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30 Best Places to Visit in New South Wales

Various tourist destination locations in New South Wales are known for their natural beauty, especially beautiful islands and beaches. However, there are also a number of historical locations that you can visit here. Here are 30 of the best tourist destinations in New South Wales that we recommend!

1. Sydney Opera House

Coming on vacation to Sydney, the Sydney Opera House is a must-visit tourist spot in Sydney. This hit tourist spot is one of the most iconic and describes Sydney. The Opera House does have an exciting building architecture, which is shaped like a shell. This place serves as a venue for famous events, such as theater performances, musicals, ballet, and many more.

2. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of the tourist attractions in Sydney, which is free, aka not paid. In this park, you can enjoy the cold air with beautiful views. Hyde Park is the oldest park in Sydney and is still a tourist destination for tourists or natives. You can do many activities at Hyde Park, such as relaxing, sports, picnics, and so on. The right time to enjoy this park's coolness is in the morning or evening when the sun is not too hot. Here, you can also see ANZAC, one of the historic buildings in Sydney.

3. Taronga Zoo

Like other cities and countries, Sydney has a zoo that you can make as a family tourist destination. Taronga Zoo is a zoo whose name is famous on an international scale. To enter this tourist spot in Sydney, you will indeed be charged a quite expensive fee. However, it will pay off after you enter and interact with the animals in this place.

4. Art Gallery of New South Wales

For those of you who love and are interested in the field of art, then you must come to the Art Gallery of NSW while in Sydney. This art gallery displays many works of art not only from Australia but also from the international world. In this tourist spot in Sydney, you can see beautiful works of art. And it can give you a different experience through exhibition collections to research from this place.

5. Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is one of the famous tourist attractions in Sydney. Besides enjoying the beach's beauty with turquoise seawater, Bondi Beach is indeed a cool tourist spot for sunbathing or exercising. On this beach, you can enjoy exciting beach sports, such as surfing and beach volleyball. So, you can spend your time having fun on this beach. You can also find places to shop or eat. There is no entry fee, you know, to be able to enjoy the beauty of the beaches in Sydney on this one.

6. Morisset Park

Working directly with animals from Australia, such as kangaroos, can undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience. In Morisset Park, you can interact directly with the kangaroos that live in this wild. You can also invite the kangaroos who are there to take selfies. Of course, this can be a rare experience that you cannot find anywhere else.

7. Darling Harbour

You can relax while enjoying the beauty of Sydney by taking a walk around Darling Harbor. In a place that is never lonely, you can watch a beautiful fireworks display at night. Not only that, but you can also try various types of food that are sold around Darling Harbor while enjoying the atmosphere here.

8. Manly Beach

Besides Bondi Beach, there is Manly Beach that you can visit to experience playing on the Sydney beach. During summer, this beach becomes one of the favorite beaches for doing various water sports, such as surfing, parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming by the beach. Manly Beach is also a cool place to hang out. You can visit the cafes around this beach and enjoy the breeze from the beach.

9. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Apart from the Opera House, the Sydney Harbor Bridge is also an icon of the City of Sydney and Australia. The Sydney Harbor Bridge is a bridge that is the main route from crossing the Sydney Harbor. This steel frame bridge with a curved shape is a bridge that connects the Sydney Business Center with North Sydney. However, its unique shape and looks so magnificent makes the Sydney Harbor Bridge become one of the tourist attractions that tourists usually visit while in this city.

10. Market City

It feels incomplete when on vacation or visiting a place but don't shop for unique items in that place. Talking about traveling, there are souvenirs that you need to buy as souvenirs for relatives. Market City can be your shopping destination in Sydney because goods are sold at low prices.

11. Wollongong Lighthouse

Wollongong Harbor Breakwater Lighthouse or known as Wollongong Lighthouse, is a must-visit destination in Wollongong. This lighthouse has been no longer active since 1974, but until now, it is still standing firmly on one of the Wollongong shorelines. Around this area, there are restaurants and a small port. This place is also often used as a pre-wedding photo spot because it is instagramable.

12. North Wollongong Beach

North Wollongong Beach is a tourist spot in Wollongong City and one of the most beautiful beaches here. This hits attraction is perfect for family tourism because there are several attractive facilities for children and adults, such as a rock pool. You can swim and feel the sensation of seawater in a rock pool. Also, for those of you who like surfing, this beach is perfect, you know, because it has relatively high waves. Not only that, but this beach is also equipped with barbeque facilities, volleyball courts, bathrooms, and places to eat.

13. Bald Hill

Bald Hill presents spectacular natural beauty. This tourist spot in Wollongong is suitable for seeing the natural beauty around the city. Not only the beaches visible but also the beautiful hills around the city. The right time to visit Bald Hill is during the day and night to feel the sensation of hang gliding in Wollongong.

14. Sea Cliff Bridge

Sea Cliff Bridge is another tourist spot that is no less beautiful. This tourist destination in Wollongong is a bridge that is 665 meters long, which is often used as a place to run in the morning and evening.

