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  1. Thank You for visiting our application, website and Services. We hope your visit can be useful and provide convenience in accessing and using the services available on our application or website. We continuously strive to improve our services and would appreciate any criticism, suggestion and feedback from You. Please submit your criticism, suggestion or feedback through or phone 0804-1500-878.

  2. This application or website is owned, operated and organized by PT. Global Tiket Network, a limited liability company established on the basis of the law of the Republic of Indonesia including our affiliate such as Tiket Network Pte Ltd (collectively shall be refer to as “We” or “”). Our Services are available online through the website: or mobile: or other platforms which will be available in the future.

General condition

  1. By accessing and using our application, website and Services, You have declared to have read, understand and agree to these General Terms and Conditions. 

  2. These General Terms and Conditions compose of (i) the conditions and general provisions that are available for every access and services available on the website, (ii) and special terms and conditions governing the use of certain products and services. 

  3. These General Terms and Conditions will be changed, modified, added, or removed (“changes”) by in accordance with the development of the Website and legislation. We recommend You to visit our website periodically to be aware of any such changes.


  1. The products, technology and processes contained here, is owned by us or third parties that provide the right to us. Except for the use of which is expressly authorized and permitted in these General Terms and Conditions, does not provide any rights to You on this application or website, here, with all the data, information and content therein.

  2. By using this application or website or the services available therein, and You agree not to download, show or transmit it any way, or make any content available to the public which is inconsistent with the use of which is permitted in these General Terms and Conditions.

  3. Within this application or website there may be links to website that are managed by third parties (“External Sites”) who collaborates with us.

  4. does not operate, control or endorse any form of external websites concerned or its contents. You are fully responsible for the use of the external sites and are encouraged to read the general terms and conditions from the external sites carefully.

  5. Services provided in this application or website generally used the re-marketing system and cookies system that allows third-party (including but not limited to Google) to access and use the visit data in the website Cookies system to display and resume each ad through the internet.

  6. You are prohibited from creating a link, screen capture or data crawling to the application or website without any consent formerly of Things are considered as a breach of intellectual property rights of

Our Services

  1. provides and organizes system and integrated online booking facility ("Service"), reservation/booking including but not limited with: ACCOMMODATION (hotel, hostel, apartment), TRANSPORTATION (air-sea-land), EVENT & TO DO  (cinema, shows, leisure, etc) ("Product") that allow You to search for information on product You want, as well as booking and purchase, simultaneously conducts online and secure payment system through various facilities.

  2. Our Service are generally available online for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, except in the case of repairs, upgrades or maintenance of our application or website.

  3. The Products are supplied, provided and hosted by various third parties ("Providers") based on cooperations and engagements, either directly or indirectly, with us. You understand and acknowledge that:

    • Reservations and purchases through are a legal and binding agreement between You and our Providers. In this case, acts as an agent to facilitate your transactions. The relationship between and Providers only limited to partnership cooperation, hence we need to emphasize that our Providers is NOT part of

    • The data and information including photos related to a specific Product that We list on the application or website is data and information which We receive from  Providers, and We publish the data and information as is in good faith according to the data and information We received. Therefore, the data, information and photos can be different from the original.

    • We have no control over the data and information provided by our Providers, and We do not guarantee that the data and information presented is accurate, complete, correct and free from errors.

    • We have no control over any actions and failures conducted by our Providers which may cause You damages in the future.

    • You are not allowed to re-sell our products, use, copy, monitor, display, download or reproduce the content or any information, software, or any services available on our application or website for any commercial purpose or activity without the prior written consent from us.

    • You can use our application or website and service to make a reservation or purchase. You are not allowed to make a reservation or purchase for the purpose of speculation, improper or unlawful. If We discover that the order made is not legitimate, We reserve the right to nullify such reservation or purchase.

    • You also ensure that the data and information You give to us, both with respect to reservations and also your registration with are accurate, recent and complete information. For the terms and conditions on the use of data and information please refer to the Data Usage Policy.

    • Only those carried out through the website and the application shall be considered as official transactions. We are not responsible for any transactions that occur outside’s website and/or application.

    • Official communication only originates from the following e-mail address: You are fully responsible for any communication outside such email address.

    • All information contained in the Confirmation Letter is only dedicated for the name stated on the Confirmation Letter. You are fully responsible for any shared information due to your own negligence and/or misconduct, causing harm to You or any other third parties.

