tiket Elite Rewards’s loyalty program designed for you, our loyal customers.

What is tiket Elite Rewards?

What do I get from tiket Elite Rewards?

How to upgrade membership tier?

How do I make the most of tiket Elite Rewards?

What is tiket Elite Rewards?

tiket Elite Rewards, (previously known as TIX Point), is’s new loyalty program designed to show our appreciation of our loyal customers. We created this program to provide even more rewards and points for the activities you do most on

With tiket Elite Rewards, you can earn points that can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases. Besides these discounts, enjoy benefits such as free additional facilities , exclusive services, dedicated customer care, and much more!

What do I get from tiket Elite Rewards?

tiket Elite Rewards benefits

Here are the benefits you can get from each tier:

Basic BlueElite SilverElite GoldElite Platinum
Earn tiket Points to Get Discounts
Special Discounts Up to 15% for Hotels
Additional Benefits for Hotels
Special Discounts Up to 10% for Flights*
Special Discounts Up to 10% for To Dos*
Early Access to Promotions*
Dedicated Customer Care Line
*Benefit available soon

How to upgrade membership tier?

To upgrade or maintain your membership tier, you need to:

product purchased

Book and use different products


status points

Collect enough Status Points

from your transactions

(Unlike tiket Points, Status Points are only used to determine your membership tier; they can’t be redeemed for discounts)

Check out the requirements for each membership tier below:

Basic Blue

  • No minimum Status Points
  • No minimum product usage

Elite Silver

  • 20,000 Status Points
  • 1 product usage

Elite Gold

  • 40,000 Status Points
  • 2 different product usage

Elite Platinum

  • 60,000 Status Points
  • 3 different product usage

tiket Points, Status Points, and product usage will become active in no more than 2 (two) days after you complete your trip.

Once you’ve met the requirements, your tier will be upgraded right away.

During this time, you can continue upgrading your tier by using more products and earning Status Points on If you don’t meet your current or higher tier requirements by end of the year, your tier will be downgraded.

Here’s how to check your tier progress:

go to rewards page

Go to the tiket Elite Rewards page

see details

See the box below your tier name

how to upgrade

Complete each action before the assigned date

How do I make the most of tiket Elite Rewards?

With your tiket Points, you can redeem them for discounts towards your purchases. The more tiket Points you’ve got, the bigger the discount you get!

Here’s how to redeem your tiket Points for a discount:

  1. When you are about to complete a transaction, click the USE button to pay with tiket Points on the checkout page

  2. Confirm your account with the one-time code sent to your phone. Input this code to verify the account is yours

  3. Once confirmed, your transaction subtotal will be deducted with your number of tiket Points

Minimum point amount to redeem is 25,000 points.

Make sure you have verified your number and are able to access it when receiving the OTP.

Not only do you receive discounts, you also get to enjoy a wide range of benefits available in all tiers of tiket Elite Rewards. Make sure you keep upgrading your tier to enjoy the best benefits offered in tiket Elite Rewards!

Here’s how to check and use the benefits available in tiket Elite Rewards:

  1. Go to the tiket Elite Rewards page

  2. Click/tap See tier benefit

  3. Select a benefit to view its details, then see the How to Use It section

Important notes about points

Currently, you can only get tiket Points from these product usage: Flights, Hotels, Car Rentals and Airport Transfers.

Discover your tiket Elite Rewards now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are tiket Points?

tiket Points are loyalty points from tiket Elite Rewards that are awarded to customers every time they make purchases or conduct certain activities at tiket Points can be redeemed for discounts on future transactions.

What are Status Points?

Status Points are points customers earn every time they make transactions at The number of Status Points will determine the customer’s membership tier. Unlike tiket Points, Status Points can’t be redeemed.

Can I keep my tiket Points for later use?

Yes, you can keep your tiket Points for later use. But, you need to pay attention to the expiry date, tiket Points will expire within one year after they become active, so make sure you use them before the expiration date.

Can my membership status get upgraded directly to Elite Platinum?

Yes, your membership status can directly get upgraded to any tier once you meet the requirements. However, this system also applies to our downgrading system. Your membership status can be downgraded to any tier if you don’t meet the membership requirements by the end of the year.

Because of the pandemic, I can’t go anywhere and make transactions on Is it going to affect my membership status?

Your membership status won’t be affected and your tier won’t be downgraded. In 2020, the review to determine the tier downgrade upgrade was not conducted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. understands that you couldn't travel or stay overnight because your safety and health are the most important things.

Once I qualify for Elite Platinum, what’s next for me?

Congratulations, you have the highest membership tier! Next is to maintain your Elite Platinum status so you can keep enjoying the best benefits in tiket Elite Rewards. Make sure you have collected enough Status Points and made the required product booking and usage by the end of the year.

After my membership tier is upgraded and remains there until 28 December the following year, what happens next?

On the 28 December every year your Status Points and product usage are reviewed to determine your newest tier. You may be eligible for a tier upgrade, stay in your current tier, or be downgraded to a lower tier. Your Status Points and product usage are also reset to zero.

Where can I find the benefits of my membership tier?

To see what benefits you are eligible for, you can go to the benefits details page by clicking/ tapping on the ‘See tier benefit’ in your tiket Elite Rewards page.

Where can I see the history of my tiket Points usage?

To see the history of your tiket Points:

  1. Click/tap on See points detail.
  2. Click/tap on the Points History.
  3. Your points history will be displayed under the tab.

We have some basic rules and regulations regarding the tiket Elite Rewards program. Please review them at the Term of Service page.