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Latest Long Distance & Short Distance Train Ride Requirements

PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) enforces the latest Train boarding conditions starting June 12 2023 until further notice. This is done in accordance with the Circular Letter of the Minister of Transportation Number 17 of 2023 concerning Health Protocols for Persons Traveling by Train During the Transition Period of the Covid-19 Endemic for long-distance/intercity train passengers on the islands of Java and Sumatra.


In the conditions for boarding the newest train, passengers are no longer required to vaccinate, wear masks, PCR/antigen, and carry a certificate of not being able to vaccinate. Passengers only need to bring a valid Indonesian train ticket according to the schedule. However, if you feel unwell and have symptoms, don't forget to wear a mask and avoid crowds. You can do it too PCR test or rapid test antigen if needed before traveling.


The above regulations may change at any time. For more information about Indonesian train travel regulations, see the page Train Travel Info or Train Boarding Conditions.

Latest Information About Indonesian Train Tickets (KAI)

Good news for those of you who want to order train tickets. PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) or KAI has just released its Train Travel Graphic (GAPEKA) 2023 which will take effect from 1 June 2023. This latest schedule contains information about changes to train departure and arrival schedules throughout the Indonesian railway network. So that you don't get the wrong schedule when ordering train tickets online, t-mates must check the train ticket schedule and the latest Indonesian train ticket prices!


Not only that, online KAI tickets also pamper you by extending the booking period for long-distance train tickets. Therefore, starting June 10 2023, you can order long-distance train tickets from H-45 before the departure date. It's easier to plan a trip with!


How to order train tickets? Just relax, it's really simple! Just visit the site or just download the application on the App Store or Play Store. Very easy, right? So, there's no need to worry anymore about preparing an exciting trip on your favorite train. Come on, buy train tickets online and book train tickets online now!


Take a Train from a Different Station


Boarding a train from a different station requires a valid and confirmed train ticket and identification that matches the information on the ticket. Passengers must pay attention to schedules and routes economy train, business, luxury that will be boarded and ensure that the baggage carried is in accordance with Indonesian Railways regulations and rules. For travel comfort, it is recommended to fulfill all requirements and make preparations before leaving.


Find out more details about the conditions for taking trains from different stations and the conditions at Train Schedule Indonesia.

Tips for Buying Indonesian Train Tickets

Traveling by train is fun. You get beautiful views along the way. So, so that your train journey goes smoothly, you must know the tips for buying Indonesian train tickets below.


1. Order Train Tickets Online

Order train tickets online via the official railway company website or ticket booking application. This is the easiest and fastest way to get tickets without having to come directly to the train station. You can buy train tickets online at


2. Check Schedule and Availability

Check train schedules and seat availability before booking tickets. Make sure the ticket you choose matches your travel schedule and has the appropriate seat of your choice.


3. Choose a class according to your needs

Make sure you choose the train class that suits your needs, t-mates. If you are looking for extra comfort, consider choosing executive or business class. However, if you want to save money, economy class could be a good choice.


4. Check Discounts and Promos

Always check to see if there are any special discounts or promotions going on. has many discount options to save on your travel costs, you know. If you buy train tickets online at, I have the opportunity to get lots of promotions. So, make sure to check train ticket promo before buying, yes!


5. Book Tickets Early

Try to book train tickets early, especially if you plan to travel during the holiday season or other busy times. Currently, you can order Indonesian train tickets H-45 before departure. By booking early, you have the opportunity to get the seat you want and avoid running out of tickets.


6. Check Ticket Details

After booking tickets, be sure to check the ticket details carefully, including travel date and time, origin and destination stations, and class and seat number. If you buy train tickets online at, you can check ticket details easily. Make sure everything is according to your travel plans, t-mates.