    • You agree to the terms and conditions for the products from our Provider which you choose (including but not limited to our Hotel Provider), we encourage you to contact us via our customer service before placing an order for any queries regarding our Providers product.

Reservation/Purchase Product

  1. Reservation or purchase of the Product is considered successful or completed after You make payment and issued and sends You a letter of confirmation of your reservation or purchase (“Confirmation Letter”). In the event of any dispute or issue, therefore the data retained by will become the main reference and is considered valid.

  2. To complete the reservation or purchase, You agreed to accept (i) an email, which We will deliver not long before the date of the service by which You ordered, providing You the information about the product that You ordered, and providing certain information and offers (including offers from other third parties for You to choose) associated with your order and destination, and (ii) an email  which We will deliver not long after the date of service to invite You to complete on the reviews of our product. Aside our confirmation email that include your reservation, We will not send You any confirmation (rather want it or not), email, further correspondence, except by your request.

  3. You are required to pay attention to the terms and conditions of the Products relating to: (i) age restrictions, (ii) the need for reservation and/or prior confirmation of attendance, (iii) the existence of a fixed date which cannot be reschedule, (iv) the absence (no show) by You and their connection with the refund, (v) limitation on the transfer or change of name on the Confirmation Letter, (vi) documents that must be brought at the time of exchanging the Confirmation Letter, (vii) the original credit card used at the time of reservation or purchase which must be brought at the time of the Confirmation Letter exchange. You are fully responsible in the event You fail to pay attention and/or do not pay attention to any certain terms and conditions.

  4. Some Products have the obligation to make advance reservations in accordance with the valid terms and conditions implemented by the Providers or us. You are fully responsible for following these arrangements.

  5. For international flight, You or user is required to have a Passport with the minimum validity at least 6 (six) months at the time of departure and/or arrival date.

  6. You are fully responsible to acquire any documents and information required relating to arrivals for international flights, including but not limited to visas.

  7. Especially for Product in the form of airplane tickets with the 'Smart Trip' feature, You understand that Product must be used sequentially. Terms and conditions for rescheduling will be subject to the respective airline policy. If the Product in the form of an airplane ticket for departure is not used (no show), then the arrival ticket is automatically forfeited. We suggest that you contact our Customer Care for more information.

  8. The validity period for Products in the form of airline tickets is as determined by Providers and/or Us.

  9. All rules related to baggage , including but not limited to weight, size, quantity, etc., for applicable Product are at the discretion of the Providers and are subject to change without prior notice.

  10. Unless otherwise specified by the Providers, tickets can only be used by those whose names are listed on the Confirmation Letter.

Price of Product

  1. We strive to provide the best prices to the Products which You can order. Please note that the published price may be subject to certain terms and conditions, therefore You must check and understand these terms and conditions related to such certain price before making a purchase. This also includes checking and understanding any terms and conditions relevant to cancellation or refund that are specifically applicable for certain products and/or prices.

  2. The listed price does not include taxes, fees, or other costs that We have provided via our application or website at or the Confirmation Letter issued by Any price We receive from the Providers in a different currency will be converted according to the currency you choose with the best foreign exchange rate We have at hand provided that in the event that there is a request for a refund, then it will use the conversion value at the time of purchasing such Product.

  3. Prices shown are subject to change based on certain circumstances. Even though it is very unlikely, We may cancel, reject or make changes to the bookings made if there are adjustments or an error from our Provider which may cause differences in product information on our application, website and Services (e.g prices or  accommodation facilities). As a result, we will adjust your bookings or if relevant, We will refund you for the purchase price paid to Any decision made is's sole discretion.



  1. Paying the full amount is required to get the Product from our Providers.

  2. We accept credit card (VISA, Master Card, American Express and JCB), Virtual Account, bank transfer, and other method stated on the application or Website.

  3. In order to protect and encrypt your credit card information, We use "Secure Socket Layer (SSL)" technology;

  4. In case of credit card fraud or wrongdoing of whatsoever from the third party, You need to report it to us and the bank immediately in order to take further actions, in accordance to the regulation.

  5. Should there be any indications of fraud or misuse of your credit card for any transaction on platform, entitled to cancel the purchased transaction or block the credit card payment feature without any notice. does not have control over any policy from the credit card issuer bank, we suggest customer's to contact the credit card issuer bank for further detail.

