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Explore the most popular things to do in Melbourne


30 Best Places to Visit in Melbourne

Melbourne has quite some modern, natural, and especially family tourist attractions that attract tourists from all over the world. This city is also one of the most popular tourist cities for Australians themselves. From shopping, cruising, culinary delights to outdoor activities, there's everything here!

1. Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium is one of the perfect family vacation spots. You can invite your little ones to learn about marine life in a fun and interactive way. The Oceanarium accommodates various kinds of marine animals to an interactive touch pool and scheduled feeding shows.

2. Yarra River Cruises

Want to travel around Melbourne differently? Book a cruise on the Yarra River! There are many ferry providers to take you around the best spots in Melbourne. Route options also vary, from the harbor and Docklands, Melbourne Heights, to evening tours during the summer.

3. Queen Victoria Market

Suppose you want to shop for local goods at affordable prices and a complete selection of shops. In that case, you can go to Queen Victoria Market! This open-air market is the largest in Melbourne, with shops selling various goods, from fresh groceries to clothes, plants, shoes, and gadgets to jewelry.

4. Eureka Tower Skydeck

If you have traveled to Melbourne, famous for its beauty, you certainly shouldn't miss this one tourist attraction in Melbourne! Inside this 88-story tower, there is an area called The Edge, made of transparent glass. You can enter the area to enjoy the city view from the perfect height!

5. Luna Park Melbourne

Located in St. Kilda, Luna Park in Melbourne is one of the must-visit children's attractions! There are all kinds of fun rides, including a giant roller coaster that you can't miss! Since 1912, this tourist spot in Melbourne never fails to provide fun and unforgettable travel moments for local and foreign tourists.

6. St. Paul's Cathedral

This cathedral is one of Melbourne's most iconic structures. Apart from being one of the prominent places of worship in the city, the building also attracts various groups of tourists. One of the things that you may immediately notice is that the color is different, namely yellow-brown. This is because this building is made of limestone and sand.

7. Enchanted Adventure Maze Garden

As the name implies, this place is a maze park that is fun for the whole family! There's an indoor and outdoor maze that is both fun. There is also a gift and snack shop that is sure to catch your little one's attention. A complete package for a short vacation with the family!

8. Scienceworks Museum

Suppose you want to take your kids to tourist attractions that are educational but not boring. In that case, you can choose the Scienceworks Museum at Spotswood. There are various kinds of scientific exhibits that are interactive and unique to help your little one learn in a fun way. There is also a Planetarium that specifically discusses astronomy and the solar system.

9. Phillip Island

Phillip Island is one of the tourist destinations for short weekend getaways, a favorite of local and foreign tourists. The main attraction is The Penguin Parade, but the sights don't stop there. You can also go to Phillip Island Wildlife Park, the Grand Prix Circuit, or try a cruise on the beach and take a helicopter.

10. Yarra Valley Dairy

Are you a cheese lover? Then you have to go to Yarra Valley Dairy to try the best cheeses! Here, you can try real cheese handcrafted from a famous farmhouse. You can also try goat cheese along with delicious mascarpone biscuits and ice cream. Don't forget to bring other cheese products home as souvenirs, OK!

11. Lygon Street

Lygon Street was actually the home to the first generation of Italian immigrants in the 1850s. Now, the area is filled with various Italian restaurants whose delights you shouldn't miss. Many of these dining establishments provide dining tables in the middle of the pedestrian area, offering a relaxed and casual atmosphere for hanging out.

12. Shrine of Remembrance

The Shrine of Remembrance was originally built as a memorial to the warriors from Victoria who lost their lives in The Great War. Today, this building is a memorial to all Australians who served in all wars. You can visit this historical tourist spot to pay respect and admire its historical and architectural value.

13. Cooper's Settlement Children's Farm

Cooper's Settlement Children's Farm is an educational and interactive children's tourist destination, especially for children interested in livestock. This place is home to lambs, cows, ponies, and other livestock. Children can interact directly with these tame animals safely.

14. Hedgend Maze

Try a fun and unique trip with the family in the Hedgend Maze! As the name implies, the main attraction in this place is the Giant Maze of hedges. You and your family can together try to find a way out of this giant maze. Apart from that, there's miniature golf, a labyrinth of native plants, and a lookout tower here.

