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30 Best Places to Visit in Perth

Perth is a city in Western Australia that presents a variety of cool tourist attractions. From beaches, zoos, national parks, modern playgrounds to historical museums, you can easily find them all here! Perth is suitable for traveling with family, couples, or even alone.

1. Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is one of the tourist attractions in Perth, which is well known among the locals. Even though it is located about 19 km from the city center, many local residents make this place a prime destination for a weekend getaway. This is certainly not without reason. Rottnest Island has beautiful beaches with white sand, salt lakes, and sunny weather.

2. Bathers Beach

For beaches that are rarely known by foreign tourists, you can go to Bathers Beach. This beach is better known among local people because of its small size. However, Bathers Beach is suitable for those of you who want to take a trip to a quieter place to relax because of its size. But, there's no need to worry about the view because it's just as beautiful as the big beaches.

3. Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Perth and Australia. Many local and foreign tourists come here to sunbathe, swim, and relax. The atmosphere is indeed more relaxed, and the view is also suitable for sitting or taking photos.

4. Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

This Marine Park is one of the main tourist destinations for those who want to break from the city noise and want to enjoy nature's beauty. There are many beautiful islands and shipwrecks that you can visit. You can also try fun outdoor activities, such as snorkeling and diving, because the seawater and marine life are still clean and beautiful.

5. Caversham Wildlife Park

This place is a paradise for all animal lovers. As the name implies, Caversham Wildlife Park is home to various animal species, especially those native to Australia, such as koalas and kangaroos. Visitors can see and interact with these animals under the supervision of professional staff.

6. Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Kings Park and Botanic Garden is the perfect destination for those looking for a fresh and beautiful place in the middle of the city. With an area of ​​400 hectares, the park has 324 species of plants and 80 species of birds. You can see firsthand the life of flora and fauna in this place. In addition, you can also enjoy panoramic views of the Swan River and Darling Range in the same area.

7. Elizabeth Quay

Elizabeth Quay is an area in the city center which is also adjacent to the Swan River. This area contains children's playgrounds, restaurants, photo spots, open green spaces, adequate bridges for jogging or photos, and of course, access to the beautiful Swan River views.

8. Aviation Heritage Museum

As the name implies, this museum displays various kinds of airplanes and other air transportation from both private and military. Apart from air transportation, there are also some other historical artifacts and items.

9. Swan Valley

Located some distance from the city center, Swan Valley is one of the main destinations for those who want to break from the city noise and enjoy the natural scenery. The main attraction here besides the view is the winery, which is owned by the families. You will be invited to tour and learn more about the wineries here. Of course, you can take pictures while you are out and about.

10. The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles is one of Mother Earth's must-see wonders in Perth. Located in Nambung National Park, this area is filled with limestone rocks forming unique formations in the middle of the desert. Of course, this is a remarkable sight, and it is difficult for you to find it in other places.

11. Leighton Beach

If you are looking for a fun and kid-friendly family tourist spot, you can go straight to Leighton Beach. The waves are relatively low, so it is suitable for swimming and relaxing on the beach. However, if you want to explore further, you can also try snorkeling here.

12. AQWA - Under Water World

If you are interested in the underwater world, you must visit AQWA - Under Water World! This aquarium is the largest in all of Australia. According to their respective themes, with approximately 400 species of marine life and five separate areas, you will not run out of places to explore.

13. Rockingham Beach

You need to drive for about 50 minutes from the city center to reach this beach, but the view and atmosphere are worth it! This beach is known as one of Australia's cleanest beaches, so you don't need to question the view anymore. This is because there are underground water filter tanks that protect the ocean from harmful pollutants.

14. Western Australian Museum

As the name implies, this one museum exhibits various collections of historical items that depict and tell Western Australia's history. Cultural objects are also here. Opened in 1891, this place is still one of the favorite historical tourist sites.

15. Yanchep National Park

This national park offers views of the lake and green and shady grass. This tourist spot in Perth is suitable for family, partner, or even solo traveler because it can be for relaxation together.