  6. has the right to report the appropriate authorities in the event of any indication pertaining abuse, fraud or other illegal acts is found in connection with any activity that occurs on platform.

  7. You need to pay full attention to the payment instructions. Mistakes that You make, such as: mistake of filling our bank account number or virtual account number for every reservation; and/or mistake of filling the amount to be paid for your reservation that causes the movement of money from your bank account to a bank account or Virtual Account that does not match with our payment instruction, or if your card is debited the wrong amount that does not match with our payment instruction, so your reservation is not confirmed, You hereby acknowlege and agree that We are not obligated to issue a refund for your wrongdoings. Thus, all losses are fully your responsibility. In addition, the mistakes on the above do not count as a valid payment for your reservation, so You have to make the payment according to our instructions to get your reservation confirmed.

  8. We accept payments made with gift vouchers, tiket points, gift cards and/or other forms that are officially issued and accepted by us. However, in the event of a Product order cancellation due to any reason, the refund will only be for the amount of the payment that you pay to when you make a reservation or purchase transaction of the Product, while the value non-cash paid such as gift vouchers, gift cards and/or other forms, will become invalid or non-refundable.

  9. For every reservation or purchase confirmed, We will send You a Confirmation Letter via email that consists the detail of your reservation or purchase and your payment receipt. You are responsible to print it and keep the information to yourself. The Confirmation Letter is a very important document and You need to have it in order to use or take the product your purchased. Our Providers and We reserve the rights to refuse service to anyone, if You cannot provide any prove that You have a valid reservation that is fully paid of the Product, and You hereby release from any kind of losses that occurs due to the unavailability to use such Products.

  10. The confirmation that You receive from us after you finish ordering and before making a payment is a trigger that the purchase transaction process is taking place. You can only cancel at any time before payment is made. For payments that you have made, please wait until you receive a Confirmation Letter. In the event that you do not receive a Confirmation Letter, do not cancel or change your order and immediately contact our customer service for further clarification.

  11. In the event payment is made with a credit card, the customer hereby confirms that any refund request(s) submitted to will be treated as customer's explicit approval to reject/release/cancel any cancellation requests submitted to the credit card issuing bank for the same transaction. has the right to cancel any refund requests granted or vouchers issued in the event of redundancy.

  12. In the event you request to modify or cancel your transaction, you agree that may adjust or cancel the benefits you received from that transaction, including but not limited to tiket points.

Cancellation and Modification

  1. Except as implicitly stated in these General Terms and Conditions or determined separately according to the Provider’s policy, all purchases of products cannot be changed, canceled, refunded, exchanged, or transferred to other persons/parties.
  2. By reserving or purchasing Products via, You are considered to have understood, received, and agreed to the requirements of cancellation, and all conditions and additional stipulations imposed by the Providers. Please note that special rates or offers do not qualify You for cancellation or change. You are responsible for understanding the policy and provision of cancellation beforehand.
  3. The procedure for submitting changes and cancellations to order is as provided in the Confirmation Letter and other media that We update from time to time.
  4. For every canceled reservation made, We will provide you a refund in accordance with the terms and conditions applied.
  5. We will forward every cancelled reservation that You made to the Providers. Hence, it will take time for us to issue a refund to our Providers for any payments You made before. Therefore, You understand that We will need additional time to refund the payments to You.
  6. You agree that We can only process cancellation requests that are in accordance with the cancellation terms and conditions applied by the Providers,’s Terms and Conditions, e-Refund Terms and Conditions, and other terms and conditions that apply to our application or website. Therefore, You release us in the event that You suffer a loss due to your cancellation request or your negligence in fulfilling the cancellation terms and conditions applied by the Providers,’s Terms and Conditions, e-Refund Terms and Conditions, and other terms and conditions that apply to our Website.
  7. Although there is a very small possibility of cancellation or change of the confirmed booking or reservation as stated in the Confirmation Letter, but if it happens, We will inform you immediately or in accordance with the designated time set by us. In the event there is any cancellation or changes related to the order are made on the basis of the policy/decision of the Providers, this is beyond our control. Therefore, our responsibility is limited to the implementation of refunds in accordance with the directions and the terms and conditions set by the Providers and the applicable laws and regulations.
  8. In the event that a Provider experiences a situation where they cannot deliver or provide a Product, You are subject to the terms and conditions as determined by the Provider or the party appointed to act for and on behalf of the Provider.
  9. Neither nor our Providers will be responsible for and will not indemnify You in case We cannot deliver the product or provide the services to You, as a result of things that happened due to circumstances beyond reasonable force or authority of us or our Providers to handle, such as, but not limited to war, riot, terrorist, industrial dispute, government action, natural disaster, fire or flood, extreme weather and so forth.
  10. If you do not receive the Product in accordance with the Confirmation Letter, then We will recommend similar products with a similar price or equivalent to the product you have purchased, without any additional costs, or fully refunded your money subject to terms and conditions as periodically determined by
  11. In the event You request to modify or cancel your transaction, You agree that may adjust or cancel the benefits You received from such transaction, including but not limited to Blibli Tiket Points.