15. Crown Melbourne

Crown Melbourne is a casino and resort situated on the southern bank of the Yarra River. Crown Melbourne is the right destination for those of you who are old enough and want to try your luck in a luxurious place! However, if you are not old enough, that doesn't mean there aren't other activities for you. There are many restaurants, cafes, shops, and cinemas that you can visit in the surrounding complex. You can even eat local snacks while enjoying the river view.

16. Chapel Street

Chapel Street is one of Melbourne's leading entertainment centers. You can find fashion stores, restaurants, markets, and shopping centers, to Australia's first bowling club, the Melbourne Bowling Club.

17. Port Melbourne

For those who want to take a stroll while enjoying the scenery, Port Melbourne is one of the city's most appropriate locations. There is a pedestrian bridge that offers panoramic views of the sea and coast. On a clear day, many locals and tourists take a stroll here, enjoying the fresh breeze and blue sky while sipping a cup of coffee. The scenery is equally cool at dusk.

18. Melbourne Gardens

Melbourne Gardens is the oldest existing botanical garden in Melbourne. Even so, this place was far from old-fashioned. There are approximately 8,500 plant species in this 36-acre park. The landscape and design are attractive so you can enjoy the scenery and fresh air here at the same time.

19. Puffing Billy

Puffing Billy is a steam train that operates daily to take visitors through Belgrave's mountains to Gembrook. Along the way, you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. After that, you can get off at Lakeside Station for a picnic with your family or take a paddleboat on Emerald Lake. You can also continue your activities by exploring Gembrook City.

20. Mornington Peninsula

This area is located approximately an hour's drive from the city center. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful beach and sea views, go fishing, rent a boat for sailing, or even scuba diving.

21. The Melbourne Museum

This museum exhibits various art collections and textiles from around the world. Starting from works of art from Egypt to China. The museum is also divided into several areas with different themes, such as an amphitheater, a gallery for children, a discovery center, a gift shop, and a cafe.

22. Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is a route of 243 kilometers from Torquay to Allansford. For those who want to drive and enjoy the scenery along the way with your loved ones, this location is perfect for you! Starting from beach views to seeing wildlife.

23. Warratina Lavender Farm

Warratina Lavender Farm is a lavender flower garden, each of which has been planted neatly in rows to look organized and beautiful. You can even smell the strong lavender aroma from afar. Besides enjoying the view and relaxing, you can also relax at Lavender Cottage Tea House.

24. Cooks' Cottage

Captain James Cook was the first European to arrive or come into contact with an area of ​​Australia's eastern coastline. The captain's parents actually built Cook's cottage in England. The building was eventually deconstructed, and the bricks were shipped to Australia along with some ivy. Then, using the same bricks, this cottage was rebuilt in Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne.

25. Grampians National Park

This national park is suitable for those of you who want to take a break from the city noise while trying fun outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, rock climbing, and trekking. The scenery and cool air are unquestionable.

26. Sovereign Hill, Ballarat

Sovereign Hill is more or less a "living museum" that commemorates and depicts Melbourne's Gold Rush era. This era is when gold mining in Melbourne is so successful that it has attracted many gold miners from other countries. In this place, you not only learn history but can also mine gold, although, of course, the size is much smaller than what was previously mined.

27. The Immigration Museum

As the name implies, this museum contains various collections and exhibits about immigration history in Australia. Apart from that, there are also various educational programs and school students' visits regarding immigration and diversity in the country.

28. St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick's Cathedral is one of the foremost cathedrals in the City of Melbourne and the tallest in all of Australia. The second is St. Paul Cathedral, which is both in Melbourne. This place of worship has attracted the eye with its magnificent and vintage architecture from the outside alone.

29. Chinatown

Melbourne's Chinatown dates back to the city's Gold Rush era, which attracted many gold prospectors from other countries, including China. Now, this place is one of the modern cultural attractions favored by tourists. You can find restaurants, museums, and markets and shopping centers here. Facilities, roads, and pedestrian areas are also adequate.

30. Melbourne Zoo

No need to be confused anymore if you are looking for a fun family tourist destination. Just head to the Melbourne Zoo! The zoo is home to various species, such as tree kangaroos, elephants, brown bears, snow leopards, and many more.