel with a different validity period.


The first package is a voucher valid for 30 days after booking (for instance 31 March 2020), you can come and stay anytime up to 31 March 2020 after make a reservation to the hotel 3 days prior to your preferred date.


The second package is a voucher which valid up to one year after the chosen date. This gives you maximum flexibility to stay at your favorite hotel anytime within one year.

5. After that, continue the booking process and make payment to finalize your booking.

6. Your booking has been completed! Your hotel e-voucher can be accessed through "My Order" menu. Make sure to contact the hotel to confirm the room availability after choosing your stay date.

Terms and Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

These tiket FLEXI Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Terms and Conditions") apply and bind PT Global Tiket Network (hereinafter referred to as "tiket.com") and its Customers


  1. tiket FLEXI is a program to give our Customers maximum flexibility in booking accommodation(s) according to the check-in date as desired by the customer by using vouchers (open date voucher).

  2. Customer may use the tiket FLEXI vouchers to reserve accommodation rooms and or other ancillary services on the date as desired by the Customer subject to the validity period of the tiket FLEXI vouchers and confirmation of room availability from the accommodation partner. 

  3. With reference to the accommodation partner policies, the accommodation partner may charge a surcharge for bookings during high season periods (“high season surcharges”).

  4. Subject to accomodation partner policies, Customer is required to bring the tiket FLEXI both in the form of softcopy or hardcopy upon arrival and present the same to the accommodation partner.

  5. Before purchasing and redeeming the tiket FLEXI vouchers, Customers are advised to pay attention to the specific details determined by the accommodation partners including the validity period of the voucher, the reservation requirements and the reschedule rules.

  6. tiket FLEXI vouchers cannot be refunded, changed or exchanged for money.

  7. Based on the details as stated in the tiket FLEXI voucher, Customers shall contact the accommodation partner directly to make room booking at least 7 days prior to the intended check-in date and booking confirmation is subject to accommodation partner's availability.

  8. Subject to accommodation partner policies and availability, in the event the reschedule for reservation date is applicable then it shall refer to the mechanism as stated in the tiket FLEXI voucher.

  9. By purchasing the tiket FLEXI vouchers, the Customer hereby agrees, understands, and shall comply with these Terms and Condition.

  10. Customers understand that in this transaction tiket.com only acts as a sales agent. Therefore, in the event of any claims, disputes or lawsuits arising from the implementation of the program provided herein is to be settled by the relevant parties.

  11. These Terms and Conditions may be added or adjusted when needed in accordance with the development of the tiket.com applications and prevailing laws. Customers are encouraged to visit tiket.com applications regularly as to be aware of such changes.