FAQ About Train Ticket Reservation at

How to buy train tickets online at
Select Route Select the desired train Fill in passenger data Select available seats Select payment method E-ticket will be sent to buyer's email.
Can I reschedule / reschedule train tickets?
Yes, you can change the departure schedule for the train ticket that you have purchased by visiting the counter at the nearest station.
What currency can I use to purchase train tickets on
Currently, you can only purchase train tickets on using IDR currency.
Will I be charged extra if I reschedule?
If you make changes to the train ticket departure schedule, you only need to pay the difference from the previously purchased ticket price.
How do I get a refund for a train ticket that has been purchased?
You can refund train tickets that you have purchased through by visiting the counter at the nearest station at least 1 (one) hour before departure. You are entitled to a refund of 75% of the total purchase price in accordance with the policies imposed by PT Kereta Api Indonesia.
Can I successfully buy a train ticket that has already been purchased?
Yes, the cancellation of the train ticket that you have purchased can be done by visiting the counter at the nearest train station.
How do I exchange my e-ticket for a boarding pass at the station?
Upon arrival at the station, visit the check-in machine. Then, enter the booking code or scan the barcode listed on your e-ticket to print the boarding pass.
Are ferries required to perform a medical test before boarding a long-distance train during a pandemic?
Yes, except for agglomerated train passengers (Kamandaka, Joglosemarkerto, Kaligung, and Kuala Stabas) who travel within 1 region only. Passengers who have received the booster vaccine (third dose), passengers aged 6-17 years with the second vaccine, and passengers < 6 years of age are not required to show a negative COVID-19 test result.
What should I do if I don't receive a train voucher from after a successful payment?
Please contact customer service via Whatsapp at 085 5150 0878 or email to
What is the maximum number of train tickets that can be purchased per transaction?
You can buy up to 4 train tickets at once in one transaction. Or you can also use the group booking service to order a minimum of 10 tickets. Group booking services are available by contacting customer service which is open 24 hours via Whatsapp at 08551500878, by telephone at 0804 1500 878 / (021) 3973 0888, or via email at

Train Ticket Promo at

For some people, buying a train is the main choice for travel for various interesting reasons. Apart from relatively affordable train ticket prices, effective travel times and freedom from traffic jams, travel comfort is also a special attraction. If you plan to travel by train, no need to worry, just order Indonesian train tickets online at With, you can enjoy Train Ticket Promo which is profitable for a budget holiday. Don't miss the special promotions either Online Ticket Week (OTW) with bigger discounts on gledek price hours. Come on, make your vacation a reality by buying promo train tickets at now!

KCIC - Jakarta Bandung Fast Train WHOOSH!

Tickets for the Jakarta Bandung Fast Train (KCJB) WHOOSH will go on sale on October 18 2023. Tickets are sold at a promo price of IDR 300,000 for one way.


This ticket includes a feeder train ticket which will take passengers to Cimahi Station or Bandung Station according to their destination. This feeder train will stop at Padalarang Station, Cimahi Station and Bandung Station.


Jakarta Bandung fast train is a train that utilizes high-speed rail technology to connect Jakarta and Bandung more efficiently and quickly. This superfast train project is also known as the Indonesia-China Cooperation Project (KCIC), because it is a collaboration between Indonesia and China.


The Jakarta-Bandung fast train is planned to have a top speed of 350 km/hour and connect Jakarta and Bandung in around 40-45 minutes. This fast train route will pass through several cities and regions between Jakarta and Bandung, including Bekasi, Karawang, Purwakarta and Lembang. Know more details about KCIC or Jakarta Bandung fast train in full.

Book Cheap Train Tickets Smartly at

Train Insurance
Train Insurance

Train insurance by is your protection to ensure safety and convenience while you are traveling by train. This is to prepare you for the unexpected that can happen anywhere anytime.

Seat Selection
Seat Selection

Freely Choose your favorite seat throughout the journey to your destination on all trains offered by PT. Kereta Api Indonesia

Up to 30 days availability
Up to 30 days availability

Choose the train schedule that suits your need. Here you can find all train schedules for the next 30 days, covering all classes ranging from Economy to Business

Train Classes, What's the Difference?