Refund Terms & Conditions

  1. By applying for the refund feature and entering the bank account in the refund feature for products, such as and not limited to accommodations, airplane tickets, Car Rentals, and To Dos, the Customer is deemed to agree to each of the terms and conditions related to refund ("Refund Terms and Conditions").

  2. Refunds will be made at the amount and time in accordance with the policy and cancellation conditions imposed by Providers and/or us from time to time.

  3. The number of funds returned to You is not greater than the nominal amount You have paid to when you completed the purchase transaction for’s Product, adjusted to the policy imposed by each Provider and/or us.

  4. Customers are required to ensure the accuracy of the bank account information that will be used for the refund process. Customer expressly states that it is fully responsible for any issue that arises because of errors in the accuracy of the bank account information as stated by the Customer.

  5. may enquire the Customer to send the Bank account detailed information if the Customer has not provided these details, in the event that after 1x24 hours after request the Customer has not sent detailed bank account information, is entitled to process the refund to the Customer's BlibliPay account.

  6. These terms and conditions only apply to every purchasing transaction on the platform, which uses every available payment media except for any transaction using Blibli Tiket PayLater or credit cards.

  7. For payments made with credit cards or paylater, the refunds will be done through the credit card or paylater used on transactions of products with regard to the conditions as determined by the bank issuing the credit card or the relevant paylater providers.

  8. For customers who use Blibli Tiket PayLater and akulaku as a payment method, a refund or rescheduling request can be made through customer service.

  9. For any transaction made with other than credit cards or paylater, the Refunds will be credited to your or the customer's BlibliPay account with the following conditions:

  10. Specifically for customers who make reservation/purchase of's product in the form of Kereta Api Indonesia's ticket, refunds will follow the terms and conditions set by PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero), which can be viewed through the link

  11. In the event payment is made with a credit card, You hereby confirm that any refund request(s) submitted to shall be treated as your explicit approval to reject/release/cancel any cancellation requests submitted to the credit card issuing bank for the same transaction. has the right to cancel any previously approved refund or vouchers issued in the event of redundancy.

  12. Customer hereby declares that the use of the funds from the refund process is not related to money laundering activities, financing terrorism, or other illegal or criminal activities. Customers expressly declare that they are fully responsible for any use of the funds.

  13. has the right to unilaterally withhold the refund process and withhold the Customer's funds if, based on's assessment, the Customer violates these Terms and Conditions, including misuse of the refund feature by the Customer.

  14. has the right to take any action necessary to mitigate the risk of violation of these Refund Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to reporting to the authorized institutions or requests for confirmation regarding such refunds either to the Customer or to the company/institution where the Customer works as required by

  15. The refund process is entirely a legal relationship between You and the Providers, in this case, We only act as an agent to forward your request to our Providers. You are fully responsible if the Partner, for any reason or by law, is unable to refund the payment to You. You hereby release from any claims and losses that You may suffer as a result of the cancellation made by the Partner and/or the Partner's inability to refund your funds.


  1. By the time You make a reservation or access Your account information, You will use a secure server access layer (SSL) to encrypt the information You send through this application or website.

  2. Although will use best effort to ensure security, cannot guarantee how strong or effective encryption and You will be fully responsible for any problem that occur due to unauthorized access to your account that occurs from the information You provide.

  3. You must ensure that the device used to login using your account is under your control. Therefore, You release us from any loss that arises and may arise as a result of your negligence in accordance with the device or device You are using.

  4. You realize that the confidentiality of your account is your full responsibility. Therefore, We advise You to periodically change the password You use for your account.

Your Account

  1. For Your account opening and registration purposes, We will collect and process your personal information, such as your name, electronic mail (e-mail) address, and your mobile phone number when You register. You agree to provide us with an accurate, complete and the latest information and agree to provide us with any proof of identity that We may reasonably request.