15. Kiama

The atmosphere of this place is similar to Wollongong Light House. However, one thing that distinguishes it is the blowhole, which is a large rock that is hollow in the middle to push ocean waves up to 20 meters above. Apart from a blowhole, you can also spend time seeing the natural beauty around it. There are also several eateries and shopping centers in Kiama.

16. Symbio Wildlife Park

Are you looking for children's attractions? Try to go to Symbio Wildlife Park. This tourist destination in Wollongong offers an experience of interacting with typical Australian animals. Upon entering, you will be given food for Kangaroos and Wallabies. Apart from these two animals, you can also see emus, meerkat, cheetah, red panda, crocodile, and Golden Lion Tamarin monkey.

17. Historical Aircraft Restoration Society

Founded in 1979, the museum is a non-profit organization that aims to preserve Australian aircraft history. All planes have their own stories, you know, you can find planes from the second world war events. The famous thing here is to feel how you walk on the wing of a Boeing 747 plane. You can take photos too, and of course, it's instagramable!

18. Nan Tien Temple

There's nothing wrong with visiting the Nan Tien Buddhist temple for those of you who like religious tourism. This tourist attraction in Wollongong has architectural beauty that you can feel when you set foot in the Nan Tien temple garden's courtyard. There are also various festivals that you can watch here, you know!

19. Pantai Wattamolla

Want to enjoy the white sand and sea water? You can visit Wattamolla Beach. Here, you can also snorkel, swim, or take a leisurely walk in the forest. The existence of towering trees adds to the fun of Wattamolla Beach as a family tourist spot.

20. Kelly Falls

Do you like waterfall tours? There's nothing wrong with visiting Kelly Falls. This tourist spot in Wollongong is suitable for a family picnic area in the open. Here, you will find a waterfall with clear water that falls from the top of the cliff.

21. Dolphin Watch Cruises

One of the most popular tourist attractions in New South Wales is the dolphin tour. Starting from 10 am, this tour will take you around Jervis Bay to spot dolphins. If you are lucky, you can see humpback whales along the way. If you take this tour, get ready to wear warm clothes, because the strong sea breeze can make you cold.

22. Jervis Bay Marine Park

This tourist spot in Huskisson City has two exciting things that are a must-visit. First, you can hike via the trail for an hour while enjoying the gumtree forest. There are many instagramable photo spots that you can take along this road. Second, the beauty of one of the whitest sand beaches in the world. Two beaches must be visited, namely Greenfield Beach and Hyams Beach.

23. Blue Mountains National Park

Are you tired of walking around in the City of Sydney? Maybe those are the signs that you need to explore nature tourism in Sydney by visiting the Blue Mountains National Park. This tourist destination in Sydney is a tourist icon in Australia. Many outdoor activities are worth trying, such as hiking, rock climbing, abseiling, and mountain biking.

24. Byron Bay

On the north coast of New South Wales, you can find a fantastic tourist spot, namely Byron Bay. The combination of the beach and the highlands makes Byron Bay a must-visit. You can do various things, such as hiking along the Cape Byron Track to the Lighthouse. From the top of the Lighthouse, you can enjoy views of the sea as well as dolphins and whales.

25. South Coast

The north coast with its tropical rainforest, but the southern coast of New South Wales also has many tourist attractions that must be visited. Is the South Coast, a place suitable for beach tourism similar to the Gold Coast.

26. Mungo National Park

Located in the heart of New South Wales, Mungo National Park offers a holiday sensation like being in Egypt. You see, this national park is surrounded by sand. You can explore the national park by bicycle. A tourist attraction in this park that is often visited is Lake Mungo, an ancient historic lake.

27. Sapphire Coast

The Sapphire Coast, known as the Bega Valley, is a tourist attraction on New South Wales's southern coast. There are many beaches and wilderness that travelers rarely know. You can find wildlife and flora of various varieties.

28. Sydney Aquarium

Taking a short trip to the Darling Harbor area, you can visit the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. This aquarium is unique because there are eight regional zones in it. Besides, you can see 700 species of animals and 1,300 types of fish typical of Australia. As for the Jurassic Seas zone, you can see ancient sea animals that are still alive today. Then, on Dugong Island, you can witness the attraction of the officers who feed the dugong.

29. Paddy’s Market

Want to shop and find low prices in Sydney? Just come to Paddy's Market. This is the place to buy authentic Australian goods at low prices. Apart from finding Australian specialties and food, you can also find art objects typical of the Aborigines, you know!

30. Sydney Tower

Sydney Tower is the tallest building in the City of Sydney and the second tallest in Australia. This 309-meter high tower is indeed open to the public so that you can visit this hit tourist spot. Inside there is a place to eat that offers a taste of typical Australian cuisine against Sydney's backdrop. Besides, you can also buy tickets to the Observation Deck to see Sydney's view from a 360-degree angle.