Class of train tickets provided by PT. KAI has its own facilities and advantages. Before buying train tickets online at, you should first know the differences between the four train classes below so that you can be more sure which class suits your needs?


Economy Class Train

The most economical train class among the four train classes. In general, the  economy class train has the highest capacity, namely 80 to 106 passengers with seats arranged 2-3 and 3-3 depending on the type of train. However, the backrest of economy class train seats cannot be tilted, so you have to sit in a more upright position. But there's no need to worry, economy class trains are also equipped with cooling or AC, electrical outlets and tables. You can also order food, extra blankets and extra pillows for an additional fee.


New Generation Economy Class Train

On September 26 2023, Indonesian Railways inaugurated the newest type of train seat, namely the New Generation Economy Train. This newest economy train has a better security system with advanced safety technology facilities such as CCTV monitors, accident detectors and clean toilets. Different from the old economy trains, the New Generation Economy trains are equipped with different types of seat captain seat and armrest in the middle. Passengers are also free to adjust the seat tilt. The seats are made from comfortable seat materials and have spacious legroom which will certainly pamper passengers during the trip.


Business Class Train

Despite class business train Being above economy class, the price of this train class is affordable! The only difference is the 2-2 seating arrangement which does not face each other with wider legroom. Business class seats also cannot be tilted, but don't worry because the seating position is not as upright as in economy class trains.


Priority Executive Class Train

There is a price, there must be quality. For the executive priority train class, you can feel comfortable sitting on a soft chair whose backrest can be adjusted. Apart from ample space to move around, executive class There is also a footrest so you don't get sore! Well, what really differentiates it from other classes is the cooler or AC which is much colder, free food, and pillows and blankets that can be used for free.


Luxury Class Train

To enjoy the train class with the best facilities, you can choose luxury class train. Not much different from the executive priority class, you can adjust the tilt of the backrest to 150 degrees using the automatic button (Sleeper Mode). Wow, really sophisticated, right? Apart from that, there is also a touch screen TV, earphones, free food, drinks and snacks!


The following trains serve the Luxury class:

  • Argo Bromo Anggrek Luxury Train
  • Argo Dwipangga Luxury Train
  • Argo Gajayana Luxury Train
  • Argo Lawu Luxury Train
  • Gajayana Luxury Train


Suite Class Compartment Train

Lately, there have been many KAI rumors about the Suite Class Compartment and many are interested in taking a "Suite" class car. This car is one of the types of cars provided by PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) to provide a comfortable and luxurious travel experience to its passengers. Suite Class train will start operating in October 2023. This train is connected to KA Bima and KA Argo Semeru on the Gambir-Surabaya Gubeng (PP) route. You can buy Suite Class Compartment train tickets at for IDR 1,950,000.


So, which train class do you want to choose? Don't forget to order train tickets at Because there are many train ticket discounts that you can use!


See you on Year End Season Train Tickets 2023/2024!

Nataru is a word that refers to the Christmas and New Year holiday period. Usually during the Christmas holiday, people choose to spend their time with various activities. Such as going home, going on holiday to a tourist spot, taking part in celebrating the New Year festival, decorating the house with a Christmas theme, or just quality-time with family at home, Check Year End Season train tickets and buy train tickets online at

See you on the Eid 2024 train with!

Going home by train is still the main choice for many people in Indonesia when Eid arrives. However, buying train tickets during the homecoming season is often a problem in itself. Long queues, inflated ticket prices, and tickets that sell out quickly are common complaints.


Therefore, to avoid this problem, it is best to buy train tickets well before departure. Apart from that, choose the type of train that suits your needs and comfort, and make sure all preparations are complete before leaving. Thus, going home by train during Eid 2024 can be a fun and smooth experience. Always check the latest Eid train schedule and buy train tickets online at