  2. Only You can use your own account and You represent and warrant that You will not allow other parties to use your identity or your account for any reason, unless permitted by us or You.

  3. You cannot assign or transfer your account to any other party. You hereby declare that We will be released from any liability for losses or obstacles arising from the misuse of your account due to your negligence, including but not limited to lending or giving account access to other parties, accessing links provided by other parties, providing or showing verification codes (OTP), passwords or emails to other parties, as well as other forms of negligence that result in loss or constraints to your account.

  4. You must maintain the security and confidentiality of your account password and any identification that We provide to You for all activities that occur under your account. In the event of any disclosure of your password as a result of Your negligence, in any way that results in unauthorized use of your account or identity, order(s) received from unauthorized use will still be considered a valid order and We will process the order(s). You hereby declare that You release us from responsibility for loss, costs and/or damages arising from misuse of your account.

  5. We will not ask for your username, password or SMS verification code or OTP code belonging to your account for any reason. We therefore urge You not to provide such data or other important data to those on our behalf or to other parties whose security cannot be guaranteed.

  6. If You no longer have control over your account, You are required to immediately notify us (e.g., your account is hacked in any way or your phone is stolen) so We can temporarily block and/or inactivate your account properly. Please note that You are responsible for the use of your account and may be liable for your account even if your account is misused by others.

  7. We have full rights to include but not limited to temporarily block, delete, deactivate your account, or not proceed/withhold the refund process, which is based on our sole discretion and for any reason without giving prior notice to you. The reason may include but are not limited to:

    • Breach of these Terms;

    • Prohibitions in regulations;

    • Fraud or theft (including indication or suspicion of fraud or theft);

    • Suspicion of criminal activity;

    • Suspicious ordering;

    • Providing inaccurate, erroneous or misleading information;

    • Inappropriate behaviour, threats, or insults;

    • Refusal to provide information;

    • Unreachable; or

    • You are listed on any “black lists” or “watch lists” by governments or international organizations.

  8. You agree that all risks and consequences of the blocking, deleting, or inactivation of your account will be at your risk. We have the right to take all necessary actions to reduce our risks and/or losses.

  9. By opening and using an account on our application or website, You release us from all responsibilities, losses and/or harm arising from the use of your account, and in the event when We carry out all actions that We deem necessary in the implementation of terms of the account as set out in the points above.

Data Usage Policy

  1. We regard your privacy as important.

  2. By the time You make a reservation/purchase at application or website, We will record and store your personal information and data. In principle, We will use your data to supply products and provide services to You. We will store any data You provide, from time to time, or that We collect from the use of our product and service. Your personal data may be used by us for the purpose of accounting, billing, auditing, credit verification or payment, as well as the purpose of security, administrative and legal, reward point, testing, maintenance and development, customer relation, promotion notification, campaign and other information such as sending You automatic newsletters or push notification, including but not limited to, via electronic mail, WhatsApp, and through social media (such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Line, Tumblr, Telegram, Reddit, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and etc), and help us in the future in giving service to You. In connection with that, We may disclose your data to group companies where We incorporated therein, the product providers, other companies that are partners of, the company's data processing contract with us, and travel agents.

  3. For every Product sale transaction, acts as the product distributor provided by theProviders . Specifically for insurance products, for the avoidance of doubt, You or the customer is hereby formed and understands that related to the implementation of insurance products, the legal relationship is between You or the customer and the insurance service provider. Therefore, the insurance service provider is responsible for the implementation of the insurance product as well as the implementation of the confidentiality of personal data in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. This includes but is not limited to customer data required for insurance and claim submissions.

Other Provisions

  1. These General Terms and Conditions are subject to the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.

  2. The language used for these General Terms and Conditions is Indonesian and English. In the event that there are differences in the understanding or interpretation between the two languages, the Indonesian language or version specified by us will prevail.

  3. There will be circumstances where the terms and conditions for multiple Products are on separate pages. In the event that there are differences between the terms and conditions on other pages with these General Terms and Conditions, these General Terms and Conditions will prevail.

  4. Any disputes relating to Terms & Conditions will be settled amicably and if it cannot be settled in a friendly manner, dispute resolution through Customer Dispute Settlement Agency in Jakarta, without prejudice to’s right to file a lawsuit in any court throughout Indonesia.