16. Pinky Beach

Pinky Beach offers a beautiful beach and sea views, especially on a clear day. You can take a leisurely walk on the beach while enjoying the scenery and fresh air. Besides that, you can also extend your tour here by walking to the Bathurst Point Lighthouse above or by staying at the various accommodations available.

17. Adventure World

Adventure World is a theme park with approximately 25 fun rides that you and your kids can try for unforgettable travel moments. From challenging rides like roller coasters to kid-friendly ones like waterparks with Hawaiian themes, you can find them all here! As an outdoor theme park, you can also enjoy the sunny days and weather while traveling here.

18. Scitech

If you are interested in science and want to learn more, especially at the same time taking your little one, without tedious methods, you can go to Scitech. It contains a wide variety of exhibitions, activities, and events related to science and technology. All of course, interactively and uniquely. There are also separate areas devoted to galaxies and space.

19. Cottesloe Beach

You can try various fun watersport activities at Cottesloe Beach, such as surfing, snorkeling, or just swimming on the beach. If you wish to relax, you can also just sunbathe or have a picnic on the beach. You who like to take pictures can also make this beach your main destination.

20. Perth City Beach

Only about 20 minutes' drive from the city center, it's no wonder this beach is a favorite of tourists. White sand and clean and clear seawater are the main attractions. The waves are also relatively fast and high, so it is suitable for reliable surfers. You can also have a picnic in the beach area while enjoying a sunny day for those of you who travel with family.

21. John Forrest National Park

John Forrest National Park is the first national park ever established in Western Australia. Apart from being a natural tourist location with waterfalls, rivers, and hiking trails, this place is also a nature reserve for flora and fauna.

22. Blue Boat House

As the name implies, the Blue Boat House is actually just a small blue house floating on seawater but not far from the mainland. There is a bridge connecting it with the mainland. However, in recent years, the Blue Boat House has become one of Perth's most popular instagrammable locations. With a backdrop of the high seas and a sky that gets prettier at dusk, it's no wonder this place has become popular. Many people would recommend visitors to travel here while in Perth. Many couples take pictures here for their pre-wedding.

23. Fremantle Markets

If you want to shop for Australian goods and handicrafts, you can go directly to the Fremantle Markets. This shopping center is already famous among foreign tourists. Having been in operation since 1897, this place is not only a shopping paradise but also a historical site.

24. Mundy Regional Park

This regional park is located quite far away from the city center, which is about 22 km. However, the scenery and outdoor activities you can try here will make your trip worth it. You can try hiking on the paths that are already available while enjoying the fresh air on a sunny day. Since the trail is not too difficult, even beginner climbers can climb comfortably here.

25. St. Mary's Cathedral

Apart from being a holy place of worship, this cathedral is also a major religious tourism destination in Perth. Located at the peak of a hill, the surrounding is calm and peaceful, perfect for worship. Its architecture, interior, and historical value are also one of its main attractions.

26. Penguin Island

This 12.5-hectare island is home to approximately 1,200 penguins. This is the largest number in all of Western Australia, you know! You can see it live at the scheduled feeding show. Apart from these cute animals, you can also order a cruise package. You might encounter dolphins swimming or jumping in the sea.

27. Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach is one of the favorite beaches of surfers. In addition, this place is also suitable for swimming, windsurfing, and kite surfing. And this beach is also not only pleasant in the morning or during the day, but also at night. There are many places to eat, such as cafes and restaurants by the beach ready to enliven the evening with delicious local dishes.

28. Fremantle Prison

As the name implies, this place used to be a prison. Many people are more familiar with this place by the name Fremantle Jail or Fremantle Gaol. No longer operating as a prison, Fremantle Prison is now one of Perth's favorite historical attractions. Some of the areas you can explore are prison cells, guard posts, perimeter walls, and tunnels.

29. Art Gallery of Western Australia

This gallery, which was founded in 1895, exhibits various art collections by Australian artists themselves. For you art lovers, this is a place you shouldn't miss! To reach this place, you only need to walk from the Perth train station.

30. Perth Zoo

For a fun family tour, you can go to Perth Zoo. The zoo is home to a wide variety of animal species and is not just limited to native Australian ones. This place has always been open every day since 1898, and until now, it hasn't been closed for a day.