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30 Best Places to Visit in Sydney

Sydney is one of Australia's cities with a myriad of fun tourist attractions for the whole family. Its famous beaches are suitable for surfing. There are several zoos where you can see Australia's rich wildlife. And many more iconic places that you can visit!

1. Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is arguably one of the most famous icons in the City of Sydney and the world. The building, shaped like a seashell, is a building for many cool events, such as exhibitions, theater shows, and many more. You can take a leisurely walk on the outside while taking pictures and enjoying the city view. Or you can also eat local culinary delights at one of the restaurants nearby.

2. Bondi Beach

Australia is indeed famous for its cool beaches and suitable for surfing. In Sydney, one of the things you can find is Bondi Beach. The waves on this beach are perfect for those of you who like to surf. Apart from that, the Bondi Icebergs Pool is a famous saltwater swimming pool that is one of the landmarks in Bondi.

3. The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

For those of you who want to enjoy a leisurely walk in a green and inexpensive place, you can go to Sydney's Royal Botanic Garden. This place you can visit for free. With an area of ​​30 hectares, there are various park areas divided by theme - each with a grove of trees, palm groves, orchids, and more.

4. Sydney Harbor Bridge

Not only can this bridge be admired from afar, but you can also climb to the top. There is a particular path that has been created for visitors to reach the top safely. From above, you can see Sydney Harbor from the best position.

5. Taronga Zoo Sydney

This non-profit zoo is home to more than 4000 animals, from cute koalas to giraffes. Apart from that, the zoo is also strategically located, giving you a cool view of Sydney Harbor.

6. SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

One of the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium's main attractions is that you can swim with the sharks here without an iron cage. Unlike swimming with sharks in the open sea, you can directly meet various types of sharks in one pool.

7. Luna Park

For fun family tours and children's tours, you can go to Luna Park. This tourist attraction in Sydney is an open-air playground that has lots of rides for the whole family. From a challenging roller coaster to a relaxing Ferris wheel.

8. Manly Beach

To reach this beach, you can take a ferry from the city center for 30 minutes. This beach is a favorite for tourists who want to take a stroll on the beach, swim by the beach, or look for restaurants and cafes with delicious local menus and beautiful beach views while dining.

9. Hermitage Foreshore Walk

If you want to explore Sydney's lesser-known beautiful beaches, you can take the Hermitage Foreshore Walk. Along the way, you will see beautiful beaches and usually not too crowded with tourists. With a total length of 1.8 km, the walking path is not difficult. You can also bring sunscreen and a swimsuit if you want to stop by the beaches you pass.

10. Queen Victoria Building

This building used to function as a market hall from 1893 to 1898. Once abandoned and neglected, even almost destroyed, this building was renovated again and now serves as one of the city's most famous shopping centers. There are approximately 200 shops that can be your shopping destination here.

11. Art Gallery of NSW

The gallery has an extensive collection of valuable art from Australian, Asian, and European artists. Throughout the year, the gallery presents about 40 art exhibitions. And every week, there are also workshops, film screenings, and so on.

12. Bronte Beach

Bronte Beach is not too crowded with tourists and is suitable for those who want to surf with challenging waves. Although swimming may not be suitable here because of the strong waves, you can swim in Bronte Baths. A saltwater swimming pool, equipped with a sauna, is located near Bronte Beach itself.

13. Cronulla Beach

This beach is also one of the beaches that must be visited for those who want to surf. Besides that, this beach is also the only one that can be reached by train, so you don't have to worry about parking.

14. Cockatoo Island

Besides being the largest island in Sydney Harbor, this island has a high historical value. It has been made into a prison, has been the location for an industrial school for women, to naval training. Now, you can book various tour packages to explore the island. Starting from glamping to camping areas.

15. Hyde Park

In the middle of a bustling and noisy city, this park is a relaxing retreat. Surrounded by green grass and trees and several fountains, this place is perfect for those of you who want to sit around or take a leisurely walk. Fun fact: this place is named after Hyde Park in London, England.

16. Dharawal National Park

You can visit this tourist spot every Saturday. With the Aboriginal Discovery Ranger guide, you will also get accurate information about flora and fauna here. In addition, you can also have a picnic at the same time near the Minerva Pool (a holy place for Dharawa people, only children, and women are allowed to soak in this pool).

17. Museum of Contemporary Art

As the name suggests, this museum often holds exhibitions from time to time, featuring works by various local and international artists. Apart from seeing artworks, you can also relax while enjoying local snacks at the rooftop cafe.

18. Sydney Fish Market

This market is the largest fish market in the Southern Hemisphere and is one of the town's best lunch spots. You can eat a variety of fresh seafood here, or you can buy fresh fish meat to cook yourself. It's best to arrive early to explore this place without the crowds.

19. Camden Valley

Seeing the city view from a height is one of the most popular tourist activities. In Camden Valley, you can hop on a hot air balloon and enjoy stunning views of the city from a height. You can also ride this hot air balloon together because of its large capacity.

20. Barangaroo Reserve

It is Sydney's newest Harbor waterfront park. Barangaroo was once one of Sydney's oldest industrial sites but has become a six-hectare open space for visitors to enjoy.

21. Cipher Room

Do you like challenging tourist spots? Try the Cipher Room! This place provides three escape rooms that offer challenging games and puzzles according to each room's theme. You and your party must work together, look for clues, and find a way out before time runs out.

22. St. Mary's Cathedral

This cathedral is one of the important symbols in the spread of Catholicism in Australia. You can see its magnificent exterior, and it resembles Notre Dame in Paris. For the interior, you will find beautiful colored glass adorning the walls of the building. We recommend visiting this place at Christmas because the decorations and lighting are more festive.

23. Bubbletent Australia

For those of you who want to enjoy a relaxing time in a remote and secluded and quiet area, you can visit Bubbletent Australia. This hotel, as the name suggests, offers rooms in the shape of transparent bubbles. Besides being able to rest without interruption here, you can also get a view of the largest valley in the world, the Capertree Valley.

24. Palm Beach

This beach is well-known among the locals as it was the filming location for the Australian series "Home & Away." However, this beach is not only famous for that. With somewhat calm waters on one side, you can do paddleboarding or kayaking. On the other side, the waters are tighter, so it is suitable for those who want to surf.

25. Royal National Park

Royal National Park is the perfect destination for those of you who are adventurous and try outdoor activities. This national park has walking trails along the coastline, natural rock pools, and hidden beaches. You can get married, cycle, trekking, even swim here. One of the most famous and instagramable spots here is the Wedding Cake Rock.

26. Sydney Tower Eye

This 309-meter high tower is the tallest in the City of Sydney. Standing from Centrepoint, a busy shopping mall, you can shop at the same time when you visit here. Take the lift to the observation deck and see the city view from a height. If you are brave, you can also try SKYWALK, a viewing platform with a transparent glass floor.

27. White Rabbit

This gallery displays works of Chinese art from the 21st century. The four main exhibitions rotate throughout the year. Without paying for an entrance ticket, you can enjoy a collection of artworks at this non-profit gallery.

28. Museum of Human Disease

Hearing its name, it is clear that this museum is not necessarily the favorite of all tourists. You will see an exhibition of 2000 types of disease specimens that have infected humans in this place. For those who want to learn more or are interested in this field, this tourist spot is a must-have destination!

29. Hornby Lighthouse

At the end of South Head, you will find a cute lighthouse perfect for watching the sunset. With the Pacific Ocean stretching out before him, this view is second to none!

30. Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park

Australia is indeed famous for its unique and extensive collection of animals. For those of you who want to see native Australian animals, such as koalas, kangaroos, and quokkas, you can go to Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park.